I always feel that milk is not enough after giving birth?Distinguish the three major illusions, do the three things, and the milk is rolling!

After giving birth, one of the most worrying things is that what should I do if the milk is not enough for the baby to eat?In fact, after women have children, they may not be as brave and careless as before, always worrying about their babies.Among them, the baby’s ration problem is one of the most worried issues of mothers.Therefore, some maternal will have the illusion of lack of milk, which may have a lot of concern to your overly worry.

Worried about whether there is any milk, starting from the first contact with the child and the mother.After giving birth, in the face of the baby’s crying, I always want to soothe by feeding, especially novice parents, I do n’t know how to deal with the baby ’s crying, what I can think of most is to feed the baby.However, almost all of them have had milk after giving birth to a child, and even the baby can’t suck milk. This is normal.However, the mother will think that she may have no milk, and then the milk is not enough for the baby to eat.

In the imagination of many people, children should be quiet after eating milk, because the meal is full, and at this time, they should be obedient.The two parents are still very high about this expectation. I feel that the baby should not cry before feeding after breastfeeding.Is this really the case?The situation of each child is different. Just after eating milk, you must not cry?Can’t you cry after a while?These are children’s needs or baby emotions?It is necessary to observe more with the relationship with milk.

There are always a few people who have children around.Especially now the Internet of the Internet is developed.Even if you do n’t know a life baby around you, you can always find a group of women who have children like you under the recommendation of the public account of this community.The longest topic of women is milk together. When you see other people’s milk, you can’t finish drinking, and he may feel that his baby’s milk is not enough.

So how can you make your milk enough to eat your baby?First of all, Baoma should avoid the illusion that she feels insufficient in her milk. Don’t always feel that your milk is not enough. This is a psychological suggestion. Sometimes psychological suggestions really work.

The second is to do 3 simple things.Although the three things are simple, not everyone knows and can persist. Many people make mistakes at the beginning, so it has not been milk, it is normal.

1. Sleep sufficient sleep

When it comes to sufficient sleep, many mothers may jump up.If you have a child to let me sleep enough in the future, this is simply something that can’t be done.Of course, after having a child, I also imagine that it is almost impossible to sleep the same before pregnancy, especially the mothers of breast milk.Then keep sleeping sufficient sleep.For example, when you do n’t sleep with the old centimeter, when you need to feed your baby at night, let him feed, coax sleep, change diapers, etc. to get sleep time.At the same time, you can find someone to share your own housework and take time to make up for sleep.

2. Arrange your daily diet

For women, whether to eat well after giving birth, it is directly related to your postpartum body recovery and milk.Some people think that they want to drink pork trotters soup. The old hen soup can be more with milk.In fact, the most in the soup is fat, and there are very few nutrients. When you drink too much, you are "long."And I feel that drinking more milk is mainly because I consume moisture.The most breast milk is water, drink plenty of water, and milk can be more.

The second is to arrange daily diet.Stable categories: 250g to about 300g; 500g of vegetables; 220g of fish and poultry, eggs, eggs such as 400ml; soybeans are about 25g; nuts of about 10g, appropriate salt, appropriate oil, although simple, complete, and the easiest to be being easily subject toBody absorption.

3. Don’t raise milk

If you want your own milk less, you can raise your milk. If you don’t want to, you must not raise your milk.Because the increase in milk is a signal for the brain, you don’t need so milk, so in the process of raising the milk, the body will produce a hormone that suppress milk secretion, so that the milk will be smaller.

Do you have such a situation? At the time of time, you have to suck milk, but you delay time because of other times?Don’t have this behavior. If you have milk, if your baby does not eat, you should also suck it with a breast pump.This can ensure the secretion of prolactin quantity.

In fact, insisting on these three things, milk will naturally come.Therefore, after production, we must do these three things.Some mothers may start chasing milk when they are about 3 to 4 months after delivery, and they will be too late at this time.Because the model of milk supply is basically a relatively stable model in about 6 weeks after delivery. If you want more milk, do these three things first, and then help through some small skills.

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