I often get angry with inflammation, send you 5 Chinese medicines, clear heat and reduce fire, anti -inflammatory detoxification

Do you always have inflammation of your body, such as inflammation or a cold and fever in your throat?I even felt that Amoxicin was an anti -inflammatory magic medicine.But do you know?Amoxicillin is not actually anti -inflammatory drugs, but antibiotics, because inflammation in your body may not be caused by bacterial infections, or it may be another factor.

For inflammation caused by bacteria, amoxicillin has no effect.It also produces anti -drug resistance and causes dual infections.So in order to avoid abuse of antibiotics.Increase the risk of drug resistance and allergies.Today, Doctor Wang will share with you 5 Chinese medicines to help you clear heat and anti -inflammatory.

The first one is the puerassing puerassing film, there are Pueraria, Scutellaria baicalensis.Coptis chinensis and licorice are composed of four types of traditional Chinese medicines.The effect of anti -diarrhea and diarrhea has a good conditioning effect on the symptoms of abdominal pain, body heat, and thirst caused by enteritis and dysentery.

The second is Victoria C Yinqiao tablet. Vitamin C silver -warming tablets are composed of honeysuckle and forsythia.It has a good conditioning effect on the popular cold caused by wind and heat, headache, dry throat, and fever.

The third is compound Shiwei tablets. It consists of Shiwei, Gangster, Astragalus, etc., which has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, diuretic and diuretic, and has a good effect on unfavorable urination, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, etc.Essence

The fourth is silver -yellow particles, which has the effects of clearing heat and anti -inflammatory, refracting pharyngeal detoxification.For the fever, cough, thirst, swelling of throat, and hoarseness caused by the windy wind fever or the heating of the lung and stomach heat, you can use it to improve it.

The fifth is the three gold films. This medicine is also very familiar with it. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and the effect of liquid water. Most of them are used for urinary tract infection and frequent urination.That is to say, urination is more than eight times a day, and the amount of urine is very small each time, and there is a tingling sensation during urination. In this case, we can refer to the three gold films.

The sixth is the three yellow tablets. The three yellow tablets use the extracts of rhubarb, astragalus, and Huanglian. The medicinal nature is relatively cold and can enter our five internal organs.Red and swollen, wheat enlargement.Acne near the nose and nose, redness and swelling of the throat, have the effect of clearing heat and lowering fire.

Well, this is here for today’s sharing. Pay attention to Dr. Wang and learn more about health.

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