I am pregnant, can these things do?Look at what Sister Ma says

Pregnancy is a big change for pregnant mothers. The most obvious thing is that the belly becomes larger. Furthermore is the change in daily life. For example, there are many "inexplicable" restrictions…. …

Some pregnant mothers have doubts. Is these things really ca n’t do it?Sister Ma received a pregnant mother in the background to consult "Can you make makeup after pregnancy", "Can you travel after pregnancy" and "Can you raise a cat after pregnancy" and other issues. Today we will talk about it.Can I make makeup after pregnancy?

Modern women also require beauty, especially in workplace pregnant mothers. They can’t escape the part of makeup on some important occasions or in scenes. Can pregnancy make makeup?Sister Ma believes that pregnancy can be light makeup, but the material of makeup should be particular. Natural and safe cosmetics are the right choice.In addition, it should be noted that do not use adding white makeup products, which may contain a harmful substance such as lead. A series of makeup products with wrinkled properties are not recommended. It will also contain harmful substances. Remember.These two types of makeup products must not be touched.If there is no special situation, it is better to face the face.In addition to makeup, skin care is also a matter of caremates.For skin care, two points need to be paid special attention to. The first is sun protection. Sun protection can prevent a lot of pigmentation or pigmentation during pregnancy. The second is moisturizing.Moisturizing water is crucial.Can I still travel after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers can allow short -distance travel without some risks, but before traveling, they need to determine whether there is a special situation with the doctor of the checkup and understand what is worth noting.The following precautions during these travels are that Sister Ma particularly told everyone:

① Pregnant mothers may take planes, trains or cars when choosing the transportation they are riding. No matter which means of transportation, it may occur in the condition of deep venous thrombosis due to long -term sedentary.At this time, pregnant mothers may wish to prepare thrombosis in advance.

② To ensure that you can add meals and drinking water, you may encounter a variety of conditions during the journey, such as the airplane late and traffic jam on the road. At this timeA series of problems with urinary system infection.

③ It is not recommended to choose a popular tourist attraction. The air flow is not good in the place where there are many places.Can I still raise cats after pregnancy?

It has always been controversial whether it can be raised after pregnancy.In the concept of the older generation, pregnancy cannot be raised. The bow -shaped worm on the cat will have a great impact on the baby’s baby, but the younger generation does not think so, and it is too cruel to separate from the cats.The two generations did not hesitate.Sister Ma believes that in these circumstances, cats can be raised: if there are always cats before pregnancy, and there are time to drive cats and cats for cats and cats; the other half of her own half takes the initiative to take care of cats and cats.Responsible for cleaning the feces; cats are raised at home and are not allowed to go out; feed cats or cat food, and can not be fed for food.To meet the above conditions, raising cats is not a problem.In addition, for safety reasons, pregnant mothers should remember to have a physical examination for bow -shaped worms for them and cats.

In short, there are many things that can be done during pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers complain that even if they can do it, they will be stopped by the family. If there is such an idea, the pregnant mother may wish to think about it.Due to care and thinking about you, at this time, communication is very important!

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