I accidentally took medicine before pregnancy, so swollen!

In the early pregnancy, that is, from the first day of the last day of the last menstrual period, the quasi -mother did not know that the medicine was used for pregnancy. The impact on the baby only had two results. One was that the child had a problem.Abortion, one is that the baby grows up normally.

Because before 4 weeks of pregnancy, sperm and eggs have just been combined into fertilized eggs, and simple cell divisions have been performed, but the number of same cells has increased, and tissues and organs have not yet been differentiated.Embryo and uterine connection are not particularly close, and the drug has a very weak influence on the embryo.Therefore, organs will not be formed, and you don’t worry about having a malformation baby.In addition, the embryo has the function of self -correction during the division of the cells. If the cells are split smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthily. If the cell division is not smooth, the baby will be eliminated naturally.

After 28 days of pregnancy, 3 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers should be very careful, because the embryo began to enter the stage of organ differentiation. In this sensitive period, taking medicine may cause fetal malformations.

Different organs have different sensitive periods: the sensitive period of heart development, it is generally believed that on the 25th-45th day after conception (the last day of the second menstruation), during this period of the pregnant woman, the drug may affect the normal development of the fetus;The sensitive period of fetal limb development is generally 24-46 days after conception; the development of the central nervous system runs through the entire fetal period, and it has an impact after birth.

To put it simply, whether the baby can stay, and the time to take medicine is very important. It depends on whether it happens to the sensitive period of drug tears.Do not hear that taking medicine will cause fetal deformity. For the sake of insurance, you claim to kill your child. What may be killed is a healthy child, and it has an impact on your body.Wandering.

If you have taken medicine within 28 days after the last menstruation, the child has no miscarriage, and you can consider keeping your baby in accordance with the theory of "all or no".We can see if there are "use cautious use" and "pregnant women avoid taking" the drug instructions, and consult a doctor in detail

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