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We are all dreamers.

The dream of a journalist is to record the pace of this great era with his own pen and lens, record the dream chasing story of ordinary people, from the recovery of the "empty nest village" of the mountains to the ecological changes of the landscape and forestry, from the university of a rare sick teenager.Mengyuan to the star sea of Shenzhou Aerospace …

The "I am on the spot" column under the title "We are all dream -chasing people", gathered the story of chasing dreams recorded by Xinhua News Agency reporters.These stories are about the constant footsteps of dream chaser, and the "Chinese dream" is a new era in reality.

One morning in September 2010, Deng Dinglan, the wife of Wu Nianyou, a villager of Shangbao Village, Shangbao Township, Chongyi County, Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province, gave birth to the daughter of the fourth egg in the county hospital.Essence

The news of the four twins attracted me.It is necessary to know that the probability of homogeneous twins that are naturally conceived about 15 millionth, and the probability of the same sex is lower -this is indeed a great news.However, during the 12 years, I went to the mountainous area of Gannan to interview this special family 6 times, and I found that I recorded not only the video story of a rural couple raised four children.This story reflects the continuous rising and moving forward in the historical process of China’s poor people in the historical process of poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation.

Photo by Wu Nian ’s husband and wife and the daughter of the four -born daughter: The picture above is the adobe room in the home on September 14, 2011;The picture on the left is the three -story small building under construction at home on September 7, 2017; the picture below is the new home living room on September 10, 2020.

This is the Fort Terrace taken on June 19, 2022.

Shangbao Village is a small village in the mountainous area of Gannan. The Shangbao terraces, one of the "three major terraces in China", are a business card here. It is also a historical testimony for the Hakkas to survive and develop in the natural environment for a long time.Although fame outside, because of inconvenient transportation and limited reception capacity, the tourism industry here is not developed.People maintain their livelihoods with terraces and work. Wu Nian has a typical peasant family here.

Wu Nianyou was taking care of the twins for more than a month (taken on October 29, 2010).

For this family, which had an annual annual income of not more than 2,300 yuan at that time, the birth of the four twins was surprising and a heavy burden of being accompanied by each other.

"Their arrival is like dreaming." Wu Nian named the children: Wu Mengting, Wu Mengling, Wu Mengyun, and Wu Mengqin.But when the "Four Dreams" really came home, he was worried."My wife and I used to work in Guangdong before. With a child, I couldn’t go. There were only 3 acres of fields in the family and no other income.

Deng Dinglan (below) carried the child to the valley at the door of the house (taken on September 14, 2011).

Wu Nian has the brewing milk for the four twins (taken on September 14, 2011).

When the four children were sleeping, Wu Nian took the time to the field to collect rice (taken on September 14, 2011).

The four children are premature infants.When the third child was born, there were only two pounds when they were born. The boss was suspected of being congenital spine spine, and the cost of surgery was more than 100,000.Moreover, as long as one child is sick, the other three will be sick.

Although he had discussed with his family to take away two of them to foster others, but looking at the children when they were happy when they took a bath in the bathtub, Wu Nian still did not bear it.

There is only one bathtub at home, and the little guys have to wash.As soon as they entered the bath, they patted their hands and laughed. This was also the happiest time Wu Nian had (taken on September 14, 2011).

Speaking of the hardships of life, Deng Guanglong, the grandmother of the fourth twins, couldn’t help crying (Photo taken on September 14, 2011).

The difficult living situation of a big family also diluted the surprise when I saw the four little guys at first glance.As a reporter, I can give them the best help, perhaps the original record of their lives.

As an important family portrait picture in the picture story, it is not easy for the four babies who are less than the age of age to appear in the camera at the same time.The boss laughed, the second child was in trouble, the third child was happy, the fourth child slept, and wanted to take a good group photo. He could only coax and wait.In the end, I asked the couple to pick up the children and sit in front of their own adobe houses to complete the shooting.

After taking this photo, I had a farewell to Wu Nian and set foot on the way home.On the way, my heart was full of embarrassment: the arrival of the four twins made this family that was originally poverty had a heavy burden. In the future, what will the fate of the fourth twins?What will happen to Wu Nianyou and Dun Danlan?

Wu Nian has a couple and their four daughters (taken on September 14, 2011).

On the eve of Children’s Day in 2016, after 5 years, he took me back to the family in this deep mountain.

Passing through the small stone bridge, after several acres of rice fields, along the rocky soil road, I saw the small courtyard of Wu Nian’s family.Seeing the same clothes in front of the house, I knew that all the four children had grown up. When I walked into the house, I was surprised: the wall was covered with the children’s awards.

Four sisters show their awards at home (taken on May 25, 2016).

Sitting down and chatting slowly, I learned that in the poverty alleviation, Wu Nian had a family listed as a poor household in the establishment of a file. The local government provided public welfare positions for the couple and applied for a subsistence allowance for the four sisters.The couple got up early and worked as far as they were in the nearby construction site.

I noticed that Wu Nianyou’s yard was built with fish ponds and chicken houses, and several grapes were planted by the fish pond.Fish farming, chicken, and stabbing grapes are all promoting industries for local precision poverty alleviation policies.

What makes the couple most happy is that 4 children grow up healthy.The most worried boss Wu Mengting at the time passed the further inspection to confirm that the congenital spine crack was not serious and his body was not affected.Thanks to the health poverty alleviation policy, the reimbursement ratio of the four -birth medical expenditure reached more than 90%.

The four sisters entered the kindergarten in the township, and the principal only collected the tuition of the two.The Children’s Day "Children’s Day is coming, and the kindergarten is organizing children’s rehearsal programs. The director also specially arranged a fashion show program for the four sisters.The four sisters wearing skirts are like four small yellow flowers blooming in the sun.

Four sisters performed programs in kindergartens (taken on May 25, 2016).

Four sisters play in kindergarten (taken on May 25, 2016).

Four sisters sitting at the door of the adobe room at home and painting (taken on May 25, 2016).

After school, the children took the brushes I brought and painted at the door of the adobe room.

The eclectic rooms where the four -birth home lived in the past was overwhelmed, and there were many cracks in the wall. As soon as it was windy and rainy days, the family was frightened.Wu Nian told me that the local government promoted the rural dilapidated house reconstruction policy. He would do some mud water workers and also prepared to build a new house on the homestead.For Deng Dinglan, she cares more about her daughter’s education.In her opinion, reading is the best channel to go out of this mountain.

When Deng Dinglan was a kid, because of his poor family, he could only afford his brother to study alone. Deng Dinglan and his sister had to drop out of school as soon as he finished his elementary school. After farming in the field, he went to work in Guangdong in Guangdong.Go back to the mountains and get married.

The footsteps of the times keep moving forward, and Deng Dinglan’s life situation will not be reproduced on her four daughters.The statistical monitoring report of the "Chinese Women’s Development Outline (2011-2020)" shows that the net enrollment rate of school -age girls in elementary schools has been maintained at more than 99.9%since 2015.

In poverty alleviation, the government implements all the full funding of the whole process of students from poverty -stricken families from the establishment of files to stand to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty.In 2017, the fourth sisters went to the first grade of elementary school."They must be different from myself in their lives." Deng Dinglan told me that she was convinced that daughters would continue to study and go to college in the future.

Four sisters set off to school, behind the three -story small building under construction (taken on September 7, 2017).

In September 2020, through the small stone bridge, after several acres of rice fields, the gravel soil road has become a cement road. I came to this familiar small courtyard. A three -story building was built by the original adobe room.

Wu Nian welcomed me into the door and enthusiastically introduced the layout of my home. The fourth sisters finally had their own rooms and desks, and they no longer had to lie on the bed to do homework.I noticed that a "Glory Certificate of Poverty Alleviation" was affixed to the wall of the new parking room: On January 1, 2019, the Four Bives withdrew from the ranks of poor households.

The ten -year -old fourth twin sisters are no longer so thin, and they all go to the central elementary school in the township.Like other children, they love snacks, make trouble, and complain about their homework.The sisters are divided into two classes. Although sometimes they choose different clothes to school, the teacher often calls their names.

The fourth sisters walked on their way home from school. In the distance, the adobe houses and a new three -story building (taken on September 10, 2020) in the family (photo taken on September 10, 2020).

Four sisters read in school classrooms (taken on September 10, 2020).

Wu Nianyou learned to excavators. While breeding farming, he would also go to the construction site to pick up and work. The village also asked him and his wife to be the forest guard and cleaners in the village.

In recent years, the county has vigorously developed the tourism industry, and the road to the mountains has also widened. More and more tourists came to the castle field. Wu Nianyou intends to change the third floor of the house to build a homestay to receive tourists.

Wu Nianyou maintained the excavator in front of his house (taken on September 10, 2020).

Four sisters feed the chickens and ducks raised by the courtyard at home (taken on September 10, 2020).

The candle of the birthday cake is lit, and the candlelight is reflected in the 4 princess -shaped little girls.In front of the cake, the four little girls who were almost the same in the same way shouted "we are ten years old."At this moment, I have been entangled with my concerns for many years, and it has disappeared instantly.

"Efforts to work hard, improve life, and educate children well. They grow up to become my greatest dream." Some "Blessing" Wu Nian had a light in his eyes.

Four sisters blowing candles in the new home for a birthday (taken on September 10, 2020).

In 2022, the Chongyi Fort Terrace of Jiangxi Province was selected into the World Irrigation Engineering Heritage List.In this small farmhouse surrounded by Daitian, Wu Nian had the couple and the children into my framing frame again, and I took a family portrait for the family again.

In the photo, everyone laughed so brightly, and the moment seemed to cross time and space at this moment.Twelve years ago, the four small dreams were sown in this mountain, taking root, germination, worked hard, and gradually blooming …

Wu Nian has a photo of the husband and wife and the daughter of the fourth sixth.

Planning: Zheng Wei, Fei Maohua

Coordinating: Zhou Daqing, Liu Jinhai

Reporter: Vientiane

Edit: Huang Xiaoyong, Lu Yan, Cai Xiangxin, Cheng Tingting

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