I, Malaysians, resigned with 400,000 jobs to start a business, lost 600,000 a month in China, do not regret

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My name is Liu Hongmei, 48 years old, the third -generation Chinese in Malaysia.

I went to Japan with my husband as soon as I got married.After that, I found out that life was not as good as I thought.Due to language problems, I couldn’t find a job for half a year.After that, I studied Japanese madly.

A few years later, I became a manager with an annual salary of 400,000.I could have lived a comfortable life, but at the age of 40, I died naked.

After that, I made 150,000 days in 35 days, and I lost 600,000 a month.Life rises and fall several times, but still full of enthusiasm, because I always believe that life is everywhere, no matter when it starts, it is not too late.

(This is me who loves outdoor sports)

My ancestor was in Taishan, Guangdong. 100 years ago, my grandfather came to Malaysia in order to make a living.After hard work by the grandfather and father, the family finally settled here.

I was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1974. I am now in Kuala Lumpur.My family has 4 sisters, a typical daughter country.

My mother wanted to make us a little princess, especially for my eldest daughter.The girl in the mother’s mind should be white skin, long hair, wearing beautiful skirts, and a shallow smile on her face.

However, I was born for my mother.I like to keep short hair and like to wear sportswear. I laugh at happily.

Every time I exercise, I am doing underground work.Once she was discovered by my mother, she criticized me.As soon as I just argued, she would hit me with feathers.

(I am married to Zhijie)

My mother likes me to sing, speak, and debate. I think this is what girls should be like.Thanks, I like these activities too.

Because of such an "unforgettable" experience, I want to say to all parents: Children just come to this world through their parents, and parents should help their children become the best self, instead of shaping their children’s life according to their own wishes.

From elementary school to high school, my study has always been very good, that is, English is a bit difficult to learn due to the lack of language environment.

The school learns Chinese and Malay.I communicate with my parents in Mandarin and use Cantonese with my grandparents.

In 1993, I went to the Taylai College of Kuala Lumpur to study in high school, mainly to improve English results and prepare for applying for universities.

This year, the study pressure was very stressful.In order to catch English in the short term, I used almost all time to learn English.

(Thank you, I almost missed you)

My TOEFL test was repeatedly defeated.After the third test, I still didn’t have the bottom in my heart.Thinking of might be missed with the university, I cried.I did not expect to pass.

This may be unexpected luck, suddenly surprise?However, good luck is always the people who work hard.The more you work hard, you will be lucky.

At the Tylai College, I met a person who was very important to me in my life.He is also Chinese, named Zhang Zhijie, a fat boy.

I at the same table with him, he helped me copy notes and help me learn English.But he often teases me and do all kinds of funny things.

At the end of the senior year, he suddenly confessed to me and said he liked me.Looking at him round, I smiled and said, "You are not my favorite type!"

I like to be tall and big, burly boys.Although we study together and play together, he is not the White Horse Prince in my mind.

I rejected him straightforward, thinking about this.I was admitted to the University of Melbourne, Australia, and he was still in Malaysia.

(A happy family of three)

I studied marketing in college, because I am very interested in learning content and hard work. I got the "Golden Key Scholarship".

When I was in my junior year, Zhang Zhijie also came to Melbourne.He studied Double Lian University, in Malaysia in the past two years, and in Melbourne for the third year.

When I graduated from Tylai College, I clearly rejected him.Unexpectedly, after I went back to my freshman holiday, he came to me again.Looking at him in front of him, I almost couldn’t recognize it.In just one semester, he lost a circle.He said it would become what I like.

Looking at him so infatuated, I was moved.I retracted the words that used to be indifferent.

From a semester, we have begun long -distance love, and now we have finally reunited in Melbourne.

Fate is a wonderful thing. Many times, we have encountered it, but we don’t know.Then I turned around and returned here.

(Take a daughter to participate in the Japanese Nursing Institute)

In this year, Zhijie and I traveled almost every corner of Australia.

Zhijie looked a little embarrassed, always smiling, and it was difficult to hung him and romance.In fact, he is super romantic. It can be said that all the plots between couples in the movie happened between us.

My birthday, he made me deliciously, and went to pick a lot of my favorite lilies in person.I was spoiled by him as a princess.

Of course, it is not the princess in my mother’s mind, it is a princess who is protected at any time, and the pain; the princess who wants to do what can be done.

After graduating from college in 1997, I took resumes to the big companies in my mind, but they were all sinking.In the end I went to Fenglong Bank as a product executive.

(We have become a family of four)

The boss is very harsh.He said that he should communicate with customers often in his work, and my English is not closed.He set me "homework" -write a letter every day, and give him correction the next day.He will make detailed modifications from words to grammar.

This really collapsed.Thinking of my work, why do I have to write homework every day?But many years later, I am grateful for this boss.Due to his strict requirements, I am now fluent in English than Chinese.

The boss also asked us to study every day and share the sharing session every Saturday.Unexpectedly, many books I read were actually requested by the bank owner.

In response to the call of the boss’s innovation, I moved Doraemon into the bank.Our bank’s savings tanks, passbooks, and bank cards all have Doraemon.Until now, my old colleagues also called me "Sister Dream".

Life is an invisible savings tank. Every effort you invest will not be wasted.

(I am very happy as soon as I arrived outdoors)

The three -year bank work experience has made me grow a lot.But I don’t like to live step by step.So I resigned and came to a brand underwear company named Dai*to be a senior product executive.

Although the content of the work is complicated, but it is very challenging.

I am most interested in testing the cup size of each product.From the 70-95cm waist circumference, the cup required should be tested one by one to determine the size of A B C.

As a product executive, I must not only determine that a certain product is suitable for selling in supermarkets or specialty stores, but also go to the store to check the placement of underwear and the advertisement plate, but also discuss the selling point of a certain product with the salesperson.

As a product executive, I also need to predict each product. The market demand in the next 12 months allows the company to balance production and sales.

In Dai*for three years, I learned to follow the data.Facing new changing work every day, my creative thinking has great room for development.

(Hi, we all in one direction)

On New Year’s Day in 2003, Zhijie and I ended up for 10 years of love. We held a romantic outdoor garden wedding. From then on, we never wanted to separate.

After the wedding, my husband was going to work in Japan, so I resigned and followed him to Japan.

Although I studied Japanese for a few months before going to Japan, but when I really arrived in Japan, I found that I couldn’t understand or say.

Such a Japanese level cannot find a job at all.I studied Japanese and kept looking for a job.However, six months have passed, and I still haven’t found a job.

For my workaholic, I can’t work for six months, I am going crazy.

In the end, there was no trick. I came to Japan’s Dai*Company and expressed their willingness to work for free.The boss was startled, and she probably did not expect that there were still people who did not pay to work.As a result, I was very happy to receive me as a foreign personnel.

I was a little overjoyed. My thoughts at that time were very simple. As long as I had a job, I had the right to find a chance to learn Japanese.

This company is a multinational company, and everyone speaks English, but they are all speak Japanese.I asked in English, they answered in Japanese.I often fog.

(The happiest life is to be with the person who loves)

In order to adapt to work as soon as possible, I write the work of the next day in English every night, and then translate it into Japanese.When I went to work the next day, I read it loudly to my colleagues and asked them to help me modify it.

Later, I was pregnant, and I went to the birth check every month. I was ready to consult each time in advance, for fear that it would affect the communication with the doctor.In the end, I found that the birth check and birth baby have become a good opportunity for me to learn Japanese.

After my daughter was born, I only took two months of maternity leave, sent her to the nursery, and went to work.

The teacher of this nursery is particularly responsible.Parents are required to write diaries every day to record various data such as eating, drinking, and body temperature at home.After completing my daughter’s growth diary every day, I also exercised my Japanese expression ability.

After continuous efforts, my Japanese level has improved, my work has become positive, and I will soon be promoted to product planning.

(We worked in Japan that year)

I think challenging work can stimulate my fighting spirit and enthusiasm.

Knowing that the famous Japanese brand You*wants to develop the underwear department, I put forward the idea of entering You*to the boss, and then personally designed 30 different styles of underwear to find You*to talk about cooperation. He was told that he had a partner.

Although the development of the market was not successful, this incident prompted me to learn underwear development.

In fact, constantly challenging new areas, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction brought to me is far greater than the rewards of economic and material.

Four years later, my husband was transferred to Malaysia to work, and I resigned.

Back to Malaysia, I applied for a company named Li*, a manager of Ren Pei Jewelry Department.Later, another more important department manager resigned, and I was promoted to the department manager and the department manager immediately.

The opportunity is for those who are prepared, as well as those who dare to challenge.There is no coincidence in this world. Everything seems to be inadvertent to insert willow. In fact, it is complete.

(My Four Sisters)

Due to outstanding performance, I was promoted one after another.

I was promoted as a product manager of Malaysia (Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

This job goes to Hong Kong and San Francisco more than a dozen times a year to buy goods.Each time it takes a full week, every day is to see the goods, listen to the explanation, and formulate a purchase plan.Sometimes it is dizzy and dazzling.

Due to the excellent work, I was quickly promoted to buyer managers in the Southeast Asian region.So I became a flying man in the air.Trains in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries every day.Commodity positioning, pricing, and price systemization, each one must be personally done.

It can be said that I have pointed at major malls in Southeast Asian countries.

I can work so much because I have a super -thoughtful husband, which makes me have no worries.

From our establishment to now, for 30 years, he has always regarded me and my children as a baby.

Although there is a housekeeping aunt at home, he will worry about it every day to buy fruits and vegetables that I like to eat.What was broken at home, he repaired for the first time.At home, I can really do the ten fingers not sticking to the spring water.

(The family portrait of our four sisters and parents)

Her husband is also about to take care of my parents and family members.Even the mother who had not been able to do it enough and did not repair the border, praised him.

In fact, her husband’s work is also very busy. He is the Asia -Pacific financial director of a large company.However, for the comfort of my life and the children, he took all the things that needed care of the family.

In 2014, Li*Company was reorganized, and the company would move to Singapore.Considering that the two children were young and needed to accompany my mother, I quit the work with an annual salary of 400,000.

How can I work like this workaholic?In fact, before resigning, I already wanted to start a business.

On November 10, 2015, my husband and I and an employee. The three of us released our website in a cafe and announced that our company was established.

It is a kind of exciting power.

(I and my team)

I used the deposit and resignation fund at home, as a startup fund, and developed a series of products specifically for sensitive skin.

This idea is because my two children have eczema since childhood.In order to buy them suitable for them, I really hurt my brain.

I think there are still many people, and there are such demands and troubles, so I decided to produce a pure natural, non -additive -free washing product.

When I told my husband about the idea of starting a business, he held opposition.This is also in my expectations.

Her husband is doing financial work and is cautious.He felt that he was risky at entrepreneurship, not to mention that I was 41 years old at the time, and it would be harder to be a boss than before.

In the end, he was convinced by me.Looking at my confidence, he turned to support.

Someone once asked me, what should you do if you think of failure?I said that my life seemed to have never failed, and some only encountered difficulties for the time being.

(I put it on it, will it be cool?)

I am a fierce doing things, and I just do it.I first choose the factory in Australia.A family inspection, a family comparison.Finally, the manufacturer consistent with our company’s philosophy was immediately put into production.

The company has just been established, and Christmas is coming. It is the golden season that consumes throughout the year.A large shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur was leased by flash shops, and I immediately rented a shop.

From Christmas to New Year’s Day, 35 days, I have retracted all the 150,000 investment.The secret of successful life is that when a good opportunity is coming, he immediately grabs it.

For people like me who are not satisfied, success is a new starting line.I am not satisfied that I only rent a shop in the mall.

In June 2016, my first specialty store opened.After making money, I invested in the second store again in April 2017.The business of the two stores is very popular.

(I just like this when I work)

I hope to open more stores according to this model, let our products go into millions of households.

Every experience in life is a wealth.The company can operate so smoothly, thanks to my 20 -year experience in the big company.

Sometimes, accidental experiences also change people’s thinking.

In 2017, I traveled to Bali, and the plastic garbage floating around the sea was shocked.I did not expect that we humans used so many plastics for our own convenience.

What is even more shocking is that a turtle’s nose was inserted with plastic tubes and twitched painfully.

These two scenes have always emerged in front of me.I am determined to reduce my products and have no plastic.

(After work, go to the sun outdoors)

As a result, I launched Malaysia’s first naked packaging brand.Customers can bring clean bottles and cans to reinvigorate our physical stores.

At the beginning, customers will feel that they will take the bottle over, which is too troublesome, and there are fewer people participating.

I am not discouraged. I feel that cutting plastic reduction and environmental protection is a very long way, and it needs to be continuously propagated.

Later, a public welfare organization in Malaysia also asked me to go to school to tell students the knowledge of cutting plastic.

(In April 2023, our family traveled to Japan)

After the epidemic, I set up a counter in the supermarket to borrow the passenger flow of the supermarket so that customers can have more opportunities to experience our products in a real realm.

In December 2021, I met the most difficult choice in my life.I entered the Chinese market two months ago, and the result was 600,000.

At that time, did he persist or withdrew immediately, I hesitated.If you do not withdraw, you may continue to lose money; withdraw from, the early investment will be drifted.

When I was tangled, there was a saying that I made a choice: "A good retreat should be rewarded like a great victory."

As a result, I decisively withdrawn from the Chinese market.

This time, when I chose to spread the overseas market when the epidemic raged, it cost 600,000 tuition, which was really expensive.However, it makes me understand that business is the time, that is, the war between adventure and caution.I need to reorganize and wait for a better time.

(Look at the distance after work)

Life is an attitude. The balance between work and life coexist is the foundation for our pursuit of happiness.

I have found this balance now.When I work, I have no heart.Back home, talk to your husband and read a book with your children.On weekends and holidays, I traveled with my family, shopping, and drinking coffee.

The luckiest thing in life is to do what you like.Of course, doing what you like does not mean that life is easy, but you can definitely live a wonderful life.

Wish us all lucky in life.

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