I vaccinated the first needle, what should I do if I find that I am pregnant?The second new crown vaccine is fully beaten. The 7 questions you must know. The latest answer is here

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At present, the vaccination work of the new crown virus vaccine in the province is being promoted in an orderly manner. According to the relevant work arrangements of the country and our province, from June 10th to 30th, the province will mainly carry out the second in vaccination work of the new crown virus vaccine to eliminate many doubts about the massesThe Henan Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the latest answers on the hot questions of the second -shot virus vaccination.

In addition, it is reminded that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, all vaccination points go to work normally, and citizens who need to vaccinate the second injection may make a normal appointment.

1. Do you have to vaccinate the second needle?

Only by completing the entire process of immunity can the ideal immune effect be produced. From the perspective of individual protection effects, the effect of inactivating the two stitches for inactivating the vaccine is better than that of one needle, and one needle is better than that of no vaccination.Except for the inoculation of 1 needle of the adenovirus vaccine, other vaccines need to be vaccinated or the third needle can be used to complete the entire process of immunity.

2. If the second needle exceeds the prescribed time, can I still fight?

Different new coronal virus vaccines have different inoculation agents and inoculation intervals. The determination of doses and intervals is based on scientific data. Only by completing the inoculation of all agents according to the immune program recommended by the state can the ideal immune effect be produced.

If it is not inoculated within the specified time due to personal reasons, the risk of infection of the disease after exposure will not affect the protection of the vaccine. As long as the corresponding doses are replaced, there is no need to re -vaccinate.

The current requirements of the new crown virus vaccination and inoculation interval used in our province are as follows:

1 New Coronal Virus Extraction (VERO Cell)

2 doses of inoculation;

The vaccination interval between 2 doses is recommended ≥3 weeks (21 days), and the second dose is completed early within 8 weeks (56 days).

Therefore, after 21 days of the first needle, please take the second needle as soon as possible to achieve a better protection effect as soon as possible.

2 Reorganizing the new crown virus vaccine (CHO cells)

3 doses need to be vaccinated; the inoculation interval between 2 adjacent doses is ≥4 weeks (28 days).The second dose should be completed within 8 weeks (56 days) in the second dose as much as possible, and the third dose should be completed within 6 months after vaccination.

3 Reorganized new crown virus vaccine (type 5 adenovirus carrier)

Just inoculate 1 dose.

3. Before the second needle arrives, is it worried that there is no vaccine to get it in advance?

In order to inoculate the time interval of the immune program to produce the ideal immune effect. Without the interval time, the second needle cannot be vaccinated in advance, and the best protection effect cannot be achieved in advance.

4. Can the second needle be used in the field?

Can the same area but not vaccinated vaccine in the original vaccination unit?

The second needle is best to take over in place and original vaccination unit. If special circumstances such as work, tourism, etc. cannot be vaccinated in place and original vaccination unit, or inocularly vaccinated in other vaccination units, you need to bring the first needle certificate.

5. Can the second needle use the vaccine produced by different manufacturers?

According to the "Guide to the New Crown Virus vaccination Technical Guide (first edition)", "the same vaccine product is recommended to complete the vaccination at this stage. If the vaccine cannot continue to be supplied, the recipients are inoculated in different places, etc.When vaccination, you can use the vaccine products of other manufacturers of the same type of manufacturer to complete the vaccination. "In other words, the second needle is best to use the same manufacturer and the same variety vaccine. If the conditions are not allowed, you can use different manufacturers and the same variety vaccine.For example, they are all permanent vaccines, which are allowed to replace.However, the vaccines of different varieties are not recommended to replace. For example, analgia vaccine cannot replace the recombinant protein vaccine and adenovirus vaccine.

6. I vaccinated the first needle, what should I do if I find that I am pregnant?

The "Guidelines for the Technical Guide of the New Crown Virus Virus vaccination" issued by the National Health and Health Commission clearly states that after the vaccination is found to be pregnant or if you do not know that you are pregnant, you are not recommended to take special medical measures for only vaccination.That is, no need to terminate pregnancy, it is recommended to do a good job of examination and follow -up during pregnancy.

However, it is recommended that the second crown vaccine is recommended to be suspended.

7. After the first needle is sick, can’t you hit the second needle?

There are several situations in this problem:

The first: catch up with chronic diseases or suffer from acute diseases such as colds and herpes.

For this kind of situation, the disease should be controlled and treated first. After the occurrence period or the control of chronic diseases is stable, the second needle can be continued.

The second type: After the first needle is vaccinated, there are adverse reactions such as fever and slight rash.

The occurrence of adverse reactions in the new crown vaccine is basically similar to other vaccines that have been widely used. It is mainly the redness, hardship, pain, etc. of the vaccination site. There are also fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle soreness, etc.Usually this type of reaction will disappear over time, without special treatment, and the second needle can be vaccinated as usual.

Third type: After the first needle is vaccinated, a more serious allergic reaction occurs.

After the first needle, if the acute allergic reaction, vascular edema, dyspnea, etc., or other cases of inoculation taboos, the second needle is not recommended.

Fourth type: After the first needle is vaccinated, the dog was bitten and vaccinated with rabies and tetanus vaccines.

When a rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and immunoglobulin need to be vaccinated due to animal injuries and trauma, they may not consider the interval with the new coronal virus vaccine.

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