I am pregnant, do you have these private parts?

Due to progesterone and fetal development, there will be many embarrassing changes in the lower body of the pregnant mother.In addition to responding to emergencies, pregnant mothers also need to read health signals from these changes and take countermeasures.

囧 changed one: Squatting the toilet for half an hour, I can’t come out

Constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy! I do n’t see it if I eat it. It ’s just half an hour squatting. I do n’t come out until my husband’ s shout comes from outside the door: "Wife, I want to go to the toilet,"Open the door.Pregnant mothers do not regard constipation as a minor problem, and it will make you regret for life without paying attention.In the third trimester, constipation will become more and more serious. Often, there are no stools for a few days, and even 1-2 weeks fail to defecate, which will cause pregnant women to abdominal pain and bloating.In severe cases, it can lead to intestinal obstruction and premature birth, which endangers maternal and infant safety.There are two main reasons for the cause of constipation during pregnancy:

1. Constipation caused by physiological changes.

During pregnancy, the gastrointestinal motility and muscle tension of pregnant mothers will weaken. During the digestion of food, food stays in the intestine for a long time, and the water in it is re -absorbed by the cell wall, resulting in constipation.

2. Caused by bad living habits.

Some pregnant mothers have greatly changed during pregnancy. They love to eat heavy flavors and other high -fat fibrous foods. In addition, the exercise during pregnancy is significantly reduced, which will also cause the pregnant mother to have constipation.It becomes worse.


For the prevention of constipation, the most important thing is to arrange diet reasonably, eat more vegetables, fruits and milk, and maintain a relaxed mentality. They are regularly lined up every morning. At the same time, appropriately increase the exercise of pregnant mothers and generally perform 45 minutes of exercise after breakfast.

囧 Change: Is the panties blood? Auntie is here?

Within 12 weeks of pregnancy to July of pregnancy, the vagina of the pregnant mother may have bleeding. Do n’t think that the “big aunt” is here again! Pants have blood to need pregnant mothers based on the color of bleeding.The size of the quantity and the accompanying symptoms are judged to judge the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

1. If bleeding is only once or twice, the pregnant mother should consider whether there is a sexual life in the near future and whether there are external factors leading to bleeding.If bleeding is repeated and accompanied by pain, it may be the cause of cervical erosion, and severe cases may also be a threatened premature birth and ectopic pregnancy.

2. If the color of the bleeding is pink, it means that this bleeding is a small amount and it does not have a lot of impact on the mother’s fetus.If the color of the bleeding is brown, as the menstrual starts or at the end of the bleeding, it means that it is an old bleeding, and the doctor should be informed and found the cause.If the blood flowing from the vagina is bright red, then the pregnant mothers should be a first -level alert. This is a precursor to the fetus abnormal, and the pregnant mother should seek medical treatment immediately.


Because the bleeding place is relatively private, the pregnant mother can only pay attention to it by themselves. Once the problem is found, contact the doctor to check in time. At the same time, ensure a good mentality, ensure adequate rest, and face all problems with a good attitude.

囧 Change III: The secretion is always wet to add pants

Starting in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the secretions of pregnant mothers will change significantly.During this period, pregnant mothers often find it difficult to speak, and it is not clear whether these changes are normal.Normally, the secretions of pregnant mothers after pregnancy will increase, and the water will increase and the viscosity will be increased.

This change that causes the secretion is the credit of the progesterone in the pregnant mother.The increased metabolism of pregnant mothers will also be more active, resulting in increased secretions; and in the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s body will be prepared for the baby’s birth, and the vaginal secretion will increase.


1. The use of pads is more hygienic.

When the secretion increases and the pregnant mother’s inconvenience is increasing, the pregnant mother can choose a pad with absorption to ensure that the genitals are dry.However, since the use of pads is not breathable enough, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the time of use, and are diligent in replacement to avoid infection.

2. Diligent in cleaning.

The skin of the pregnant mother was originally a sensitive side during pregnancy, especially the pussy, and more carefully cares.Pregnant mothers can clean them with warm water every day to avoid using soap and women’s cleaning solution, so as not to eliminate probiotics for the cause of the genitals, but reduce the resistance of pregnant mothers.

3. Carefully judge abnormalities.

When the pregnant mother finds that the color of her secretion becomes thick yellow, and it is accompanied by itching, pain, etc., it is likely that the genitals have already infected vaginitis.At this time, the pregnant mother must have the hospital for secretion examination, and choose the treatment plan according to the doctor’s suggestion.

囧 Four: Sorry, I urinate if I can’t hold back!

Frequent urination is also one of the most common problems during pregnancy. It is manifested as a frequent visitor to the toilet. It reports N times a day, especially after entering the pelvis in the second trimester, it often feels urgent.It doesn’t matter if you frequently urine. You can run a few more times, but the urinary incontinence is big! This is not the fault of the pregnant mother, or because the urinary and pelvic support organs are constantly being squeezed by the baby in the uterus and the length of the urethra is increased, so that the pregnant mothers make the pregnant mothers.It’s even harder to urinate.

Therefore, frequent urination is also one of the murderers of acute cystitis.Pregnant mothers may cause the vulva abrasion due to frequent wiping from the paper towels, and the pregnant mother who has decreased immunity itself is shot.


1. Control the intake of moisture.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need more water supplement, but it is not appropriate.Especially at night, frequent urination can also cause insomnia for pregnant mothers. Therefore, each pregnant mother should pay attention to controlling the intake of moisture at night and appropriately reduce the symptoms of frequent urination.

2. Make warmth of the lower body.

When the pregnant mother’s body is in a low temperature, the bladder muscles will shrink due to stimulation, which is more likely to cause frequent urination.Therefore, pregnant mothers should also look at the weather in clothes, and do not lose health for beauty.

3. It is not shameful to use adult diapers.

For many pregnant mothers who insist on work, the biggest effect of adult diaper is here.Working hours or work business negotiations, etc., have to help the diapers.

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