I want to cry when I am pregnant!Pregnant women have great constipation, these 3 things have to be done well

Knowing that pregnancy is a happy thing, but 31 -year -old Xiaomei began to face various discomfort during pregnancy.After finally ending the pregnancy of early pregnancy, I started constipation. Every time I went to the toilet, I was uncomfortable to cry. The bowel movement was particularly hard. Sometimes it was only once a week.Pregnant mother’s constipation does affect her health and life, and seriously affects the development of the baby. Why does constipation during pregnancy?

Why is it easy to constipation during pregnancy?

In fact, constipation during pregnancy is due to the increased secretion of the pregnant mother and the decrease in gastric acid secretion.Some pregnant mothers eat more fine, high -protein, high -fat foods for their baby’s nutrition, thereby ignoring the intake of vegetables.At this time, the muscle tension of the gastrointestinal tract decreased, and the muscle peristalsis decreased.Therefore, the premium and high -fat foods for pregnant mothers to stay in the gastrointestinal tract.These food residues will be re -absorbed by the intestinal wall cells, making the stool dry and hard, and cannot be discharged normally like before pregnancy, so they cause constipation.

The reduction of the number of exercise will also reduce the peristalsis of the intestine.At this time, the intestinal muscles are not easy to promote feces, and the increase in the uterus will also cause compression to the rectum. The abdominal wall muscles of the pregnant woman will become relatively weak. Even if the pregnant woman has a good intention at this timeEnough abdominal pressure to discharge the feces from the body, and constipation and abdominal distension naturally appear.

Is there any harm of constipation during pregnancy?

Slight constipation may lead to metabolism disorders and endocrine disorders. If long -term defecation is too hard, often defecation is often used, and hemorrhoids will also form.The increasing number of fetal and uterus in the third trimester will compress the rectum and increase constipation. If the constipation is serious, it may also cause intestinal obstruction and cause premature birth and endanger maternal and infant safety.

Pregnancy constipation how to do?Can you take medicine?

Many mothers are most concerned about whether constipation during pregnancy can be used?If constipation occurs during pregnancy, do not use the medicine by yourself. In fact, as long as you change these habits, you can alleviate the embarrassment of constipation during pregnancy.

(1) Adjust your diet and eat food rich in cellulose

Constipation during pregnancy is best to adjust through diet.After constipation, pay attention to the appropriate amount of high -fat and high -protein foods, and increase foods such as crude grains, fruits, and vegetables, such as: oats, brown rice, corn, peach, dragon fruit, apple, celery, etc.food.These foods can promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation.

(2) Develop the habit of defecation on time

After and after eating in the morning and after eating, developing a good bowel habit will make the bowel smooth. After getting up, you can drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach, and then eat breakfast.In the period of time, long -term persistence will have a good effect of alleviating constipation.

(3) Develop the habit of drinking regular water

To develop water every day during a fixed period of time, you can drink a large mouth when drinking water, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, and it will not be quickly absorbed by the intestine. At this time, the water of the feces will increase.Make feces easily discharge.

In addition, pregnant women can increase their own activity and scope during constipation, and try to do some exercise that can be done, such as walking and lighter housework to increase the peristalsis of the intestinal tract.Also maintain a good sleep and a good attitude. If you feel very dull, you may wish to do something you are interested in, make your mood better, and constipation will be relieved.

If you have not improved through exercise and diet, you can consult your doctor’s advice and treat drugs if necessary, such as eating lactose, but pay attention, do not use faxiatic leaves, otherwise it will increase gastrointestinal motility, causing the gastrointestinal motility, causing the gastrointestinal motility, causing itThe uterine contraction leads to abortion or premature birth.Using Kaiseru may also cause strong contraction of local organizations, resulting in short -term ischemia and chronic inflammation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use pregnant women.

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