I have compiled some funny stalks between LOL anchors, including PPD, Ma Ma, 55, etc.

This time, let’s talk about the stalk between the anchors.The stalk of the game, in my previous article, can be turned over.

According to my personal preferences, Teacher Ma, Xiaoxiao, PDD, Five -Five and Five -Five Other anchors such as fake A fake monkeys, Sima Yi Miss and so on.There are many professional players, but here it ’s just that this is my personal preference. Those who can become a powerful anchor are people with talents and talents. Everyone has their own preferences and rights and wrong judgments.There is no reason, but the rhythm of scolding dirt is wrong.If you like it, you like your anchor seriously when you have time to learn every day.

1. Teacher Ma

Douyu anchor Sima, the first praying mantis of the national service, once hit the eighth national service, all kinds of nicknames such as the gold medal lecturer Sima, frequent urine horses, and the founder of square jungle. Recently, a spoon -shaped JiaKers.

2. Teacher Ma quotation (noun explanation)

Lippi: It turned out to be your skin, and the skin should be the teacher’s hometown.Generally, it is described as not according to his script, scratching the wildness, and the line is inexplicable.

不: Regardless of whether Teacher Ma has a jungler is a hard hammer when the line is the line, whether or not the jungler is scratched or not, it is generally good. However, the general effect is good.

Scalp numb: hahaha!For example, when you go home and find that you are sold by you, you will be numb.

My black cut: Da Sima played Jess once and then came back to find that he sold the black cut.

The king’s pull/hiccup: Hahahama, the teacher pulls the opposite position is the king’s pull, and sometimes very happy to hit the king, hey, it is very comfortable.

Eh this is very comfortable: proper nouns generally refer to the Big Birds that played Victor and opposite.

He was strong and strong. I brushed him three wolves. He hanged by him. I have my big bird. Hey: When the old horse finds that the opposite side is a bit carry, he will recite a Kiyano poem.

Teacher Ma’s quotations are really too much, let me find a link, hahaha, this picture can be

Basically include, everyone Baidu hahaha!

3. Xu Huang

Originally refers to the meaning of a shot of shot, as a result, Teacher Ma’s accent.Later, there was another classmate named Xu Huang. Every time the teacher played the King of Fighters, he was called the King of Fighters. Sometimes someone brushed in the game and became popular.

4. Frequent horses

According to Teacher Ma, the hand -sweat will affect the operation, and then go to wash the hands every time the old audience will be brushed frequently.

In fact, Mr. Ma’s stalk is basically a mantra. Everyone looks at it.

5. Smile, it is also the title of a pile of named Sun Yalong because his hair is sparsely called bald, bald sauce, and bald. Later

As a result, all the color friends (Deyun color fans) all changed the avatar to operate Deyun Sei renamed Deyun Temple.People recite the last age and retire with Westka (Sa of Sika here) together in Douyu Live. Because the two people cooperate with good comic dialogue, the elder brother often drives, so people call it Deyun color.

Here I want to add. In fact, there are really too many things in the lol. In fact, everyone in the hearts of the group.Drive, double C harvesting, everyone boasts that the double C wow is awesome. If you do n’t drive, you can help the jungle on the big pot.Many stalks are like this, but it makes sense. The game is a game of five people. If it is not opened, it is not necessarily the problem of the people who start a group.The equipment of vision, standing, and double C all determines whether you dare to open it. How can you open it. Sometimes your team lineup determines that you will drive to the opposite C position. Sometimes it will win.The game is still a bit rational. Don’t be too harsh on the players, otherwise the game becomes frustrated, and there is no blood.

6. Steal Society/Copy Ninja Sicica

Because Deyun Club often uses the stalks of other anchors or live broadcast rooms, and there are many stalks of posting bar. The most famous is to detoxify the gambling. What kind of brother will fight for military fist and the like.Lord, so everyone called it Copy Ninja Sicic.

7. Duck Neck Dragon

In June 2010, the shocking "Duck Neck Door" broke out. There was a super friendship between Sun Yalong and her female netizen "smile and smile and smile".separate.When she went to the hospital, she was still eating duck neck. The female netizen broke the news online.

People in Guangzhou often say that they must be recognized by fault, and the content of the matter is basically the same. The content of the matter is basically. This stalk also said when he laughed at the live broadcast. This is the mistake he made by himself.There is nothing to say.

8. Overwhelming Sword Sacred Sun Yalong

This is the case. When a few months ago, he called DNF’s customer service because he arranged a customer service to talk about the promotional video.As a result, the customer service asked if the customer service knew that his sword danced red and smiled, but the black light sword saint, but the customer service did not know, but at the same time, he knew that Wu Wu was open, so he smiled and was called a saint of the air sword.

I have to say that when they were not bald and young, Sun Yalong was still handsome.

9. Li Zhuang Bai Meat (the same incident as the surface brother Lu Benwei)

Lu Benwei and Xiaoxiao were in Douyu. Some time ago, Lu Benwei’s live broadcast room has always been a waters to scold Lu Benwei’s girlfriend Pomelo Pomelo girl.The army’s money was Qihuang, and the company they belonged to them smiled, so the two sides mocked each other on Weibo, and fans scratched each other.Later, he clarified with May 5th. The two sides reconciled. When you talked about eating Li Zhuang’s white meat together during the outlook for e -sports, he smiled and pulled out the last 50 yuan on his body.It means that he really did not fragile five or five. In addition, Li Zhuang’s white meat was described very deliciously, and Sika swallowed madly next to him.

Hahaha didn’t expect this picture hahaha. As a friend, I won’t say it. Everyone is rationally distinguished. No matter who is right and wrong, the e -sports circle is a very good interest.Difficulty, so my black factory manager also respects him, and no one is perfect. Everyone has his own dark side. Even if you are smiling, you can’t be alone. I used to like to fight debate.There are no bad guys in the world, only countless people have to be understood. This sentence is difficult to understand, but it is given to everyone.I hope that five or five will also cheer. He has a lot of black spots, but in fact, he is just an ordinary person. Smile is liked to be liked by so many friends. In fact, he has done something wrong.

10. Anti -Korean middle -aged

This is a show on the 7th and Xiaoxiao. There are many routines. You can see it.They are relatively old and are engaged in Koreans in the Hanbok. There are several issues that are really cheap, hahahahaha

Smiling the stalk pause, first come to Liu Mou, because I suddenly remembered the four PDDs, hahaha!And the previous Nongfu Shanquan incident was related to him, popularized!

11.PDD Liu Mou

Liu Mou, also known as Sao Zhu, was the original IG order. After retiring, he was very fat and fat at the Panda live broadcast. He was completely famous for being a ghost "I am the most savage pig in the League of Legends".

The anchor will really play ghost animals 01: I am the most Sao station B station in the League of Legends.

12. Throw snake door

It is said that when the PDD was in love at the time, he asked his girlfriend to ask for money at hand. The parents of the other party met. The PDD counseled and did not dare to see it. After that, the woman said that she would break up with the PDD and disagree with the woman’s girlfriend.The other party, claiming to be the second generation of the Black, and threw snakes to each other’s house.

There is this matter, but it may be really just a joke. I think the PDD couple’s relationship is still good, hahaha!

13. Nongfu Spring

From the SWL final, the IG of WE and IG won the championship.While IG’s players cheered on the stage, the extreme fans of the on -site WE even threw the mineral water bottle (Nongfu Spring) at the IG team on the stage.

If you win, you will win. If you lose, work hard to win back. This throwing bottle is really wrong.

14. One cannon 4 PDD

This All -Star Game LPL VS LCK PDD played in 2013 to play Shanzak’s pairing SHY. As a result, it was passive by SHY’s Jess Yueta.Essence

Hahahahaha, this is really funny, just the All -Star Game, let’s watch it as a joke hahaha laughed.

15. Fujian grilled mice

This is estimated that it is often seen that he often watched his live broadcast. The stalk of the Fujian roast mouse was pumped 5 dragon blinds one night during the PDD live broadcast.Blind, hahahahaha!

You can try, hahaha!But drawing the skin is equivalent to jumping into the sea!

16. Pippi Shrimp

This seems to also come from Sao Pig’s Sales. What is similar to this?Hahaha!

Finally, I recommend a wave of fat snake legends. The biography of Sao Pig is over. There are a lot of stems of each anchor. Only a few representative and famous are fun!The legend of the fat snake is to open PDD five or five!Smile with a movie adapted.It’s funny hahaha!


This person is really a stalk, and even the name is stalk. The May and Five -Year Plan is the original name of the original royal family named Lu Benwei, because he was interviewed before SKT and said that he was pressed on the ground with Faker Five and Five, so he was rubbed on the ground, soIt’s called Wuwu.Because of ugly, people are called e -sports three ugly White Lu Benwei five or five. The favorite equipment is Lu Benwei’s echo.

Hahaha is really ugly, but it makes sense that his operation is really good. If it is an anchor outside the service player, his operation is definitely there. I see that he really has a level in playing clockwork several times.of.

18. Give aunt for aunt Cabcino

When you see the comments, someone asks this first. When you play the landlord in May 5th, you feel stable with a bomb left, so you can pour coffee to his teammates to remind the teammates to get out of the bomb, and say that if the landlords can go, they can eat a computer when they can go.EssenceAs a result, the landlord’s bomb plus a plane took away the auntie to a cup of Kabcho.

19. Show his brother Lu Benwei

It is the same incident with the Lizhuang white meat incident above. May 5th said that he was just a superficial brother with a smile. Why did you say hahaha here because I want to match pictures!

20. Lu Benwei is awesome

Many people are very strange. Lu Benwei is forced to play H1Z1 from 55 Kaikai. As long as he is killed, he said that he is awesome, but in fact, there is no practical meaning.Everyone knows.

Use this picture to explain that this stalk is the rhythm stalk.

21. Lu Benwei’s deformation meter

This is from a video, Lu Benwei deformation

Hahaha, but the graphic seems to have nothing to do with

22. Lu Benwei shut up

From one time Lu Benwei spent a lot of money, and finally got a lot of money when his girlfriend came in when he was very happy

Did you get it?

Pick up, hehe!

Can I shut up?


This picture comes from a video.

23. Chris closed the door

At the time of the fifth -five and death announcement, the quarrel occurred together when the ranking was ranked. Five and Five Kai announced to the death announcement that there was a skill to cut me to cut me. At that timeThe base is very close to the royal family, so the death announced that he would go to the royal base to fight five or five.

Do you know why you closed the door? Hahaha, there are a lot of deaths, but it is actually a very naive child.

24. Death notes in Black Store Bailang

A lot of praise next to this is introduced. It is probably that one of the four major sprayers of the national service is Black shop Baiye, who took a small book to the people, and hung up when they encountered it.

Hahaha’s four sprayers have stories, I can’t help writing!The live broadcast of the live broadcast after bathing the dog is suspended

25. Bathing dog

In the RANK in a game, Uzi and retired players rolled the double -row RANK frequently left the phrase "No fight, I go to take a bath" in the dual RANK RANK.Let UZI have a large number of players who have a bathing dog, and also ridicule the hanging up

Hahaha was young. In fact, at that time, a group of e -sports teenagers were Internet addictive teenagers. They were well -behaved. Young people had to enter the society without reading any books.In fact, it really has a great impact on their character, and the puppy will be harmed. I hope the e -sports circle can be standardized.And those young players, I hope you want to dream of the most, try to make money, and don’t forget to read more, think about something, don’t be stupidly rhythmic.

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