I love you so much, but you, why do you want to treat me like this

"Lu Lian, I love you so much, but you … why is it so to me!"

The woman’s stern voice sounded through the sky, her clear eyes were covered with blood, staring at the man she once loved the most!

Her tendons and tendons were selected. Her fragile body was blurred, and her wounds were even filled with honey. The ant poisonous insects around me smelled the smell, and she climbed her whole body instantly.

The painful pain instantly attacked her internal organs, and she couldn’t help but bite her lower lip, and the blood was overflowing …

I really want to die, I really want to die!

"Li Yuexin …" The man squatted down and looked down at her high. The cold phoenix eyes did not have a trace of temperature. He suddenly sneered, which made him even more cold and charming.

"How do you treat Jade slaves before, today -how I treat you!"

He patted the sad face of the woman, and the ice -like words suddenly made the woman wide open!

She shouted with all her strength and sorrowful, "I don’t have -Lu Lian, don’t believe her, she pretends …"

"Shut up!"

The man’s face sank immediately, Feng’s eyes narrowed, and he was rudely holding Liyuexin’s jaw. "Are you still obsessed with now? You have rescued me before, relying on the kindness that I owe you, blindly bullying my belovedWoman, do you think I dare not clean up you? "

"Li He, throw her down!" The man glanced at the guards around him, and said coldly.

"Lord, really want to do this?" Li He sweaty coldly and couldn’t bear to look behind Li Yuexin.

Behind her -is the most gloomy and scarce snake cave in the Chu State!

Thousands of poisonous snakes are entangled here, exuding the smell and "hiss" sound, which is shocking and creepy.

In the Chu State, only the most sinful person -will it be thrown into the snake cave and be punished!

Li He couldn’t help but tremble in his heart, the master must scare the princess!Is it really going to throw the princess?She just gave her grandmother a board, and her grandmother killed her girl first!Don’t die!

Such a beautiful woman, will be bitten by the snake after throwing it down. Is it really necessary to treat her so cruelly?

"Lu Lian, you are blind …" Li Yuexin looked at the man she had loved the most in front of him, and the tears blurred their eyes. "You just remember that she was beating, I don’t remember what I was-"

She hadn’t finished speaking, suddenly her pupils shrinking, and her belly was painful. The man kicked her without even talking. Her body floated like a willow leaf, and then fell quickly.

What she saw at the last glance -is the cold and disgusting eyes of a man.

The black eyes were ruthless to the extreme. At that moment, Liyue core’s heart was torn.

The poisonous snake in the snake cave saw the prey, opened the blood basin, and the fangs were spoiled in the moonlight.

"Master!" Li He was unbelievable watching the woman was drowned by the snake instantly, trembling!

The princess … was it executed like this?

How can the master do this!

He forgot that the South Gate City was broken that year.

Li He couldn’t help but feel slander, the master … For the woman of Lu Yunu, he killed the princess who loved his most, and he was still in such a cruel way!

It’s so ruthless!

However, the man in front of him was indifferent at all. He looked coldly at the woman’s swallowed by the snake and sneered gently.

"This kind of woman, let’s die!"

Chapter 2 Revenge

After March

"Grandma-" Girl’s Xiao Tao rushed into the West Chamber, and her face was full of joy. "I heard that the woman was thrown into the Wan Snake Cave by the woman, I am afraid I have been bitten by the snake and died!"

"What? Great!"

Lu Yunu patted the table excitedly, a glamorous face was gratifying, and she couldn’t help but be proud.

Today, I finally repaid her wish and removed the cheap woman of Liyuexin!

If she hadn’t poisoned the closest niece Yinger, she would not make her chaos, and she used the board under her anger, and then she pretended to be a small yield in front of Lu Lian, and finally made Lu Lian ended to the end ofHe was killed for Liyue core.

snort!Limoyukin, your humble name should be the same as your identity, and it is damn!

Let you be a wife who has a distinguished person like brother, do you also match?

Lu Yunu smiled coldly, and there were countless wanton.

Wait, my brother will raise her as his wife!

She just had a smile on her mouth, and she approached her as soon as she was like lightning, and a sharp sharp knife acted on her jade.

"Ah-" Xiao Tao screamed in horror, and the fear looked at the person, as if seeing the ghost!

"You, you -Li Yuexin, you are a human -a ghost?" Lu Yunu’s body was soft, retreated, and asked tremblingly, looking at the dead and recovered woman in front of him!

"Oh, what do you say?" The woman who captured her mocked, and a very cold -cold smile was out of the corner of her mouth.

After Li Yuexin finished speaking, the move fiercely launched an attack on Lu Yunu.

At the moment, the knife in his hand was captured by the man flying into the house!

"Lu Lian …"

Li Yuexin looked at the cold -to -reach man on the opposite side, murmured, and smiled miserable.

This man is always so timely …

"Liyuexin, I didn’t expect that you were so big. He was thrown into the snake cave and he was not dead. Even martial arts recovered!" The man sneered and protected Lu Yunu tightly into his arms.

"Yes! I’m not dead!" Li Yuexin bit her lower lip, and her tears rushed. "The murderer who killed Ying’er was not dead.

She was lucky to be in Dantian and rushed towards Lu Lianzhong. Even if she was with Lu Yunu today, she would take revenge for Ying’er!

But she hadn’t approached, only listening to "click", and her ribs were suddenly crushed by Lu Lian, and the pain of the mountains fell into the mountains.

Liyuexin fell to the ground embarrassedly, "wow", spit out a large mouthful of blood.

She looked at the landing and closer, and smiled sadly.

Sure enough, even if her martial arts recovered, it was not Lu Lian’s opponent …

Sure enough, he would never have a hint of pity to her!

She who is so hard -working, for him, is as simple as stepping on a ants!

What do he plan to deal with her next?Is she divided her five horses or whipped to death?

Li Yuexin smiled bitterly, her eyes were dark, and she fainted.

Looking at the dizzy woman, Lu Lianban dragged her up, and a fierce flicker flashed in the black phoenix eyes.

"Yu Nu, you are frightened!" He looked at Lu Yunu, turned his head and stared at the weak Li Yuexin, his eyes were cold, "As for this woman, let me clean up!"

Chapter 3 Jealous

Ziye Moonlight Cold

Li Yuexin woke up, and a pair of cold phoenix eyes beside the bed hit her eyes tightly.

"Say, who saved you?" The man said coldly, and his handsome face was unpredictable.

Li Yuexin smiled and smiled, turned his head and didn’t answer him.

However, her jaw was immediately pinched by Lu Lian, and he forced her to face him.

"Is it Jiang Hao? Say!" The man’s black eyes narrowed and stared at her.

Li Yuexin smiled even more bitterly, looking at the man on the opposite side.

He abandoned her, but in this world, there was another man. No matter what she became, she regarded her as a treasure.

Who is this man except Jiang Hao?

"Yes, he rescued me from the snake cave, and he gave me a new life!" Li Yuexin roared, "Lu Lian, I was really blind before, and would like you!, I won’t come back. Now falling in your hands, you want to kill and you want to listen! "

However, the man didn’t speak for a long time, just staring at her tightly, his eyes deep.

For a long time, he said in a vague manner, "Are you with him?"

Limyon’s breathing stagnated, and then shouted: "Yes", he did not hesitate to admit it!

For so many years, she has never made her wantonly happy as soon as she is at this moment.

She can finally love him without self -esteem as before.

She is also a human and dignity. It is not a wood that is not without any feelings.

"The one who loved you in the past is the biggest and biggest fool in the world!

I did not understand until now -the best person in this world … Only Brother Jiang Hao!"

Li Yuexin said with tears, saying one by one.

Lu Lian’s pupils suddenly tightened, and the sword eyebrows frowned deeper.

He didn’t know what happened to him, but when he heard Liyuexin turned into Jiang Hao’s arms, his heart couldn’t help but burned in the jealousy!

The woman in Li Yuexin changed her heart so soon!

Who was crying and shouted and said that only her was her only?Who gambled and vowed that no one loves in this life?

He is really stupid -he believes that Liyuexin’s water -based poplar woman!

The corner of Lu Lian’s mouth tickled the extreme smile.

"You have been thrown into the snake cave for so long, bitten by the snake, and it can be intact … Mary’s exclusive finishing

Are Jiang Hao’s credit?"His eyes darkened, staring at the woman, and the slender hand touched her smooth skin.

Li Yuexin only shivered for a while, and couldn’t help but scare all over and down. Lu Lian, what do you want to do?

"Say, did he touch you?"

The man’s low voice sounded in her ears, and his deep and yiny black eyes stared sharply at her, revealing countless dangers.

Li Yuexin only felt ridiculous, and tears were indignant.

Now that he has the qualifications to blame her, he "killed" her by himself, watching her died by the snake!What qualifications to control her freedom now!

"Yes, he touched me, and I was willing to give him." Li Yuexin hadn’t finished, and his face suddenly turned white.

He even …

Chapter 4

How can he do this!

Her beautiful water eyes suddenly became red!How can he do such a thing to her regardless of her wishes!

Didn’t he hate her most?Even her touch is very disgusted!But now, when she really wants to leave, he will not let her go!

She desperately wanted to struggle, but the red lips were blocked by the man’s stormy kiss …

Afterwards, to the woman who was exhausted, Lu Lian said coldly:

"You told Jiang Hao, my things, before I don’t want it, can’t turn him to grab!"

Li Yuexin stunned, looking at the cold and despised eyes, suddenly his heart was like a knife.

It turned out that Lu Lian did everything because of jealousy!For him, he is just something that can be discarded at any time, but anyone who comes to grab him, but he doesn’t give it!


There was a strong self -deprecation in Liyuexin’s eyes, and the corner of her mouth was slightly hooked. "Then I want to thank you for your unsuccessful grace!"

When Lu Lian saw her like this, her eyes were gloomy.

Before Li Yuexin had never been ridiculed to him, she now makes him feel more dazzling!

"What about avoiding Zizi soup before? Should I ask Wang Ye to give me a drink?" Liyuexin smiled even more desolate.

Each time she had a house, Lu Lian forced her to drink and avoid the soup, without exception.

I once sorrowful for him, but every time Lu Lian’s answer was: "Li Yuexin, you are not worthy of my child!"

She doesn’t match, who matched?Lu Yunu?

Liyuexin only feels that she used to be very pitiful!

Others hate you so much. You are still rushing forward, Lyue core, no wonder you finally ended with an ending of being thrown into the snake cave and being bitten by a snake!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help crying.

"No need." Lu Lian smiled cruelly and looked at the woman in front of him coldly, "Liyue core, you probably have no fertility anyway."

"What did you say?"

Li Yuexin breathed a stagnation, her face became pale, and she dared not look at the landing.

"That avoiding soup-" Lu Lian looked at Liyue core from a height, "Women take three years in a row, they will sterilize!"

Lidin core’s heart suddenly leaked, and her body hurts my heart …

Lu Lian … What did you just say?

She … can’t give birth?In this life … I can’t be a mother anymore!

No!How can this be!

He even destroyed her opportunity to be a mother, and was in a cruel way in this way!

He knew how much she wanted to be a mother!

"Lu Lian, you bastard!" The woman shouted, hated into the landmark, and stared at the landmark. The entire eyes were immediately stained with red.

She rushed towards a man like a leopard, and couldn’t wait to drink his blood and eat his meat, but before approaching, the arm was folded by the man, and it was broken.

"Ah-" Li Yuexin screamed, and the pain in the bone marrow struck her, making her faint.

"Liyue core, you are crazy!" The man frowned, and the black phoenix eyes flashed with a fierce trace.

"Lu Lian, why do you treat me like this! I am sorry for you, I want to be like this!"

The woman roared madly, her tears couldn’t stop flowing down, mixed with blood, Yin Hong was extremely extremely dazzling.

"Oh, why?" Lu Lian sneered, grabbed Liyue core’s jaw sharply, and sneered: "Liyue core, you dismantled me and jade slave that year, and it hurts her to be my wife. Why, you should not pay outPrice? "

The man looked at her eyes, and it was countless abomination, which made Liyue core’s heart and heartbroken pain.

Just for Lu Yunu’s position, he was so cruelly deprived of her right to fertility …

She is a human, not a life without emotion!Why was he treated like garbage!

Li Yuexin laughed suddenly in despair.

She suddenly understood that she was so stupid in these years …

Chapter 5

Li Yuexin was thrown into the prison.

It was the place where Lu Lian had detained the enemy’s spy from the front. It was extremely hidden, and almost no one could find it.

The wet, cold, and covered with various poisonous insect mice in the water prison, full of a taste of decaying death. Those who were closed in the past were crazy within a few days.

On the first day when Liyuexin was thrown in, her body couldn’t stand it, and she initiated a high fever.


Between confused, she heard someone calling her: "Yuexin, Yuexin …"

That voice was anxious and urgent.

She worked hard to open her eyes, and she had a clear face in her eyes.

"Hao … Brother–"

Li Yuexin sorrowful, tears flowing, and the beautiful eyes couldn’t believe it.

How did Jiang Hao find so dangerous here?

"Yuexin, why are you so stupid? It’s all like this to come back to find Lu Lian …" Jiang Hao looked at the woman full of scars in his eyes, painfully.

"I came back to kill Lu Yunu avenging Ying Er. I didn’t expect to be caught by Lu Lian …" Liyuexin laughed, leaving only the desolation in her eyes.

"Brother Hao …" She laughed even more miserable, tears full of eyes, "Do you say I am self -contributed? Such a person who loves a person in such a stubbornness, and finally get such an ending!"

"Let’s go! Yuexin, while he hasn’t found it, I will take you away from this hell -like place …" Jiang Hao said with heartache, his eyes were full of unbearable eyes, "We will never come back again in the future."

"Okay!" Liyuexin nodded heavily and said sadly: "In the future, we will never come back …"

Just after she finished speaking, she drank coldly behind her.

"Want to go? Not so easy!"

Lu Lian appeared behind the two like a ghost, and the corners of his mouth slightly hooked, staring at them with a mockery.

"Liyuexin, do you think you and you are so easy to go? Do you come here when you want to come here and leave?"

"Lu Lian, don’t you just want Lu Yunian’s position?"

Liyuexin laughed miserable, "My Liyuexin voluntarily gave up today, returned you, okay?"

She is tired. From the past, those things she regarded as life, now she has already wanted it anymore …

"You want to be beautiful!"

Lu Lianjun’s eyebrows were picked, and a faint anger rushed out in the deep black eyes. "Woman, you want to leave, and from then on your love.

As soon as the words fell, the man was as soon as lightning, and he hit Jiang Hao’s chest heavily, and he won the Liyue core from Jiang Hao’s arms with the trend of thunder.

Jiang Hao sprayed a bite of blood "wow", his face was pale.

Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen it for a few years, Lu Lian’s martial arts are so advanced!

Before he had time to move, he was tightly tied by the Deadpool behind Lu Lian.

After that, Jiang Hao was tied to a chair in a large flowers, and his mouth was stuffed in his mouth.

Lu Lian was sitting on his throne, looking down at him, as if looking at a ants.

He locked Li Yuexin into his arms, regardless of her desperate resistance, and stared at her leisurely.

"Lu Lian … what are you doing!" Liyuexin opened his eyes wide, trembling and looking at the man.

Lu Lian sneered, a pair of phoenix eyes locked Liyue core, "What do you say I want to do? Liyue core, I want your little lover to see your ugliness!"


Men just possess her ruthlessly in front of Jiang Hao!

Li Yuexin only felt that the whole body was not her. She tried to stop the shouting, but the man seduced her like a demon.He see how underground you are! "

Li Yuexin cried, at this moment, the last self -esteem of her only existence was completely gone.

She glanced at Jiang Hao and found that he was looking at it, and the humiliation suddenly climbed her whole body.

"Jiang Hao, don’t look at it, please … don’t look!" She was sorrowful, closed her eyes to bully, and wanted to stop everything that happened in front of her, but it was useless …

All her actions with Lu Lian were seen clearly and clearly by Jiang Hao!

Jiang Hao lowered his eyes painful.

Lu Lian is a devil. How can he torture Yuexin?

The woman sobbed, and I didn’t know how long it took to end.

The man threw her aside, and he was still graceful and luxurious. It seemed that what happened just happened, but Li Yuexin was embarrassed.

"Jiang Hao, you can get rid of it after reading it!" Lu Lian turned back and locked Jiang Hao coldly. "If you dare to come again next time, I promise to be with Yuexin -in a way that stimulates 10,000 times better than this.Welcome!"

He glanced at Li Yuexin in his point of view, warning and warning.

"Nausea, Lu Lian, you are really disgusting …" Li Yuexin bit his lower lip, choked weakly, and his tears were covered with cheeks.

Why did he humiliate her so wantonly, wasn’t it enough for his brutal torture before?

He … why …

Li Yuexin closed her eyes in pain. At this moment, her heart was completely "bad".

Chapter 6 Lost

After that, Liyuexin’s body deteriorated sharply and had a high fever all day.

Lu Lian didn’t pay attention at the beginning, but when she found that the situation was wrong, she not only moved her out of the water prison, but also found the best doctor in the city for her healing.

Somehow, seeing her death, he did not allow her to die!

After rescue, Liyuexin finally saved a life, but people were as if they had taken off the layer of skin.

Lu Yunu looked at her eyes, and her heart was extremely jealous.

She found that Lu Lian changed. During this time, he no longer stepped into her Xiyuan, but put all her thoughts on the cheap woman Liyuexin!

Did Lu Lian fall in love with her?

No, no no!Lu Yunu shook her head sharply and clenched her fists. She never allowed this kind of thing to happen!

She came to Liyuexin’s room in a hurry and found that she was vomiting, and she spit out even bile.

Dr. Zhang on the side announced that she was pregnant.

This can’t help but let Lu Yunu’s body cold!

Li Yuexin, a cheap woman, was pregnant!

How can this be!

She definitely does not allow this woman to give birth to Lu Lian’s children!Only her will be assigned to Lu Lian to have children.

Lu Yunu gritted her teeth, her eyes rolled a few laps, and an idea of a vagina came into being.


A few hours later, she rushed into Liyuexin’s Dongyuan.

Behind her is Lu Lian.

"Liyuexin, I didn’t expect you to be so shameless. Not only did the prince and other men be lingering, but they also conceived his wild species. How can you be worthy of the prince!" She yelled at Liyuexin.

Li Yuexin was stunned, but did not expect that Lu Yunu started to pour dirty water so quickly.

When the doctor told her the news of pregnancy, she had already died, and she survived.

Unexpectedly, she was pregnant after drinking shelter soup and the extremely yin deficiency!

This child … Is it like Lu Lian?

Li Yuexin thought sadly, after all, in the past, her greatest wish was to have a child for him, but when this wish was really realized, she was at a loss.

"No, I didn’t …" Liyue core instinctively refuted, but before he finished speaking, he went to Lu Lianyin’s fierce eyes.

Lu Lian … shouldn’t it be a misunderstanding!Did he really think he was Jiang Hao’s child?

"Lord Wang, this kind of water -based poplar, a woman who does not keep the woman, Mary’s exclusive finishing should immerse the pig cage!" Lu Yunu stared fiercely at Liyue core, insidiously said.

No, I did n’t, Lu Lian, you believe me … Liyuexin shook his head desperately, choked.

Lu Lian stared at Li Yuexin deadly, and he didn’t speak for a long time, and Feng’s eyes had frozen into ice.

If he can, his eyes at this moment are enough to kill her ten thousand times.

Is this woman really pregnant with Jiang Hao’s cheap species?If so, he must not let this cheap species alive!

"Come, give her fifty big boards!" He gritted his teeth and said one by one.

"Lu Lian, this child is really yours-" Li Yuexin’s heart was struggling, struggling to roll down from the bed. She climbed to Lu Lian’s feet little by little, grabbed her legs, and begged sadly.Tao: "I beg you, don’t do this! You do this, he will die!"

"Doctor Zhang, this child, for a few months?" Lu Lianyin looked at Dr. Zhang, squinting his eyes tightly.

"This …" Doctor Zhang performed guilty. "According to me, the princess has been pregnant for three months …"

After listening to Lu Lian, his eyes were cold, and his heart was raised in his heart.

When he is a fool when he is Lu Lian?

She cares about her and Jiang Hao’s cheap species so?Care about saying that the child is his own!

"No -no! He said rampantly!" Liyuexin shook his head violently, staring at the water eyes, and he pointed at Dr. Zhang unbelievably.

This child, she was just pregnant!Why did he say that the child had been three months old?

"Lu Lian, you believe me, he is really your child …" Li Yuexin looked at the landing lame with tears, hissing and shouting.

"Don’t fight! What are you doing next to it?"

Lu Lianbing watched the guards around him, and immediately scared everyone to death.

In an instant, the weak woman was pressed on the wooden board by the guard, and she could feel the coldness of the wooden board through the clothes.

She waved her hands and wanted to escape, but she didn’t wait for her to respond, and the guards smashed on her with a board.


Li Yuexin screamed, and the painful pain suddenly spread to the limbs.

Suddenly, she trembled and felt that something fell out of her body, sticky …

Her child, her poor child …

there is none left……

Chapter 7


Li Yuexin was wailing, and the miserable voice sounded through the sky, and even the guardians of the surrounding guards felt very unbearable after listening.

"Enough, hold your hand!" Lu Lian saw Li Yuexin’s lower body red, stopped the stick.

Women kept trembling, twitching, and staring hard on landing. The gentle eyes became very red.

"Lu Lian, you listened to letting you kill your own children, you will regret it! You will always regret it! Haha … hahahaha …" She shed tears and laughed heartbroken.

The laughter was so sad and so desperate that everyone who heard it was trembling.

Lu Lianfeng stared at Li Yuexin tightly, his eyes slowly darkened. "The princess is tired, help her go inside and take a good rest! Also ,-" He looked around, his eyes were cold, and he stared at every one of the scenes present.People, "Who dares to say a word today, kill, none, and forgiveness-"

The guards were taken by the cold light in his eyes.

Lu Yunu looked at everything in front of him. Although he was dissatisfied in his heart, he was still very proud.

snort!Liyue core, call you to fight with me!

You not only destroyed his reputation this time, but also killed the child by himself. I see if you still have a face to stay in the palace in the future!


After miscarriage, Liyue core fell quickly.

She started a hunger strike and only begged to die.

During the period, Lu Lian came to see her several times, but she only did not see him, and she no longer spoke to Lu Lian, just when he was an invisible person.

"Liyuexin, look at me!" The man’s sword eyebrows were tightened, his eyes stared coldly at the weak and stubborn woman, "Don’t think you don’t think you can take you!"

"Oh … Listen to respect!" Li Yuexin looked back at the man weakly, smiling, and a satirical arc from the corners of his lips.

How does he dispose of it, she Li Yuexin -indifferent!

If she said that she was a little bit nostalgic for the world, I am afraid that the child in the belly, but she didn’t know how long the child had existed, and he was brutally killed by Lu Lian …

How can she not hate!

Let her bow her knees again, which is more uncomfortable than let her die!

"If you live well, stay with me, I can still be everything before–" The man’s eyes were gloomy, and the black eyes locked Liyue core tightly. "If you give your face again, hum!! "

This is the biggest gift he can give her. Even if she betrayed him before and even made a sin with Jiang Hao, he could not have happened all this …

Lu Lian didn’t know what poison she was in the end, and she would forgive this woman again and again in the three places!

"Oh … haha!"

Li Yuexin stared straight at the landmark, and suddenly laughed madly. The beautiful eyes were all ridiculous. "Lu Lian, don’t you hate me the most from before? Didn’t you hate me to dismantle you and Lu Yunu? Why, now, actuallyDon’t hate it? "

The man’s black eyes narrowed, and his eyes stared at Liyuexin, and his expression was complicated for a while.

He did not know whether he was like this, Lyuexin -this woman who had no care and even disgusted to the extreme, now he has become a person he cares about!

While the man was lost, Li Yuexin glanced at the matching knife he carried with him, snatched from his side, and poked directly to his chest.

"His", she seemed to hear the sound of the sword piercing the flesh.

She couldn’t help laughing … It’s good, so she can always be with her children!

What made her unexpected was that the man grabbed the blade suddenly and prevented her crazy.

The sharp knife was deeply inserted into the man’s palm, and the blood stained with the blood of Li Yue.

Li Yuexin’s mood began to become excited, staring at the man fiercely, and yelled: "Why do you stop me! You let me die … Please kill me!"

Lu Lian’s eyes were cold, staring at her straight, and a fierce flickering in her eyes.

Li Yuexin’s pupils suddenly shrank and couldn’t believe what she had just heard!

He threatened her with her most concerned loved ones!

How can he be so despicable!

"Lu Lian, you don’t have*to be good*to death!" Liyuexin stared at the man in front of him with hatred, gritting his teeth.

"Huh, Liyuexin, you just hate me!" Lu Lian mocked and smiled, and his deep black eyes followed Li Yuexin and entangled with her.

After speaking, he kissed Li Yuexin’s lips enthusiastically. The kiss was like a storm, drowning the woman completely …

Chapter 8 Conspiracy

Afterwards, the man put her a jade bracelet for her, and the jade bracelet was green and green, and it was not ordinary.

Without saying a word, I wanted to take it off, but was immediately drank by a man.

"If you don’t get it, if you dare to take it down, the Li family will die immediately!" Lu Lian threatened.

The woman smiled helplessly, and even the thoughts that had been argued with him …

Outside the window, a pair of poisonous snake -like eyes stared at the entangled two people, as if quenching toxic.


Life passes like this one day.

More than a month

Lu Yunu came to the East Garden of Liyue core.

"Lu Yunu, what are you doing?" Li Yuexin looked at her coldly, with a trace of ridicule.

Now she is looking forward to Lu Yunu’s trouble. In this way, maybe Lu Lian hates her, so she is also relieved.

"Sister, I’m here to help you, can you see it?" Lu Yunu Mary exclusively organized her pure water eyes, which seemed to be innocent.

"Wang Ye is going to the palace today, not in the house, it is the opportunity to escape! Is my sister willing to be bound in this narrow cage for a lifetime?"

"You will be so kind to me?" Li Yuexin smiled suddenly, and he didn’t believe in the ghost in the woman’s population in front of him.

"Sister, since you are not afraid of death, are you afraid that I will lie to you?" Lu Yunu followed the seduction, and a trace of sinister flashed in the beautiful eyes.Is it, isn’t it? "

"Oh …" Li Yuexin’s eyes laughed and smiled slowly. She didn’t believe her who was dead!

"Say, what do you want to do?" She took a breath and stared at the landing.

"Well, I need to cooperate with my sister!" Lu Yunu smiled coldly, and there was a touch of counting in the beautiful eyes.

Without waiting for Liyuexin to respond, a masked person suddenly appeared behind her. Regardless of her resistance, she fainted her completely.

Li Yuexin woke up again, and found that he was in a bright room in a bright room.

Lu Yunu was staring sneer at this at this time, and behind a group of big men. They were like a group of hungry wolves, and they stared at Liyue core extremely.

"Lu Yunu, what are you doing?" Liyuexin looked around and smiled coldly, but was not afraid.

"Huh, what do I want to do?" Lu Yunian’s glamorous face was extremely stunned. "Of course, he chose to break your tendon and feet, and then sold you!

You said, will Wang Ye still want you to see such dirty you?"

Reprinted from the public account: Hao Xuan Yuefang

Protagonist: "Liyue core

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