I always dream during pregnancy. During the period, do I dream of the fetal sex accurate?

It was almost the due date. Now, Xun Dongdong listened to her mother that she was very painful when a woman gave birth to a child.If she is not going well, she may lie in the operating room for six or seven hours.After listening, Xun Dongdong began to feel uneasy.In the evening, I had a dream.I dream of a big snake.The cold sweat after waking up in the morning is not dry.Later, Xun Dongdong told his dream.After hearing it, she said, "Ah!"!This is the rhythm of having a son."I thought she just talked casually, and Xun Dongdong didn’t take it to heart. As a result, a few days later, she really gave birth to a son. Is it really accurate to dream of the sex of the fetus?"

In fact, the folk is said to have a story about birth dreams.The older generation shared with me.She told me that if she dreamed of during pregnancy, she dreamed of some fierce animals such as dragons, snakes, and so on.The baby boy in the belly.If you dream of butterflies, there are girls in your belly.These are the experiences summarized by the predecessors and have no scientific evidence, so it is difficult to say that there is a connection between the fetus and the gender of the fetus.

What kind of fetal dreams do mothers have?Is it true?

@: One day before giving birth, I dreamed of an old lady.I still remember very clearly.She held blue clothes with her left hand and pink shoes with her right hand.She asked me which one I wanted.I can only choose the same one.I chose shoes.As a result, she gave birth to a daughter.What if the blue clothes she chose at the time was her son?This should also be regarded as the dream of the fetus, right?

@小: My dream is a bit procrastinating.I heard that one dragon is going to have a boy.Later, one night, I dreamed of two dragons and hovered on my roof, thinking that I would have a twin.The result was a daughter, and the fetal dream was still unreliable.

@: When I was pregnant, I did not dream.When I woke up, many of them would forget.But I clearly remember that I dreamed that a child was sitting on the ground.In the first half of my life, the child was still braid.Later, the small braids disappeared and became a boy, which was confusing.In the end, I had a daughter, but I don’t know what dream meant.

After reading the sharing of these Baoma, I believe you will understand that the content of the fetus is not completely correct with the content of the fetus’s dream, so we don’t believe in the content of dreams too much, don’t let it go.

Why is there a dream of fetal dreams during pregnancy?

The changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy have increased, and pregnant women are more sensitive and anxious.If they are often in a state of nervousness and anxiety, they will dream more frequently at night and often dream of things that make them scared.

In addition, we will become sleepy after pregnancy.According to the survey, under normal circumstances, we have 20%-25%of time dreaming, and after pregnancy, the time will be longer.

So when our dreams are getting longer and longer, the content of our memory will change.Some pregnant women use the content of our memory as the gender information of the fetus.In fact, most of the time, these dreams are meaningless, just like our dream before pregnancy.It is recommended that pregnant women don’t care so much. Boys and girls are good, they are all their own treasures.

How to sleep well during pregnancy?

After women are pregnant, some people will insomnia, dreams, and sleep well.If this state is maintained for a long time, it will definitely affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, if you want to sleep well during pregnancy, you can refer to the following suggestions:

1. Drink less water before going to bed

As the month increases, the uterus will be squeezed into the bladder, so we will find that the number of times to go to the toilet during pregnancy has also increased.At the same time, it is important to replenish hydration after pregnancy, but it is also necessary to pay attention to time.From night to sleeping time, we should reduce the amount of water drinking and avoid waking up and running to the toilet at night.

2. Select pajamas

Try to wear easy -to -vent on clothes when you sleep. Even if you sweat, you will not feel sticky and uncomfortable.Try to avoid using electrostatic bedding, sweaters, etc. in winter.

3. Your sleeping posture is important

It is generally recommended that comfortable sleeping positions are the left position. Pregnant women can fall asleep like this and lay more comfortably.In addition, sleep on the left can improve the right rotation of the uterus, improve the blood circulation in our body, and be more conducive to the development of the fetus.

In fact, dreaming is a very common thing, just because we have a special dream time, so so many people care about the dream of the fetus.In fact, we only need to look at it with our usual heart, less anxiety, less such dreams.Remember to keep a happy mood

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