I am very happy to be pregnant, and my nose is very troubled!What about rhinitis during pregnancy?

"In the past, the nose was very good, and there was no rhinitis or something. How to get pregnant after pregnancy, the nose was often congested, the nose was not ventilated, and it was not a big problem, but it was not good to rest well." Said mother Liu Man said helplessly.

After pregnancy, because the fetus needs a lot of nutrients in the body, the body’s physical resistance is poor, and some diseases are particularly prone to occur. The more common diseases are rhinitis.Rhinitis can cause dizziness and headaches in pregnant women. After rhinitis occurs, pregnant women should also treat and care in time.22 % of pregnant women suffer from rhinitis during pregnancy, and nasal congestion will have a significant impact on the patient’s breathing, especially when sleeping is prone to hypoxia, and even causes prenatal eclampsia, which is very unfavorable to the mother and the fetus. On the other hand, some drugs have some drugs.Causes the danger of fetal deformity. Therefore, rhinitis during pregnancy must have a correct understanding and treatment.

When the patient first visits, they should tell them that they may have symptoms of nasal congestion during pregnancy, but this is a common phenomenon and is self -limiting.Proper physical exercise can reduce nasal congestion and help sleep.In addition, adopting a high -headed and low position is also an effective way, which can generally hear the bedside to be 3 ° or 45 °.

Physiological saline nasal flooding can improve the symptoms of rhinitis during pregnancy.The physiological saline can be prepared by itself. Add 5mg of sodium chloride to 0.5L of water. The commercialized device can be used to be more comfortable without fixed rinse.Rinse can get temporary relief, reduce secretions, and remove dry scoop that hinders nasal ventilation.

The devices of some expansion nasal petals used outside the nose or in the nose only generate some local compression discomfort, especially the nasal congestion can try to use it when sleeping.Nasal muscle training may also have a certain effect of increasing nasal gas.

Pregnant women should also do a good job of nose. By the autumn and winter seasons, it is during the period of cold. Pregnant women should try to go to public places as little as possible, and even wear masks even when going out to prevent virus infection.In addition, pay attention to the humidity and ventilation of the indoor air.Prevent a cold, because colds will aggravate the symptoms of rhinitis in pregnant women.For those who are pregnant with allergic diseases, avoid contact with allergens to improve the quality of life of the mother and minimize the use of drugs.

After pregnancy, women must protect their bodies, improve their immune capacity, and enhance their nutrition.Prevent the emergence of various diseases.The body of a pregnant woman is different from normal people. Pregnant women cannot take medicine casually. After some diseases occur, they can only reduce their condition through treatment and care.【Maternal and Child Health Popularization】

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