Hu Xinger was pregnant with a friend’s wedding, her husband accompanied the whole process, this action was too loving!

Speaking of Hu Xinger, everyone should be very familiar. She wanted to become the third place of Miss Hong Kong through layers of campaign. She also entered the entertainment industry. At first she attracted everyone’s attention for her role in "The Golden Years". LaterHe also starred in many wonderful film and television works such as "The King of Wanhuang", "Fat Fields", "The Flowers of the Flowers That Year". She is a very powerful actor and a goddess in the minds of many people.

Earlier, Hu Xinger had already announced that he had been pregnant with a second child. It has been several months now, but Hu Xinger was not idle, and he ran abroad to attend a friend’s wedding abroad.The flower dress is very fresh and beautiful. At the same time, Xiaobian also noticed that Hu Xinger’s left -handed diamond ring on his left hand was really invisible.

Hu Xing’er’s pregnancy seemed to have a stomach bulging, and her limbs were still so slender. Not only so, she also had a little more feminine, and she exudes the glory of motherhood. Sure enough, the female stars were playing like playing one by one.

Obviously, I can feel that Hu Xinger’s second child is obviously not as nervous when the first child is pregnant. After all, I have experienced it once, and it seems a bit more ease. She also ran abroad with several girlfriends before, butAt that time, Hu Xinger’s stomach had not appeared, and it was just a few months.

Now Hu Xinger’s belly is already very big. Her husband Li Chengde is not assured this time, so this time to participate in the wedding through the wedding, there will be Li Chengde where there is Hu Xinger.At the same time, he also served as a photographer of his wife. When he was on the plane, he tilted his head and gave his wife very seriously. This action was really very loving. His wife was so beautiful.There are still some selfies of the same frame of the two people. From the smiles of the two of them, they can feel that they are very happy.

Hu Xinger’s husband, Li Chengde, was the owner of a headhunter company. For the first time, the two were exposed to kissing on the street in 2015 and was photographed. Later, the two announced their relationship with a generous manner, and they flickered their marriage quickly.His feelings have always been very good. They all know that Hu Xinger had a 7 -year love with Huang Zongze, but in the end, she broke up. She did not know her with her husband for a long time, but quickly entered the palace of marriage. This may be right.When I met the right person, Hu Xinger gave birth to her eldest son Li Yiting in October 2017, but after a year and a half, she had a second child.Is her child born a little princess or a little prince?Let everyone wait and see.

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