I don’t want to be overweight during pregnancy, diet mixing is the key, please see if you are pregnant and thin Dafa

Although society and people are constantly improving, many people still adhere to the concept of eating more.However, modern medicine has proven that the use of too high sugar and excessive meat during pregnancy may cause a certain burden on pregnant women.Many pregnancy hypertrophy, gestational diabetes, and hypertension are caused by these wrong diet.

There has been many years of pregnancy for many years, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it has become a highly respected way of pregnancy.Moreover, after years of practice, this concept has no problem, and the mainland needs to be popularized.If you find it during pregnancy, obstetrics and gynecologists generally tell pregnant women to pay attention to their usual diet, and it is best not to gain too much weight during pregnancy.Today, I will share with you the more comprehensive precautions of diet during pregnancy, and you need to lose weight.

The main point according to time is targeted

This time is the different stages of pregnancy. Generally, the cycle of pregnancy is roughly divided into three stages.The first paragraph is the one to three months of pregnancy. Generally, it is not appropriate to be announced to outsiders during this period.Because the fetus is not stable during this period, eating too messy may affect the health of the fetus.During this period of time, the best control of the weight increase is one tenth of the tenth of the weight. Because the fetus is still in the state of the embryo during this period, the volume will not increase too much, so the weight of weight gain is only in the pregnant woman itself.

The second stage is the second trimester, probably 4-6 months of pregnancy. At this time, the baby’s development of the baby has basically been completed, and the fetus has begun to grow.Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to nutritional supplements, which can increase the calories of about 300 calories compared to early pregnancy to ensure the normal development of the fetus.

So from the 7 months of pregnancy to the final pelvation, this time must be prepared for childbirth.You can appropriately increase the calories of diet, because not only need to provide physical strength for pregnant mothers, but also supplement your baby enough nutrition.

What are the food matching during pregnancy?

High fiber fruits and vegetables

During pregnancy, the proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the overall diet should be appropriately increased, because these high -fiber ingredients can not only provide sufficient energy for pregnant women, but also will not cause obesity.If you are still a pregnant woman who needs to work, you can bring a homemade fruits and vegetables every day. It does not need to be cooked well. Generally, boiled or raw mixing.

Eat less

After pregnancy, of course, you can take some more calories, but you still need to control the overall intake.It is mainly controlled in snacks. You can usually eat some whole wheat bread and biscuits. Try not to choose snacks with too high sugar and some pickled foods.

It is not difficult to get pregnant, as long as you choose the calorie intake according to the time of pregnancy.Pay attention to the usual diet, eat less refined food, and eat more natural ingredients.Because the body of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is easily affected by various factors, thin pregnancy can help avoid some bad phenomena.

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