I always feel cold after pregnancy, why is this?Many pregnant mothers are unclear, come and see right

Guide: The pregnant woman always feels cold after pregnancy. There are many reasons in it. We need to analyze the specific situation. After pregnancy, the cold is also different due to the different physique of the pregnant woman.

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I always feel cold after pregnancy, why is this?We analyze and answer this question from the following points.First, when the cold after pregnancy is generally occurred during the second period of time. What is the effect of pregnant women feel cold? What should be paid attention to in the early pregnancy?

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First, after pregnancy, I always feel that when I take it in the early days of my pregnancy, I feel cold. At that time, it was winter again. I desperately added clothes to my body. Even if I returned home, I opened the air conditioner to heat up.I consulted a sister who had given birth to a child. She said that I had no circumstances at the time. I was scared and went to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor said that it was normal to feel cold in the early stages of pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, fertilized eggs were bed, becoming a gestational sac, growing fetal buds, and slowly forming tissues, growing organs, etc. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is a process of pregnant women’s body adapting to the fetus.Reaction, physical weakness, no appetite, you will feel cold.It’s just that because the physique of pregnant women is different, some people are relatively sensitive and have a relatively poor physique. Some pregnant women may not have this situation.

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Second, pregnant women feel that cold will affect the above pregnancy and feel that it will be better when this stage is cold, and it will not have any impact.We also have to consider other situations that cause pregnant women to feel cold.For example: 1, anemia for pregnant women with anemia will affect the transportation and absorption of fetal nutrition. Personally, it is recommended that if pregnant women feel that it is best to go to the hospital for examination, see what is the reason for themselves, and timely treatment should be treated in time.Pregnant women must follow the doctor’s advice. Take me as an example. I have some anemia in the late pregnancy. I want to add red sugar water and eat anthurra cake by eating red dates. The doctor said that it is best not to eat the so -called so -called blood.The scientific test has reached that red dates, brown sugar, and anthurium cakes do not replenish blood, especially the iron in red dates and brown sugar is very small, and it is not easy to be absorbed. In addition to this trace iron, some of them are sugar.Sugar is easy to cause gestational diabetes in pregnant women.2. Low immunity or resistance. If the pregnant woman’s immunity or resistance is low, I personally recommend paying more information to avoid excessive fatigue. If you feel cold, wear more. According to my personal experience, you will create it in the early stages of pregnancy.The immunity is low, but pregnant women do not have to worry too much, replenish nutrition in real time, achieve nutritional balance, and maintain a good mentality.The mother who has Mengbao knows that the immunity or low resistance in the early stages of pregnancy generally does not affect the fetus. At this time, the fetus does not need nutrition, and pregnant women can relax.

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Third, you need to pay attention to what early pregnancy is a process of running in the fetus and the mother body. After running, the fetus will grow healthily, and the poor running in it may cause miscarriage.I took a two -month class for two months in the early pregnancy.There is no need for supplementation in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is still developing, and it is not necessary to nutrition. Too many supplements will only increase the weight of pregnant women.Eat more soybean foods in the early pregnancy. Soy beans contain plant estrogen. This hormone can regulate estrogen in both directions. Maternal estrogen secretion can be reduced, less secretion can increase.Very important.Compared with soymilk, tofu and dried tofu have higher nutritional value.

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Important tips: I always feel cold after pregnancy. Personal suggestions should go to the hospital for examination to ensure that pregnant women are physical condition.After pregnancy, I feel that cold occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. After the early pregnancy, I just have to eat more soy foods in the early pregnancy.Today’s topic: What reactions do you react in the early stages of pregnancy?Welcome to share.

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