Human lubricant hurts women or men?Can it be used for a long time?After reading the rising knowledge

Xiaohong is a young and beautiful girl. She behaves very lively and cheerful in front of her friend, but after returning home, Xiaohong becomes a bit depressed. In fact, there is always a problem in Xiaohong’s heart that troubles her.

When I was together with a few good friends at a time, my girlfriend suddenly asked myself quietly: "Xiao Hong, when you do things with your husband, do you use a lubricant? I have experienced it with my husband.of."

Although Xiaohong was a little shy, the words of my girlfriend still listened to their hearts. After that, when she was in love with her husband, she always felt that her lower body was very uncomfortable, so that her private life with her husband had always been uncomfortable.

Finally, one day, Xiaohong quietly came to the hospital and took her and her husband’s sexual life to ask a professional doctor.

She told her doctor that she and her husband tried too many ways to improve the quality of sexual life, but failed to succeed.

If you want to use a lubricant and afraid of any taboos, the doctor told her to use the lubricant, which can indeed improve the quality of sexual life, but it must be grasped.

So what is the doctor’s suggestion?We look down.

When we talk about human lubricants, many people may first think of sexual life, and the application of lubricants in sex activities is its most well -known purpose.

And in many cases, the emergence of lubricants can undoubtedly greatly improve the quality of sexual life.

However, the role of human lubricant is far more than that. The main role is to reduce the friction between the skin and the skin, or the skin and other objects, so that the two contact surfaces can slide each other more smoothly.

In some specific cases, the natural lubrication mechanism of the human body may not be able to provide enough lubrication.

For example, in the process of sex, medical examination, and even daily skin care, the use of human lubricants at this time becomes vital.

Especially in the application of sexual life, sex life is an important part of two people, intimate relationships.

But sometimes due to physiological or psychological reasons, the natural lubrication mechanism of the human body cannot provide sufficient lubrication, which may cause discomfort in the process of sexual life, or even pain.

At this time, the lubricant can play its role. It can provide additional lubrication for sex, reduce discomfort caused by friction, thereby improving the quality of sexual life.

In addition, lubricants can also increase, and the sense of pleasure of sexual life. Studies have shown that people who use lubricants have higher satisfaction in sexual life than people who do not use lubricants.

Because the smooth feeling and effect of the lubricant can increase the touch experience of sexual life, thereby improving the sense of pleasure.

There is also an indispensable advantage of lubricant, which is its help to some special circumstances.

For example, for women who have vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes or disease treatment, lubricants can help them and solve the problem of sexual life.

For those who do anal behavior, the lubricant is particularly important because the anus has no self -lubricating ability.

Lubricant is a good assistant for sexual life. As long as we choose and use it correctly, we can enjoy higher -quality sexual life while protecting our health.

1. Lubricant, an indispensable thing

Women’s body has its own unique physiological characteristics, especially in terms of sexual health and reproductive health. For many women, human body lubricants may be an indispensable product.

This is because women’s vaginal secretions can largely provide natural lubrication for sexual life.

However, due to many factors such as changes in hormones, age, pressure, and drugs, this natural lubrication may be reduced.

In this way, it will cause problems such as vaginal dryness and pain. In this case, lubricants can play its role, increase lubrication, and reduce discomfort.

2. Lubricant, be cautious to use

However, although lubricants have brought great benefits, there may also be some potential risks in the process of use, which is mainly related to the ingredients of lubricants and women themselves.

There are many types of lubricants on the market, and their compositions are different. Some lubricants may contain spices, pigments, preservatives, or other chemical additives.

Although these ingredients can make the lubricant look more attractive, or extend their shelf life, they may cause the changes in the vaginal environment and disturb the normal vaginal flora, thereby increasing the risk of infection, such as vaginitis and urethra.Infection, etc.

Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, we should choose products that do not contain these components that may cause problems.

At the same time, the use of lubricants may also affect the health of women, some lubricants may change, and the pH balance of vagina may affect the activity of sperm and affect fertility.

3. As a woman, you need to use the lubricant correctly

Everyone’s body is different. Women need to know what they may be sensitive, and then avoid using them. In addition, they should choose those lubricants that do not contain chemical components that may cause stimulation.

The more the lubricant is used, the better, the excessive use may cause, the vagina is excessive moist, the vaginal environment is interfered with, and the feeling of sexual life may also be reduced.quantity.

If you use uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, tingling, redness and swelling after using lubricants, it may be an allergic reaction. You should stop using it immediately and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

If frequent appear, urethral infection or vaginitis, it may also be that lubricant affects the vaginal environment. At this time, you should consider replacing the lubricant.

Women do regular gynecological examinations are also very necessary, especially after starting with new lubricants.

This is because lubricants may bring comfort, but if it interferes with the vaginal environment, it may cause some problems, such as vaginal infections, transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal tingling, vaginal dryness, etc.

For women, human lubricants are a very useful tool for women, but we must maintain vigilance when using it. Only by correctly understanding and using lubricants can maximize its advantages, at the same time avoid possible risks, protect women, protect women, protect women, and protect women.Health.

1. Male good partner

Many people may mistakenly believe that human lubricants are only related to women, but in fact men can also benefit from their use.

In sexual life, especially in the process of long or fierce sexual activities, men may suffer friction and discomfort.

The lubricant can play a key role here. It can reduce friction and increase the smoothness of sliding, thereby improving the comfort of sexual life

However, like women, men also need to pay attention to the potential risks that they may bring when using lubricants.

2. Use risks, so don’t care about it

There are many types of lubricants on the market, including water -based, oil -based, and silicon -based. Each lubricant has its characteristics and use.

For example, water -based lubricants are easy to clean, and there is no damage effect on latex condoms, but it may need to be supplemented frequently.

The oil -based lubricant has a long -lasting lubrication, but it may destroy the latex condom and reduce the effect of contraceptives. Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, men need to choose according to their needs and situation.

At the same time, allergies must be paid attention to. Although most people have a mild response to lubricants, some people may be allergic to certain ingredients in lubricants.

Such as flavors and spices, Palla (preservatives), glycerin, non -oxygen (semen killer) and so on.

Allergic reactions may include itching, redness, burning sensation, etc. This situation is desperate, and it is the most critical to ask doctors in time.

In some cases, lubricants may also bring potential risks to men’s sexual health. For example, some lubricants may contain sperm killer. These lubricants may be a goodchoose.

But for couples who want children, this lubricant may be reduced and the possibility of conception. Therefore, for men who want children, it is not possible to choose this lubricant.

For men, human lubricants are useful tools. It can increase the comfort of sexual life and reduce the discomfort caused by friction.

However, we also need to realize the risks it will bring to ensure that our body and husband and wife live healthy.

Understanding our body, wise choice, and correct use of lubricants can allow us to protect our health while enjoying the benefits of its bring.

The use of lubricants seems simple, but in fact, it is necessary, scientific understanding and correct operation. Next, I will share with you some, professional knowledge and practical suggestions to help everyone use the lubricant to improve the quality of sexual life to improve the quality of sexual lifeAt the same time, ensure your own health.

It is very important to understand the ingredients of lubricants. Many lubricants may contain certain chemical components, such as glycerin, silicon, polyethylene glycol, eulogne, seaweed glycol, ketolol, etc.

These ingredients may cause allergic reactions, or affect the health of vaginal and urethra, such as vaginal stimulation, infection, and urinary tract infections. If the urinary tract infection is not treated in time, it may go up to the bladder or kidney, causing cystitis or nephritis.Essence

Therefore, when buying and using lubricants, it is best to choose those products with simple and non -irritating ingredients.

The most important thing is the use of lubricants, not "the more the better", too much lubricant, which may

It will affect the sensation, and it may also cause the vagina or anus to be excessive humid, disturb the normal microbial balance, and increase the risk of infection.

Before each sexual behavior, and when you need it, you should add lubricants in a timely manner instead of a large amount of one -time.

In addition, if you use tingling, itching, redness, or other discomfort after using lubricants, use it immediately and immediately seek medical treatment.

Although the lubricant is a non -prescription product, this does not mean that we can use it at will. For any healthy products, we should maintain caution and respect.

When using lubricants, we should understand its mechanism, understand its applicable scenarios, understand how to use it, and understand its possible risks so that we can do it safely and effectively.

At present, there is no conclusion whether the lubricant can be used for a long time, but as long as you choose the correct lubricant, generally there is no big problem, so when you choose the lubricant, you must choose a regular formal.Manufacturer.

The at least quality of lubricants manufactured by large brands can be guaranteed. If you do n’t want to be cheap, choose those lubricants with small channels, which may cause harm to both parties. If this is the case, it will be worth it.

Human body lubricants are useful tools that can improve the quality of sexual life, but when we use it, we also need to pay attention to its potential risks.

By correcting and using lubricants, we can protect our health while enjoying sexual life.

If you have any questions about the use of lubricants, or if you have any discomfort after using lubricants, you should seek help from a doctor in time. Doctors are the best health consultants.Essence

Human lubricant is a type that can improve the quality of our sexual life and powerful tools, but this does not mean that it has no risk.

When using lubricants, we should fully understand the product’s ingredients and pay attention to our physical response. Only in this way can we enjoy, better sexual life while protecting our health.

The use of lubricants is not embarrassed. For sexual life, it is the most important thing to maximize quality.

Do you have friends who often use lubricants around you?If so, you can also share your experience with them.

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