I broke up with my ex -boyfriend and found that I was pregnant. Should I be this child?

My ex -boyfriend and I met in 12 years. At that time, it was his mother who asked me to call. So he started to know each other. Soon after he said that he had to do business with 20,000 yuan, and after a few monthsLater, he said that he couldn’t turn around, and asked me to borrow 30,000 to 40,000 to him. Later, I told my girlfriend about this. She suggested that I not lend him, because we just talked on the phone.Together, but because this money did not lend him, he did not call me a whole week. Originally, we did not really be together or have a deep feelings, because I ignored me without borrowing money.So I didn’t intend to be with him, but a week later he called me again that he should not borrow money with me, tell me not to give birth to his anger to say a lot of good words. I do it in the company in the company.The salary was at least about six or seven thousand. He told me to give up my work runway Chengdu with him. After a few days, his mother went to my house and said that his son has not made money by everyone.The money I made is your own. He just had a month of just going to me. After working in Chengdu for half a year, I resigned. I did n’t work for more than a month. Then he took a thousand dollars to buy me food for me.In a few days, I was bought by me and fruits, and the daily necessities were spent, and he asked me how much money left. I said it was finished.It’s not just two of us, there are 6 or 7 meals every day, so buy more dishes.

Because he can care about me because of such a little money, I packed things and went to my friend’s house for two days, but I was considering whether to divide him or not. I still have feelings for him, so I called him, so I calledTo my mother, my mother said that he should change in the future. I still follow my heart and believe he will change.

The small noisy in the middle is constantly, he does not let me and he will not let me. Every time he has to win with me, he is happy. Every time I let him, he is reluctant to spend money for me.It sounds good, but he is very generous to his family and friends. Every time I see him as a friend, I feel very distressed. I wondering when he can treat me as good as a friend, I am satisfied.

Don’t just come here, we have a little dispute again. He called me in front of his brother. I was uncomfortable when I heard it, but I still endured it because it was our two.I don’t want to quarrel with him in front of his brother. When his brother goes back, he tells his wife and his mother. He is strange and bad, and he looks down on me. His father told these words again.My mother, my mother was so angry that I called and told me. I told him this matter.but I do not know,

After a few days, he told his cousin to take the heavy rain to send the key, and then his cousin scolded me ***. I knew that he was angry but told him the matter, and then he called me to roll.So I will scold you to say that you have never cared about you because your own men have never cared about you, so others will not take you seriously and disrespect you. I buy a ticket to go home.

After returning home, he never thought that he also bought a ticket to chase me, but apologized on the phone. On the tenth day when he returned, he sent a message to tell me to break up. I also agreed. After a few days, my menstruation did not have any days.Come, I went to the hospital to check it. I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do. I sent it to him, saying that if I was pregnant, I still do n’t want to say what I think in your own heart.How do you answer,

He immediately called and said that he didn’t want to break up with me, told me to leave this child, I couldn’t bear the baby, we reconciled again. In the sixth month of my pregnancy, I called and he didn’t answer it, and I was angry with him.I did n’t answer a phone call, and he did n’t call me two months after answering it.

In fact, so much is because this man promised a lot in front of me but did not do one. In his heart, I couldn’t compare to his relatives. He did not care about the grievances I suffered.The child who steals life has nothing to do with his son since then. He feels that he should suffer these words that his mother scolds me. In his heart, I have no status.

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