I just saw the fetus’s head, and the mother shouted "I’m so uncomfortable" after coughing, and the doctor shouted: Quickly rescue

Pregnancy is a big thing for women. Many expectant mothers worry about before childbirth: Is it painful to have children?Which is better?In fact, not only the mother, but also the doctors and nurse in the delivery room.

With the development of modern medical technology, the birth of children has been relatively safe, but nurses who help in the Department of Democracy have not dared to slack off, because a little abnormalities in production may bring life danger to mothers and babies.What really scared the nurse is not blood loss and difficulty, "amniotic fluid embolism" is the key target of prevention.

When Xiaoying gave birth to a child, she could scare the doctor.At that time, Xiaoying was heavily weighed, and she was so good, and the pain was particularly obvious.The more painful, the more Xiaoying was unable to force it. The nurse kept comforting Xiaoying: "Don’t be afraid, take a deep breath, and work hard." Xiaoying grabbed the operating table tightly with both hands and shouted to cheer herself.

When she saw the fetus’s head, Xiaoying seemed to be pinched and cough a few times.A little noisy in the delivery room. After Xiao Ying’s cough, she suddenly quietly settled.The doctor froze for a few seconds and asked Xiaoying nervously: "Did you cough just now?" Xiao Ying’s face couldn’t speak pale, nodded gently.After nodding, Xiao Ying trembled throughout his body, and he had difficulty breathing. He yelled: I’m so uncomfortable!At this moment, Dr. Zizi’s face was ugly than Xiaoying. As soon as the blood pressure measured the blood pressure quickly to 50/30 mm Hg, he quickly turned his head and whispered to the nurse behind him, "Oh, go to the director to come over to rescue, the mother coughs, the blood pressure decreases, the blood pressure decreases, the blood pressure decreases, and the blood pressure decreases.It is probably amniotic fluid embolism! "

When the nurse heard it, he immediately called the director and the other doctors of the obstetrics and gynecology department. At this time, Xiaoying had passed. Later, the doctor rescued it in time. Xiaoying lived in the hospital for a month.Listening to her husband said: Many doctors go in, saying that the mother is very dangerous. Later, the doctor gave him a sign of the surgery to know that it was his wife, which was frightened.

Yeah, why does a cough allow the doctors and nurses of the entire delivery room to wait for?

For ordinary people, the worst result of a cough is just a cold, just take some medicine.However, the maternal is unusual. If there is no sign of coughing when having a child, amniotic fluid embolism often appears.

The amniotic fluid embolism refers to the maternal in the production process, and the amniotic fluid suddenly entered the blood circulation system for some reasons, which caused allergic shock and coagulation complications, which directly threatened the life of maternal and baby.

1. What is the relationship between cough and amniotic fluid embolism during production?

Once the amniotic fluid is transported to the lungs with the blood, the mother will feel uncomfortable, causing cough.This can also explain why Xiao Ying coughs, doctors and nurses are like a big deal.

In fact, if Xiaoying really has amniotic fluid embolism, it is actually too late to treat. Amniotic fluid embolism is an acute disease. Many maternal maternals who have occurred amniotic fluid have died before healing.Essence

2. How to avoid amniotic fluid embolism?

Although the consequences of amniotic fluid embolism are very terrible, the incidence is not high. Of the average maternal, only 4-6 maternal maternals may occur.To put it simply, as long as Baoma regulates her body normally during pregnancy, it will be fine.

Early breakthroughs in the fetal membrane are the main causes of amniotic fluid embolism. This also requires expectant mothers to do regular pregnancy tests during pregnancy, find problems early, and treat and condition in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.When pregnant, the safety of Baoma and baby is always the first.

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