Hungry, hungry, and hungry. I have been gaining 30 pounds in the second trimester, but I have been hungry. What should I do?

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At more than ten o’clock last night, when I almost took Xiaobao to sleep, my girlfriend’s sister played a video of me, and after the connection, I said poorly: "Sister, I’m so hungry, what should I do?"

I couldn’t help laughing: "If you are hungry, find something to eat, call me, do you want me to take a takeaway?"

My sister is even more pitiful: "But I can’t eat it, I have been fat for more than 30 pounds. My family let me control it!"

Uh, I have just entered June of pregnancy, and I have been gaining more than 30 pounds. This growth rate is really converging.

The younger sister used her mobile phone to take her belly: "I’m okay, but this little guy is always hungry, hungry, and hungry, and I can’t bear it. Just like now, I can’t sleep.. Sister, why do you always be so hungry? "

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1. Hormon Strange

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have increased a large amount of progesterone, which can affect the hormones that play an important role in hunger: stomach hunger.

Stomach hungry, whether hungry or full, feels like a stomachache.But during pregnancy, the stomach hunger has lost its effect.Therefore, pregnant mothers will always feel hungry.

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2. The demand for calories

When pregnant, pregnant mothers do need more calories to meet the growing needs of the growing baby.

However, in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers only need to maintain a normal diet. In the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, in order to increase the nutrition of pregnant mothers and fetuses, it is enough to add about 15%per day.

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3. Self -suggestion

Pregnant mothers need to imply themselves at all, and more foods need to meet the growth of fetal babies.In fact, choosing more foods you like, and various snacks that you have to control before pregnancy to lose weight, just indulge yourself during pregnancy.

If the weight gain during pregnancy is too much, it will increase the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension in pregnant mothers. It may also lead to back pain, fatigue, varicose veins, and leg cramps of pregnant mothers. If it is for a moment, it is really worth it.

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1. A suitable high protein

If the protein supply is insufficient during pregnancy, it will lead to weak physical strength of pregnant mothers, slow fetal baby growth, and postpartum recovery.Therefore, pregnant mothers need to supplement protein.

But you don’t need to be overkill.Too much protein affects the appetite of pregnant mothers, increases the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, leads to increased cholesterol, and affects the intake of other nutrients.

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2. A moderate amount without blind calcium supplementation

It is easy to default calcium during pregnancy, but pregnant mothers do not need to blindly supplement calcium. Drink a large amount of milk every day, quantitative calcium supplement tablets, etc.Because excessive calcium supplementation can cause the baby’s birth of hypercalcemia, which is not good for health.

Under normal conditions, pregnant mothers need to be 800 mg per day in the early stages of pregnancy, and increased to 1100 mg in the second trimester. Just get from daily diet, drink milk as usual, and listen to the doctor’s advice as usual.

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Pregnant mothers have three meals a day for a day, and they can be added once in the middle. Once the fruits can ensure the intake of nutrition during pregnancy.If your mouth is still very snoring, then you may wish to add some snacks.

1. Melon seed series is a good choice

Such as sunflower seeds (supplement vitamin E), watermelon seeds (rich in linoleic acid, can transform DHA, help the baby’s brain development), pumpkin seeds (comprehensive nutrition, balanced proportions, and can be greatly absorbed and utilized by the human body).

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2. acidic snacks are also very good

This is related to the reduction of the digestive ability of pregnant mothers after pregnancy. Eating acid is a remedy; the bone development of the baby is inseparable from acidic food.

Bayberry, cherry, and grapes are good choices. As for hawthorn, it may accelerate the shrinkage of the uterus. Although it is a good acidic food, pregnant mothers try not to eat it.

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3. Oclody is a health supplement

Ocarium’s calories can not only keep pregnant mothers full of energy for half a day, but also rich in dietary fiber, which can help pregnant mothers reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Of course, choosing naturally, oatmeal without sugar or other additives is critical. You can add dried fruits and honey to oatmeal according to your own taste.

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Pregnancy is a very hard but looking forward to.For pregnant mothers, they may spend the torment of constantly "eating or not" and "fat and not fat".

With the increase of the number of pregnancy days, the calories needed by pregnant mothers every day are increasing, but the calories absorbed by some pregnant mothers far exceed their needs, which will soon cause obesity during pregnancy.Not only is it bad for the baby, but after giving birth to a baby, it is difficult to lose weight, and it is even more torment after giving birth.

Therefore, the nutritional supplement of pregnant mothers must be comprehensive and appropriate, and we cannot completely indulge yourself!

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