Husband and aunt bullied the pregnant daughter -in -law, my mother -in -law did this too angry#老 老

What’s wrong with my aunt?You will not be happy to cook for your cooking so much.No little girl, my husband, my waist is very painful today, or you can cook today, I do n’t do how tired it was last day, and I really did n’t let you do it at home.Is it so difficult to make a meal?

I thought that when my mother was pregnant with me, I went to the ground to do farm work. I would like to wait for my daughter to get pregnant when I was pregnant, right?

It’s really true that my mother is. I will definitely not be as confusing as her in the future. Don’t wait for it. Girls will teach her now and let her learn it well. The son went to the kitchen to take the two bags of rice.

What a big mother, how big it is, and give me a bag without heavy.Girl, let you teach my daughter -in -law to be pregnant today.Rest assured Mom, today, or taught him this kind of energy, I won’t thanks this bag of rice. Let’s drag the floor first, and then cook.Good mother, come first.You didn’t say that you want to eat corn crisp last time. I specially bought you some light card replacement meal high, with about 145 yuan.You can eat and eat.Its ingredients are the particularly simple corn flour. It tastes hard, and it is crispy and crispy.

Daughter -in -law, this corn is crispy and crispy, and the light card replace meals is high, with about 145 yuan.It is made of very simple corn flour. When you open it, you can smell the thick corn fragrance. It tastes hard and crispy.You can choose to make you choose. After adding water, you can also soak the smooth and smooth corn porridge, which is especially suitable for the management period and sugar -controlled people.

I dug another new treasure in the management period, that is, this fragrant crispy corn biscuit, and it is okay to eat and eat.Its ingredients are the particularly simple corn flour. The key does not add white sugar. It tastes hard, and the crispy mouth is full of fragrance of corn.After the water, you can also soak the smooth and silky corn porridge, which is especially suitable for management and sugar control.You have to like to eat. In the future, I will buy you more, and both of us are exhausted.

Light card replacement meal is full, then you also ask me to 9.9 yuan about 145 three three dishes. Mom I know wrong. I didn’t expect to be so tired of pregnancy. You can’t stand it.But my daughter -in -law was pregnant for 10 months. After 10 months, she had to face the pain of seven layers of cesarean section on the bone. When the child was born, you just have one child called Dad, and you just have one nephew.But my daughter -in -law had to use the responsibilities and shackles of his life to take on the child’s mother.

After pregnancy, the life of a man is still, and the life of a woman has changed dramatically.So please take care of your wife.

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