I, Sichuan girl, sold out the shop at the age of 26 to travel around China, but found that I was pregnant

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I am Xiao Xi@小 我 我, post -90s.

I met my husband from a mountain village in Liangshan, Sichuan to Chengdu.

After graduation, we do homestays together.We play with the guests to play with werewolfs all night, drink tea and chat together, grill hot pot together, go out to play together, and meet many friends.

Friends are trusting us, investing for us, and opening the inn in Dali.In the past two years, the tourism industry has not been eaten.We got up early and found a way to make money, and finally let the homestay survive.At this time, we encountered professional scammers, and we lost more than 200,000 inside and outside.

However, life must look forward, and the road must go forward.Everything will be fine, and our footsteps have never stopped.Next, we have to fulfill the dream of traveling around China.

(I bring my daughter in Erhai Lake)

In 1992, I was born in an ordinary rural family in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Liangshan is a very poor place in the country, and the level of education is not very good. It is said that it is 20 years behind Chengdu.My academic performance is not talked about, but in our school, it is pretty good.However, in the end, I only passed a Sichuan Normal University.

In normal times, I look very good, but when I encounter some major events, I still have the opinions and insist on my own thoughts.

When he was in junior high school in elementary school, a school enrolled, and did a lot of ideological work for my parents and me, and promised to give me a scholarship.

But I think the level of teachers and teaching in another school is better. I did not listen to my parents’ suggestions and chose the school I like.

In September 2011, I came to Chengdu to study university at the School of Geography, Sichuan Normal University.When I first arrived in the big city, I felt that everything was so strange and fresh.

(I during the training of the first military)

When I first entered school, I participated in a travel club and met my husband for the first time.He was from the Academy of Engineering, and he spoke at the community activities.At that time, he was still a big boy with a gentle quality. He loved laughing and giving a very sunny feeling.

In November 2011, my husband organized a cycling event, from our school to the ancient town of Luodi, and rode back and forth around the east of Chengdu.

I also participated in this cycling activity at the time, and also left contact information with my husband, so we can be regarded as formal understanding and forming friends.

During college, his life was very exciting.He is a person who loves traveling. He often goes outdoors and everywhere. He also organizes some short -distance activities: such as riding from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, or camping on the mountains.

(My husband led the team to ride)

In those years, I often heard someone talked about him, saying that the boy was too chic, and wherever he went to play.At that time, he was already a celebrity in our school.

He likes Tibet, and he used to go to Lhasa twice on foot.In May 2013, when he went to Lhasa for the second time, he had no dubbing, so he did something crazy.

At that time, he posted a log on the Internet, saying that he liked traveling and wanted to go to Lhasa, but he had no money. I hope everyone can help him make a road fee and complete the hiking plan.

At that time, he was very famous at the university. Everyone was willing to support him, just ten yuan, twenty, and 20, and finally got more than 1,000 yuan.He then took the money and completed the second Lhasa free travel.

(My husband hikes to Lhasa -on the right is my husband)

There are still many crazy moves like this. At that time, he was a mythical existence for many of our students in our university.However, we were still very ordinary friends at that time, and they were usually rarely connected.

One day in May 2014, one of my girlfriends asked me to eat. After that, I found that my husband and his roommate were there.

As a result, my husband’s roommate looked at me and started pursuing me.At the beginning, my husband returned to his roommate.After a while, they found that my husband’s roommate had no play, and then changed to my husband to chase me.

At that time, they didn’t know that the reason why I didn’t catch a cold to that boy because I already liked my husband.In June 2014, we succeeded in holding hands and determined love relationships.

(We are in love)

My husband not only looks sunny, but also in his heart. He seems to be my little sun, and he can always bring me confidence.

I have received a family education that has been adversed from an early age. Most of the time, I followed my parents and did things according to their meaning.

However, my husband respects my thoughts and often encourages me to let me put forward my thoughts.After being with him, I became more and more confident and very secure.

After graduating from college, my family wanted me to go back to my hometown to take a civil servant to work stable.

However, I think the basic supporting facilities of Liangshan’s transportation, medical care, and education are too poor. For the development of individuals and the next generation, it is relatively limited.I want to run in a better city, so I don’t want to go back to Liangshan, but choose to stay in Chengdu.

(After many years, bring your daughter back to his alma mater)

At that time, I was a teacher in an educational institution.After the people in my hometown knew, they all said that my university was in vain.But I don’t care what they say at all. My attitude is firm, not only because Chengdu is more developed, but also the person I love here.

At that time, my husband was a partner in a youth hostel in Chengdu.In July 2014, just before we fell in love, he went to that youth hostel as a volunteer.Two months later, he became the position of the store manager and officially entered the industry.

In June 2015, when we graduated from college, he had become a partner of the youth hostel, and operated the store together.

At that time, although I didn’t work there, I stayed in it and I usually participated in the management of some hostels.My husband often takes me and play with the guests very late.

(Youth Hostel, where we dream start)

The guests of the youth hostel are mostly young people like us.We knock on the door one by one at night and invite everyone to come out to play.Let’s play board games together, play with werewolfs together, one together …

Basically, I have to play very late every day. There was a wave of guests who got it specially with us. I had 5 times a week.

In the long run, although the money did not earn much, we met a lot of friends, and that time was very happy.

Two years later, in June 2017, my husband turned his shares and left the youth hostel.We decided to start a business and do a homestay.

In July 2017, after a month of market inspection, we opened our first homestay in Hailuogou, Sichuan.

After nearly 4 years of long -distance running, our love finally ended fruit.In February 2018, we planned to get married.

We met their parents and discussed their marriage.Parents agreed to the request of the two of us: travel and get married, do not have a wedding.

(Travel and get married -Zhuhai)

From Chengdu, we first went to Guangdong and met some very good friends. I played for about a month over there.Then there were Shanghai and Chongqing, and finally returned to Chengdu.

On March 26, 2018, we received a marriage certificate in Chengdu.Half a month later, we returned to the homestay of Hailuogou, Sichuan.

There is a saying on the Internet: "You must go out and look at this world while you are young. Because the 20 -year -old mountains and rivers, the mountains and seas are different from the age of 50."

My husband likes to travel, and has always had a dream of traveling around China.However, forced to live, it has not been able to do it.In May 2018, I suddenly felt that I was going to three, and my husband wanted to fulfill this dream as soon as possible.

At this time, we have already made the Conchita shop silently from the beginning, and we have achieved the top three in the local industry.However, we did not make much money, and the toll of traveling in China was not enough.

(Homestay in Hailuogou)

So we turned the store.The schedule and route that traveled to China had been planned, but just five days before we were going to set off, I suddenly found that I was pregnant.

If you travel around China, you can only put it first.I really like to do things with my husband, and like to accompany him to travel.Because I failed to do it, traveling around China has become a dream.

Letting go of my dream, my husband intends to go to the market and go outside to inspect the market.And I returned to Chengdu’s fetal and quiet, until the child was born in January 2019.

For so many years, we have not saved much.Perhaps it was Tai’an in Sichuan, so we decided to work hard.Finally, we chose Dali, Yunnan.

In 2015, when the two of us graduated, I went to Dali.In 2017, we went to our friends again.

(I am in Erhai, Dali)

We all like Dali, we like the mild climate here, the simple folk customs here, and the fireworks here.And Dali’s tourism industry has developed better, so we plan to make money while living here while living.

Knowing that we want to open a homestay in Dali, some previous customers want to invest in.We didn’t have much savings at the time, so we found two investors.Coupled with the money they invested in, we raised a total of more than 1 million.

(We are in Dali’s homestay)

At the beginning of 2019, we opened the No. 1 Courtyard and a total of ten rooms.Compared with a step in the past, we are doing a larger mid -range homestay.

The concept of our homestay is to hope that the guests come to the inn, and they can feel as warm as at home and feel the real guest.

Although our hostel is a economy and is not high -end, the guests who have lived are very satisfied.We will often organize some collective activities so that these guests who are playing are not too boring and lonely, and at the same time they can make many friends.

(Dinner with guests)

This tradition has been retained from our youth hostel.

When making youth hostels in Chengdu, there are many single guests.We will give you a companion and let everyone play together.Unexpectedly, in the process, several pairs of people came together to get married and have children.

I remember that there was a pair of young people from other provinces lived in the youth hostel for a while, and then decided to get married. They bought a house in Chengdu and settled down.

Later, we left Chengdu, and they joked: "You cheated us to Chengdu, but you ran away and left us here."

(Bringing a baby shopping in Dali)

After doing the homestay, basically a week, we will invite everyone to make tea, chat, eat a barbecue, make a hot pot, or form a team to climb a mountain.

In early July and 2020, we opened the No. 2 and No. 3 Institute.They are all three rooms in the whole building, which are relatively high -end.

We graduated from university to 2020, and we were relatively smooth.What we do is what we like, you don’t need to look at the boss’s face like office workers, and there is no trouble in the workplace, it is still very comfortable.

However, after the epidemic came, the tourism industry was greatly impacted, and our business became very depressed and we often could not make ends meet.

(Watch the sunrise live in Erhai Lake)

At that time, we couldn’t afford the salary of employees, and even canceled the fixed cleaning.At this time, the store manager also went out to start a business. All the affairs of the inn can only be done by ourselves, while bringing children while handling homestays.

During that time, there were very few customers.Even if you hit tens of thousands of dollars on the Internet platform every month, you may not have thousands of dollars.After some measurement, we decided to do the inflow of the media for the inn.

We get up at five o’clock in the morning and watch the sunrise live in Erhai Lake in Dali.However, when we first started, there was no one at all, so we went to the beautiful place nearby to shoot videos, edited at night, and often stayed up late to two or three o’clock.

(Take your daughter to shoot self -media videos)

During that time, the two of us had to bring their children, to manage the shop, and to shoot videos and live broadcast. The average daily rest time was only four or five hours.

I have persisted for several months, and finally made our account.More and more people have begun to pay attention to us on the Internet, and some of them have transformed into our customers, so that our homestays can survive.

In the following two years, we have been living this busy life.Although it is more hard, we are happy.I think it is a very happy thing to work together.

In 2022, it is about to be 30 years old, and the child has reached the age of being able to go to kindergarten.However, we plan to take him out to take a look before the child goes to kindergarten.

We are also disappointed with the expectations of this year’s tourism market. We want to find time and a chance to complete the dream of traveling around China before the age of 30.

(Our family trip to China)

There is no coincidence that in February 2022, just after the Spring Festival, a guest came in our store.This person can talk about it, and his mouth is very good.He often missed us intentionally or unintentionally, and he has been looking for homestay cooperation.

He lived in our shop for a month, played with us for a month, and slowly gained our trust.Then he proposed that we must manage the shops and divide us with us.In this way, we can give him the inn and rest assured to travel around China.

We can easily believe in people, and we are too deep, and resolutely want to fulfill our dreams over the years when we are about to be 30 years old.So we partnered with that person and handed him to the inn.

At the end of April 2022, we took our daughter and started traveling around China.Starting from Yunnan, we watched the first bay of Qili Nu River, climbed the majestic Mount Everest, and punch the sacred Potala Palace … Three months later, we were isolated because of the epidemic.

(With his daughter to the top of Mount Everest)

During this time, the accounts given by the partners became more and more incorrect.By the end of August, he was taken away by the police because of a dispute with another homestay.We stopped travel and returned to Dali.

After we came back, we found that the partner was deceived.He has been doing fake ledger to deceive us and swallow a lot of money.After many parties, he confirmed the true face of this person. He was a professional scammer and deceived many people outside.

We checked the account, and he cheated more than 100,000 from our store.

Coupled with our estimate of this year’s market, we missed the very hot peak season of summer vacation, and the opportunity cost loss was also great.Inside and inside, at least it lost more than 200,000.

This scammer was taken away at our inn, but after half a month, it was released and returned to Dali.We went to the police station to mediate the case, but he ran directly.

(Yunnan Nujiang)

Skynet is restored and sparse without leakage. I believe that although justice will arrive late, this scammer will eventually be punished.

The scammers are abominable, but in the final analysis, it is still because we are too careless and believe in others.The flies are not seamless eggs. If we do not leave the empty, he will not succeed.

Perhaps there are too many good people we have come into contact with before. I haven’t seen the dark corner, and we should have the should not be defense.Fortunately, the loss is not heavy. This may be a training that life has done for us. Let us not care about it on the way forward, and do not ignore the potholes under our feet.

Life is like a boat, and there will always be some storms on the way instead of smooth sailing.The big situation will always be fine, the mask will eventually be removed, and the tourism industry will recover in the morning and evening. I also hope that our homestay will be better and better.

(I am in Erhai, Dali)

There are still some problems in our homestay positioning.Low -end homestays are low in low prices, and high -end yards have never lacked the source of the customer.

Low -end homestays, dozens of dollars, or even a few dollars a night. If you fight with them, the cost will be set at a hundred dollars for one night, and the cost will not be kept.

Those high -end, the front -line sea view room next to Erhai Lake, the landscape vision is excellent, and you can also sleep in the sound of the waves.And our inn is in the center of the ancient city of Dali, and these additional attributes cannot be provided at all.

Right now, more and more customers have begun to have demand for the additional attributes of the room.Therefore, if possible, we still want to transform into high -end homestays.

(Experience high -end sea view homestays)

Career, living, dreaming, and dreams.We will find a chance. Under the premise of time permit, continue to start. Before the age of 30, we did not finish watching the mountains, lakes and sea slowly, and completed the desire to travel around China.

Time, Bai hpo passes through the gap.I set off from the village in Liangshan Prefecture. In a blink of an eye, I have already taken root in Dali.Although there are occasional twists and turns along the way, it is not bumpy.

My life is not as boring as some people, because I have been with my favorite person and do things I like.

We do not force wealth and fame and fortune, but also care about the fullness of our hearts.Can’t eat and eat like others, but there are many cares and troubles.

(B & B roof)

Life is the trajectory we have traveled in this world. It is a journey. I like the flowers and plants, mountains and rivers on the road.

The flowers are thorny, but you can’t see it; the cliff has no way and walks around.Open the mountains and meet the water.The mud under my feet does not hinder the beauty in front of my eyes.Rather than worrying about where to go before, it is better to love the scenery that you have passed, and you are happy to move forward.

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