I often run the toilet when I am pregnant?"Drink on time" according to the laws of life, reduce edema amniotic fluid clear

Normal adults want to maintain normal body circulation, and take 1,500 ~ 1700 ml of water every day, while pregnant women bear the task of nourishing the fetus, and the amount of drinking water needs to be appropriately increased.

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It is said that water is the source of life. There is usually a small problem, and it will always be told to drink more water.Moving more water can indeed promote metabolism, but for pregnant mothers, drinking water requires more "more real".

Because the body bears the responsibility of breeding the baby, the demand for water will inevitably be larger. Drinking less water will affect your health, and you will bring various discomfort to Baoma if you drink too much.Clear suggestions.

Li Qing has been pregnant for 7 months. In order not to delay the company’s progress, she has been working on work. Usually Li Qing did not like to drink water, but after having a baby, inexplicable feels very thirsty.

A cup of hot underwater belly, quenching thirst is true to thirst, but running the toilet is really diligent. As long as you see someone in the bathroom, you are not away from the ten nine and the ten is Qingqing.Director Li.

She intentionally began to control the amount of drinking water, but was asked by the doctor during the pregnancy test: "Do you usually don’t like to drink water? The amount of amniotic fluid is a bit less." Li Qing did not expect that drinking water was so important.I dare not neglect.

Many pregnant mothers will find that after having a baby, the frequency of her thirst is getting faster and faster, and even Bao Ma doubts whether she is sick.In fact, this is caused by the increase in water during pregnancy.

32 ~ 34 weeks of pregnancy, compared with before pregnancy, the overall blood volume of pregnant women increases by about 40 ~%45%.

As the baby grows up, pregnant women will generate more blood in the body to supply fetal nutrients, and most of the blood is composed of water. The body needs more water -based blood circulation systems to operate normally.

In addition to the increased blood volume, another change in the body of pregnant women is that amniotic fluid appears in the palace.The generation of amniotic fluid also needs to be obtained from the mother.

The "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines" recommends that drinking water daily during pregnancy needs to be 1700-2000 ml.

1. Drink too much water to increase the pregnancy reaction

Since drinking water is so important, wouldn’t the more drink the better?I believe that all pregnant mothers will wave their hands excitedly when they hear this.

Drinking less water will frequently run the toilet and edema. If you "drink without continuously", wouldn’t it have to live in the toilet?

The fetus in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy gradually grows, and the compression of the abdomen and lower limbs of pregnant mothers is getting stronger and stronger. Frequent urination and feet edema will become more serious. Too much drinking water will increase these pregnancy reactions.

2. Too little drinking water affects the body cycle

The blood circulation and the amount of amniotic fluid include daily metabolism. Water plays an important role in normal physiological activities of pregnant women and fetuses.The demand for moisture will increase with the increase of gestational weekly and increased fetal growth.

The amniotic fluid has gradually generated in the early pregnancy, and the total amount of amniotic fluid increases simultaneously with the increase of gestational weeks, up to nearly 2000 ml.

If the amount of sufficient water is not replenished in the third trimester, the amniotic fluid is likely to have a small amount and turbidity, which threatens the health of the fetus.

1. After getting up

After a night of sleep, the body has consumed a lot of water. After getting up, adding a glass of water in time can not only wake up the sleeping body, but also promote gastrointestinal motility.

2. During breakfast

For pregnant mothers, breakfast is particularly important. At this time, you can match a little juice, milk, soy milk, etc. At this time, it is nutritious and replenish water in virtuous.

3. 10 to 11 am

After a period of work or activity, the body is already a little tired. May wish to drink a glass of warm water and relax.

4. After lunch

After lunch, the body will naturally feel thirsty. At this time, drinking a glass of water can help digest food.

5. Before get off work

Some Baoma who needs to control the diet can drink more than normal pregnant women and increase satiety, so that they will not eat too much during dinner.

6. Before going to bed

Drink the last water two hours before going to bed. If you sleep immediately after drinking the water, the number of nights will be increased, and the swelling will be more serious the next day.

Candy mother told: In order to avoid stimulation of the stomach, pregnant women are best to drink warm water and consciously reduce the intake of drinks and ice water.

I am a candy mother. I am a growth -type Baoma who focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your childcare road.

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