I heard that you can’t swim during pregnancy?0

Recently, a mother consults in the background, can you swim during pregnancy?Actress Tang Yixin once took photos of her swimming during pregnancy on Weibo, and on the hot search. In the photo, she was in excellent condition. She also said: "The favorite exercise during pregnancy is swimming."

In this regard, many netizens are surprised: Can you swim when you are pregnant? He reminds her to pay attention to safety and protect the baby in her belly. Is it safe to swim during pregnancy? What are the precautions?

In the West, swimming is a more popular aerobic exercise, which can not only have the effect of exercise, but also shape the body shape. It is very recommended for pregnant mothers! For pregnant mothers, it mainly has the following functions:

Muscle training: The body can be uniformly supported by the buoyancy of water, and it is not easy to sprain muscles and joints.It can exercise and coordinate most of the muscles of the whole body, effectively exercise pelvic muscles, and play a beneficial role in smooth delivery.

Weight control: If you insist on swimming 800-1000 meters 2 to 3 times a week to consume excess fat, you can effectively control the weight growth of pregnant mothers, avoid excessive fetal fetuses, and help natural delivery and prospective mothers’ health.

Improve sleep: buoyancy can effectively relieve the muscles and nerves of the whole body.After exercise, pregnant mothers sleep can be improved.In a good state of life, you can cope with the physiological and psychological changes brought by pregnancy.

Early pregnancy (1-3 months of pregnancy): If the body allows, it does not exceed 30 minutes each time, and take a few more rests in the middle.Swimming in the morning can relieve the nausea and maintain full energy throughout the day.

In the second trimester (4-7 months of pregnancy): At this time, the fetus gradually stabilizes, and it is the best time to exercise!Pregnant mothers can continue to reduce swimming time, intensity and rest times in the early pregnancy, and adjust themselves according to their physical condition.

In the second trimester (8 ~ 10 months of pregnancy): close to the output, exercise appropriately to prevent accidents!If you want to continue swimming in the later stages of pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor and decide whether to stop swimming according to your physical condition.

If you can continue to swim, breaststroke is particularly suitable for the third trimester.The breaststroke only needs to reverse the arms, which can save effort and alleviate the back tension caused by the increase in the weight of the abdomen.

When the childbirth is approaching at 34 to 35 weeks of pregnancy, no matter whether the mother’s physical condition is good, it is not recommended to continue swimming to prevent accidents.

Precautions for swimming during pregnancy

1) Prepare appropriate items: conjoined swimsuit, non -slip slippers

2) Swimming water temperature should be appropriate: water temperature is best between 28-30 ° C

3) Warm up movement before swimming, relax your neck, arm, knee and other parts

4) Swimming with her husband or the rest of the personnel, choose the flow of people, to prevent accidents

5) You can choose breaststroke and backstroke in swimming posture. Do not dive into the water to avoid excessive impact on the fetus!

Suitable for the rest of the pregnancy!

In addition to swimming during pregnancy, you can also choose to walk, yoga and other exercises.Specific mothers choose the exercise plan that suits them according to the frequency and strength of the exercise.

Walking: It can help pregnant moms digest food, reduce pregnancy and other discomfort, promote blood circulation of the body, and provide sufficient nutrients for the fetus; walking in the third trimester can help expectant mothers give birth smoothly and reduce the pain during production, but pay attention to the strength.

Dumbbell weightlifting: Being able to exercise the power of grip and hands during natural delivery, it is recommended that the dumbbell weight is about 1.8kg/piece.Pregnant mothers can choose the amount of exercise according to their physical tolerance, and it is best to feel hard.

Pregnant women’s health exercise: Pregnant suggestions are recommended under the guidance of professionals, which is conducive to the recovery of expectant mothers’ childbirth and postpartum body. Specific mothers can maintain their relaxed state according to their physical conditions!Pay attention to early pregnancy and not recommended

Yoga: Pregnant women can increase the flexibility of expectant mothers’ crotch and pelvis, and strengthen the physical strength of expectant mothers, soothe the stress of the production of expectant mothers, prepare for the smooth production of expectant mothers, and not recommend it in early pregnancy!

Caiger Movement: This is a pelvic floor muscle strengthening movement. By training this muscle, it can prevent postpartum pelvis and vaginal relaxation, prevent and treat urinary incontinence.This postpartum exercise also has the effect of lifting the abdomen and increased vaginal tightening.

The embryo before 3 months before pregnancy has not yet solidly existed, excessive exercise will lead to abortion, and the fetus has grown a lot after 7 months of pregnancy. Excessive exercise may cause premature birth.For pregnant women, 4 to 7 months of pregnancy are the best exercise period.Early pregnancy: walk slowly, swim properly!

In the middle of pregnancy: swimming, yoga, fitness balls, slow dance, fitness exercises, prohibit jumping sports

Suitable exercise: walk, yoga, proper swimming!

Pregnant mothers must remember that everyone’s physique is different, so you should consult a doctor before exercise!When the following is the following cases, exercise is not recommended!


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