I have a friend and husband has weak sperm, but his wife is still pregnant

I have a friend’s husband who has weak sperm, but his wife is still pregnant.

The two of them did not quarrel about this. Her husband’s family also humiliated her because of the incident.

But in the end, the parent -child identification, the child in my friend’s stomach turned out to be her husband.

This time my friend did not do it, and left the marriage directly with her husband.


"The results of the appraisal came out, the two of you are the relationship between father and son."

After hearing the results of the appraisal, Zhang Sida stunned in place, couldn’t believe his ears, and took the appraisal in surprise.

"This result is not wrong? This is impossible!"

The doctor opposite rolled his eyes impatiently.

"The identification results will not be a problem. How can the result come out and do not believe it. I want to be wearing a green hat so." After that, he left with his pocket, leaving only Zhang Sida in place.

"How is it possible? I obviously … how is this possible?"

He held the appraisal form tightly in his hand, and watched the line that he knew each word but was very unfamiliar.

"After being identified by our center, confirmed that the two were the relationship between father and son."

Even if the result was written in front of him, he still chatted "How is it possible"

Until he returned home, his belly of his wife carefully asked him how the results of the identification were, and he couldn’t speak.

Just threw the appraisal report on the coffee table and let her go to see it.

Wang Yimei saw her husband’s reaction, even if she confirmed that her child was Zhang Sida, she was a little hesitant.

She held her inner nervousness and opened the identification report. When she saw the result, she couldn’t help it anymore, and started crying loudly.

"Zhang Sida, you are the bastard! Now the parent -child identification is out, you should always believe me!"

"I have been pregnant, and I have said that I only have you as a man, this child must be yours!"

"But you would rather believe that you were wearing a green hat and didn’t want to believe me. Believe in your wife who was suffering with Gan! Now, it’s okay, you should always believe it now!"

"I don’t believe you, it’s my previous inspection. I obviously checked that there were weak sperm and could not have children, so I …"

"I have told you so many times, and the doctor also told you that weak sperm disease does not mean that it cannot be born, but the possibility of fertility is relatively low!"

"You are weak, and your wife finally gets pregnant. Not only is he unhappy, but he also begins to doubt me and slander me with a wild man outside."

"I have paid so much for this family for so many years, can you not see it?! How much grievances I have suffered for this!"

The more Wang Yimei said, the more he felt wronged, and he cried even more. The in -laws who had a rest in the room had come out to see the situation.

"I did a plum, don’t cry. At that time, no one was wronged with you. It was normal to have the suspicion. Now it is found that the seeds of our old Zhang family are very happy. What are you crying?What is wronged. "

The mother -in -law Liu Guihua saw the appraisal report on the table, picked it up to see the identification results, and immediately became happy, and saw Wang Yimei, who was crying and crying, not only did not understand, but also felt that she was blind.

"OK, when the old Zhang family hasn’t treated you at any time, you cry now and let the neighbors hear what it looks like. People think we have you."

Liu Guihua continued to say that she didn’t feel bad about her daughter -in -law, but she was blamed.

The father -in -law Zhang Jianjun saw the result, and then saw Wang Yimei, who was crying, sighed, and turned back to the room with white eyes.

Also left a sentence, "What cry? Fortunately, this is the species of our old Zhang family. If not, you just wait to go to the house!"


"Okay, good, don’t cry first, crying can’t solve the problem, let’s think about what you should do now."

He Huan looked at Wang Yimei, sitting beside him who couldn’t help crying, and comforted it softly.

"Huanhuan, you know me, I absolutely can’t derail. When I was pregnant, I didn’t believe it."

"Because Zhang Sida found that there is weak sperm disease, I don’t expect me to have children in my life."

"But I thought that when they knew that I was pregnant, they could be as happy as me, at least they had the old Zhang family."

"But as a result, they slandered me so much, saying that I was a child who was pregnant with the wild man. I really couldn’t stand it. How could they treat me so much?"

"Yimei, in fact, the situation of your husband, you suddenly found out that you are pregnant, they are a little doubting that they can be understood, right?"

"There is no basic trust between husband and wife. How can you talk about the husband and wife?"

"Besides, you are not me. You don’t know how unpleasant what they said to me at the time. Even if it was found that it was Zhang Sida’s child, they did not feel guilty about what I did before."

Wang Yimei was gradually awake. She knew that this feeling could not understand this feeling except her.

Even if she has known her for so many years, Huan Huan thinks that Zhang Sida’s doubts about her are so affectionate. Then she still expects who can truly understand her?

"Yimei, what are you going to do now?"

"I don’t know, but after this, I can see them clearly. In the eyes of their family, I am always an outsider who is not worthy of trust."

"But you are still pregnant now, no matter how much you can bear it, it is for the sake of the child, and the child will definitely be good."

Wang Yimei felt very ironic when she heard this sentence.Isn’t she a living person who feels alive?

It turns out that in front of children and family, is the feeling and dignity of a woman not worth mentioning?

Can the doubts and insult she had suffered before, can she be sold directly?

She is unwilling!But what can she do?Is it really necessary to let the child have no dad in your life?


"Come here, Yimei, drink soup. I went to the morning market early in the morning and bought the old hens and boiled for three hours.

"Don’t drink mom, I have no appetite."

"You don’t drink, but our old grandson’s grandson is going to drink. If you are hungry, you can’t be hungry, my good grandson, you can drink it quickly."

Wang Yimei looked at Liu Guihua, who was eagerly holding the chicken soup, and only felt the chills of heart.Before she came out, she was unaware of the stinky bitch, and was scolded by their family pointed at her nose.

After she came out, she was still not cared. They only cared about the blood of the Zhang family in her stomach, and she was just a pregnant container. Her feeling was insignificant.

"Okay, I drink."

She was too lazy to compete with Liu Guihua, endured her grievances, and took a sip of chicken soup.But the tears still flowed down, and Liu Guihua saw her crying, but she was angry.

"OK, you drink chicken soup when you drink chicken soup. What are you blindly here? Find out that it is the seed of our old Zhang family. You are still too late to cry here! What does it look like?I have to clean up! "

Since the results came out, none of their family said sorry for her previous wrongdoing, but they all blame her to have grievances and not raising a good child. No matter what she did, she was all her fault.

Wang Yimei forced himself to drink the chicken soup, and went back to the room with his head and slept.She wants to separate herself from the family with a quilt, and does not want to face any words they say.But even such a simple appeal, you can’t do so.

"Wife, where did you put you the newly bought tie last time? Get up and find me. Yes, at night, our company dinner, the leaders all go, I will come back late."

Zhang Sida, like a crowd, instructed Wang Yimei to do this.

Everything before his eyes was reported by the parent -child appraisal report, and the original suspicion and scolding did not happen.

Now they are still loving couples and look forward to the birth of their children together.

"Didn’t you see me sleeping? Find it yourself!"

"Don’t you get pregnant, what’s the big deal, what’s going on to help me find a tie? Why are you so big! Hurry up, wait for the dinner, I have to wear it formal, hurry up and find me to find me.! "

Instead, Wang Yimei saw that he didn’t understand himself, but instead he was fiercely speechless.But she didn’t want to swallow it anymore. Now her stomach is no longer a wild species they doubt, and she seems to have a confidence.

"I tell you, it’s not that I want to sleep, it’s your son who wants to sleep! I won’t get up, look for yourself!"

When Zhang Sida heard her say this, she couldn’t refute it for a while, and could only scold himself to find a tie.

"Look at your pregnancy, just like this today. When the child is born, I think there are any reasons for you!"

Wang Yimei continued to wrap herself in the quilt, listening to her husband’s endless complaints, tears fell off again.

She touched her belly for only two months, and her lower abdomen was still flat, but she seemed to feel that the little life in her belly was beating to comfort herself.

"Baby, what should my mother do? Do moms want to continue to suffer such grievances in this house?"

After the husband left, the room gradually quietly, Wang Yimei still touched her belly, and seemed to want to hear a answer.


"What is this? You tell me clearly! This is the dinner you said with the leader? Why, the dinner gathered on the woman’s bed?"

Wang Yimei was trembling, and her hand was holding a shirt with lipstick. This shirt was faintly exuding a woman’s perfume flavor, which means that it is self -evident.

"It’s not a wife, you listen to me explanation. This is the adventure of playing the truth when we are drinking, so there is a lipstick. It’s not that I take the initiative. This is really a big adventure!"

Zhang Sidam was thinking that Wang Yimei must have fallen asleep late, and she could quickly destroy the evidence while she didn’t pay attention.

But he didn’t expect Wang Yimei to sleep, waiting for him to go home.In this way, I was caught directly, but I could only lies in the panic.

"Big adventure? Then come to tell me, which colleagues of your company? I want to call and ask if there is such a thing! If you can’t say it, just wait for divorce!"

"You dead mother -in -law! Dare to divorce me?"

"Do you know that your child is with my child, if you divorce me, bring a dragging oil bottle, who else dares to ask you!"

Zhang Sida heard that Wang Yimei dared to say such a big thing, and was completely angry, not to mention that she was pregnant now, how could she dare to divorce herself, and it sounded more and more difficult to say.

"Even if I really do it with other women, what can you do? You, let’ s give birth to the child honestly, the child is born, I will never be good! "

"Zhang Sida, you have no conscience!"

"Isn’t the two of us who have been married for so long, am I not good to you? Now I will go out and mess with me as soon as I get pregnant. Are you still a person? By the way, are you because I am pregnant and you forget what you are?"

"You have weak sperm! What should be asking for people now is not me! You may only be the child in my belly in this life"

"If you are not good for me, I tell you, I would rather not want this child, and let your old Zhang family break the grandchildren!"

These words of Wang Yimei poked at Zhang Sida’s weaknesses.

Before that, he never thought that Wang Yimei, who had been docile, would say such a threat to him, and never thought she would have such a fierce idea.

In this way, he was a little panicked.

"Wife, I was wrong. I really played games during the meal this time. So many leaders are there, and I can’t resign. You say yes. Let’s raise a good fetal, don’t think about it."

Wang Yimei looked at Zhang Sida, who had changed his face so fast, and only felt a burst of heart.

They have been married for many years, but they have no children.

She went to the hospital to check Zhang Sida to find that there was weak sperm disease, and her children were difficult, and she confessed her life.I thought it was difficult to have children in this life, but God suddenly opened his eyes and she was pregnant.

When she took this happy husband, looking forward to him is equally happy, but what she waited was endless accusations and abuse.

Not only the husband himself, even the in -laws did not believe that the child was from the old Zhang family.No matter how she justified, but in their mouth, she has become a slut, scam, slut …

After enough accusations and abuse, she performed a parent -child identification under pressure.

Even during this period, the husband’s family still didn’t trust her. They thought that the result was what they thought, all this was just a show.

But after the results came out, they only cared for their children, but no one thought that they owed her an apology …

And her personality was also humiliated by this sudden happy event.


"Zhang Sida, let’s divorce."

"What? Wife, you are not wrong! You are still pregnant, and you have also found out that it is our old Zhang family’s child. I finally have this child. Why do you want to divorce?! "

"I’m serious, even if I am pregnant, I will leave this marriage. Let’s see the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."

"Wife, why did you suddenly say that you want to divorce? I said all of the lipsticks. This lipstick was played by our meals. If you mind so, I won’t be next time. Forgive me this time, I really wrongIt’s! "

"Why don’t you understand? This lipstick is not the main reason!"

"First of all, when I just found out pregnancy, do you remember how you and your parents humiliated me?"

"I was scolded as a bitch at the time, and there were even more difficult things! After that, even if the identification results came out, I was innocent, and none of you came over to tell me sorry!"

"Am I so good in your eyes? Is my feelings worth mentioning so?"

"Today, you still run out of ghosts, I think I dare not!"

"I tell you that you have weakness, I am normal, I will have a few children in the future, and I will not have your last name after divorce!"

Zhang Sida was frightened by Wang Yimei’s fierce and resolute words, and quickly ran over to soothe her.

But Wang Yimei had been irony to divorce. No matter how he asked for an apology, she would no longer change her thoughts.


In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang Yimei, who finished the formalities, was waiting for a car on the side of the road. Zhang Sida gritted her teeth behind her and said, "Even if you divorce, you should not find a good person with a drag bottle."

"Really? That’s also better than your weak sperm. I should tell you that the child will be with my surname!"

After that, Wang Yimei left the car and left.

She didn’t care about Zhang Sida, who was so angry at all. He thought she dared not divorce and did not respect her as a person.

And this time, she finally raised her eyebrows once, her blessing was still behind.

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