How to treat thyroid disease during pregnancy?

Thyroid disease is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, high iodine diets, environmental factors and other factors. Anyone may suffer from this disease. However, due to decline in resistance, endocrine disorders are prone to suffering from thyroid diseases. Thyroid diseases during pregnancy during pregnancy are used.The damage to pregnant women is relatively large, and it will even affect the fetus. In this regard, patients should receive treatment as soon as possible and take drugs reasonably.So, how to treat thyroid disease during pregnancy?

How to treat thyroid disease during pregnancy?

For high -risk groups of thyroid diseases, such as personal history and family history of thyroid disease, those with previous thyroid antibody positive, thyroid surgical resection, those who have immune diseases or family history, etc., should be screened before pregnancy.If you find that thyroid diseases should be treated first before pregnancy.

1. If you have thyroid diseases before pregnancy, the dose of the drug should be adjusted, and the blood test TSH (thyroid hormone) should be tested normally before pregnancy.If the thyroid disease is found after pregnancy, the drug should be taken orally, so that the TSH can meet the standard of 0.3-2.5mu/L as soon as possible. The earlier the standard, the better (preferably within 8 weeks of pregnancy).At present, the treatment of thyroid disease during pregnancy is mainly used for the treatment of levotypexine sodium sodium sodium.During the treatment process, the dosage of the dosage is adjusted at any time every 2-4 weeks.Hyperthyroidism treatment mainly uses a small dose of anti -thyroid drugs, and radioactive iodine preparations should be disabled during the treatment process.For surgery, you should choose to have the lowest risk of abortion and premature birth at this time.

2. Persist in regular dysentery women with thyroid diseases during pregnancy. They must insist on regular production examinations, and control the disease during pregnancy, so that the fetus can be born smoothly.

3. Preferred L -shaped thyroxine replacement therapy for thyroid disease during pregnancy.Diagnosis of thyroid disease before pregnancy should be treated until TSH is normal before pregnancy.Once a detailed diagnosis is confirmed during pregnancy, it should be treated immediately.Pregnant women with thyroid disease should pay special attention during childbirth, prepare for rescue at any time, and appropriately use drugs to assist uterine contraction and prevent postpartum bleeding.

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