I just got pregnant, and the pregnant mother should not have these behaviors except that I can’t have the same room.

For many families, there are many major events for many families. Many young couples start from preparing for production, and some have started to quit alcohol and smoking almost a year or two in advance. It can be said that everything is ready.Once you are pregnant, you also have a 120%spirit. Some families do n’t even use radiation electrical appliances such as television, let alone tobacco and alcohol. I ’m careful to go to the hospital to check to prevent the child from hurting the children.

Many pregnant mothers, or the wife who accompanies my husband, I want to understand that matters that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy, especially some small couples, also go to the hospital to ask, and have a lot of understanding of all aspects.For example, in the same room, during pregnancy, this behavior is definitely not beneficial to there. One is that it may be pressed to the uterus of pregnant women and hurt the child.In the early days, it was absolutely prohibited.But these are common sense that family who are pregnant. After all, everyone will not take it.But many times the behavior that does not cause attention will affect the development and health of the child.

Let’s take a look at the two actions that should not be done in the early days of pregnancy!See if you are recruiting?

1. Emotional fluctuations fiercely

Pregnancy is a very hard thing. Pregnant mothers not only carry the hope of the entire family, but also to endure physical discomfort, so many people think that the emotional fluctuations during pregnancy are normal.Pregnant women are fine.Indeed, because of less hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy, it will seriously affect the mood of pregnant women. This is inevitable, and it is also the difficulty of mothers during pregnancy.And not only some negative emotions, but also sometimes happy, but also affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, we must pay attention to the stability of emotions during pregnancy.

At this time, other members in the home are not just to follow pregnant women, but more importantly, you need to adjust the emotions of pregnant women, talk more, and chat. The good family environment is more likely to make pregnant mothers feel security. At the same time, it will also be emotional.more stable.

2. Jumping, touching your stomach

Looking at Zhen Huan’s biography before, Zhen Huan said, "How can my child be so fragile." It looks very domineering, but we must pay attention to that the child is really so fragile, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.Some mothers feel that their physical fitness is very good, and the development of the fetus is also very stable. Do you start to feel that you are not pregnant?And the doctor also recommends doing more exercise, but we have to know here that the doctor asked you to do exercise, but it is definitely not to let you jump.No matter how good the physical fitness, you must remember that your child is not fully developed. If your behavior is not noticed, it is likely to hurt this little life that has not yet grown.

In addition to these conscious large -scale activities, many pregnant women will also have a conscious behavior of touching their stomachs. Of course, if it is occasionally touching, of course, it does not matter, and it will also promote the feelings of the fetus and the mother, and there is anyPamentate effect is conducive to reducing pain.But if you often touch it, or make your strength without lightness, it will cause contractions. Premature contraction is not good for the fetus, so don’t always rub your stomach. It can be said that it is not easy for us to be during pregnancy.Notice "Knowledge Point".

In addition to those knowledge points that everyone knows in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers accompany their dads to know more about these things in our lives and notice.Be careful in many aspects to make this small life healthy and happy development, but it is not improper!

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