I didn’t go home for two years abroad, and my wife gave me a big surprise: she was pregnant

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Reader letter:

Muzi Li:

In the countryside, since childhood, my parents have always told me that there is a good life to study well.After reading the university very hard, I found out that it is not easy to find a job like a point and make a lot of money.

At that time, I thought that since the work in front of me is not satisfied with himself, then find a girl who is willing to endure hardship with me and get married first.

My wife’s first Chinese diploma, my hometown is also in the countryside, and I know me in a working city.

After more than a year of love, after we got married, we still lived in a working city.

When we were married for about 3 months, I encountered an opportunity to work abroad: two years out, salary of 30,000 yuan per month, so I was excited and finally paid practical action.

In a blink of an eye, my work abroad has ended. The money I have saved in the past three years is enough to let me buy a house in the city I worked before. However, after returning to China, my wife gave me a big surprise: she was pregnant.

In the face of such a big marriage turbulence, I can only choose to divorce.

My wife had apologized to me for this and was willing to deal with the children in my stomach, but in my cognition: my wife was dirty; more, I separated from foreign countries after marriage, and my relationship with my wife also changed.Faded.Therefore, I did not accept my wife’s apology.

Everything needs to start from scratch. Compared to the first time you get married, I may have more deposits, so that when I choose some things, I have a confidence.

At present, divorce procedures are under processing.

As for my wife’s derailment, my wife also said to me:

She and the other party met at a meal organized by a friend, and the other party divorced the child.At that time, I was not with my wife, and my wife was a little lonely.And because the other party often goes to the door of our rental house, and will help his wife to do something that he can do, so his wife was moved by the other party’s delicate emotions.My wife had the idea of divorcing me several times with me and marrying each other. However, because I was abroad, I couldn’t go through the divorce procedures with my wife, so this matter was temporarily stranded, but because of this, they were broken.connect.

It wasn’t until I reappeared in front of my wife that my wife found that she was actually willing to keep my marriage with me.

However, as an adult, we should all pay for what we do.

Muzi Li Biao’s post -language:

"Mutual" in the field of love: spend more money with money, and pay more emotions without money.However, some people are neither rich nor willing to pay emotions, or they cannot guarantee loyalty to marriage. So why do the other party embarrassed you?

When most people get love, they will weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Whether it is the value, or the character, or the potential of the map, and the family situation, at least, only two people get mutual recognition before they finally get married.

After marriage, our bottom line: loyal to marriage.

In fact, when there is betrayal in the marriage, the party of loyal marriage will definitely be sad and feel sick.Divorce is because derailment is the red line he cannot accept.

As you said, before you marry your wife, you went to work abroad, and because the husband and wife had not seen each other for two years, the relationship would inevitably fade.During this period, the reason why you do not have the idea of divorce may feel that it is not easy to form a family, or you are willing to defend the responsibilities and obligations in marriage.However, with the occurrence of your wife’s conception of other children, forcing you to continue to love without the courage.

Love is actually a belief, and driven by such beliefs, it has formed habits and responsibilities. Once the magnetic field of love is disturbed, it will think about this relationship.

Since your decision is divorce, then the relationship is processed according to the divorce procedure.

There is a kind of love that wants to be beautiful:: Obviously you betrayed me, but you still want to get my forgiveness.

Therefore, in the field of love, less selfishness and greed, ask yourself: Why.

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