I heard that I couldn’t say everywhere for three months of pregnancy. Do you have such a statement?

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How long did you tell relatives and friends after pregnancy?

Friends said that when I went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound a few days ago, the doctor was determined to be pregnant, but the baby was too young to see anything.When I went to work in the company later, I heard people say that they can’t say everywhere within three months of pregnancy, otherwise the baby will be stingy and prone to accidents.But many people know about pregnancy, and I am really worried that the baby will be stingy.

Well, listen to her, I immediately remembered "Gongxin Ji 2" I watched recently.The princess has been pregnant for many years and has never been pregnant with a half daughter.Later, I was pregnant with a child, and at the time, several people around them knew the news.But it was surprising that after a nightmare, he accidentally fell into bed, and the child who had just came was aborted.Although I know the plot of a TV series, a wave of wakes in the barrage instantly, "You can’t talk nonsense in the first three months of pregnancy, otherwise your baby will be stingy."

In fact, we all know that this is just a folk saying.The reason why many people think that it is best not to say it in the first three months of pregnancy, mainly because in the early pregnancy, the baby has not stabilized in the uterus of the pregnant mother, and the connection between the uterus and the placenta is not very close.It is easy to occur in a threatened abortion or fetal stopping.If you informed the news prematurely, to tell your friends and relatives, if an accident occurs, it will be explained at that time, but it will increase unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, after checking the pregnancy, it is a bit reasonable not to say everywhere.However, if the pregnant mother must continue to work, it is best to inform the two people of pregnancy, which is good for you and your baby.

Colleagues with work contact

After pregnancy, it is still necessary to tell colleagues in the same office, especially team members who are closely linked.After all, there are some things that are not done by pregnant mothers, and you can’t say it.You ca n’t do some heavy work. When you say it, colleagues will understand you and try to take care of you.When the body is discomfort, you can get experience from experienced colleagues, so that you will not be too panic and boring during pregnancy.


In addition to the friends who work together, it is still necessary to inform superiors.Anyone who has an emotional leader will consider your current special situation to decide whether to adjust your job and content to minimize your work pressure and work harmful to the fetus.

How long did you tell relatives and friends after pregnancy?


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