How to supplement calcium after pregnancy?If you don’t do these jobs well, no matter how much calcium is made up, it is white

After the baby is pregnant, expectant mothers often have problems such as loose teeth and calf cramps.This is mainly because the fetal bones and teeth development require a large amount of calcium. When the calcium ingred by the pregnant mother cannot meet the needs, they will give priority to their calcium to the fetus to develop, which will lead to calcium deficiency.Cause problems such as loose teeth and calf cramps.

It is not difficult to solve calcium deficiency. Eating calcium tablets is the most suitable way.Of course, there are also pregnant mothers who have experienced life experience that the calcium content of many foods is very rich. Through them, they can meet the calcium needed for daily life. Can’t you eat calcium tablets?It seems that there is nothing wrong with this statement, but it has ignored a very important condition, that is, the environment of the pregnant mother is no longer daily life. They not only need to supplement calcium by themselves, but also bear the calcium required for the fetal development.So if you want the fetal development smoothly, pregnant mothers still need to prepare more calcium tablets.

Because calcium supplementation not only needs to consume calcium, but also absorb calcium, many pregnant mothers have found that they are obviously not eaten by calcium tablets, but many times they still have symptoms of calcium deficiency.In order to solve the problem of calcium absorption, pregnant mothers need to start from two aspects. On the one hand, it is to reduce the substance that affects calcium absorption, and on the other hand, it will increase substances that promote calcium absorption.Generally speaking, iron and oxalic acid in life are the main substances that affect calcium absorption, but because these two substances are also needed by pregnant mothers, if you want to achieve the best effect, it is best for pregnant mothers to miss these two two.Supplement time of species and calcium.

So, which substances in life can promote the absorption of calcium?Scientific research shows that phosphorus and vitamin D are the two substances that can promote calcium absorption.However, the promotion of these two substances is different. Phosphorus mainly plays the role of precipitating calcium. Vitamin D is mainly to maintain the body calcium balance.Therefore, pregnant mothers should be targeted when promoting calcium absorption. They must choose the one that suits them. Only in this way is the most effective.

When pregnant mothers supplement calcium, the last job of calcium supplementation is to do more exercise.Exercise can not only promote calcium precipitation, but also improve the bone density of the body. Therefore, when pregnant mothers add calcium, do more exercise so that the calcium absorbed by the body can be consolidated.

Of course, calcium supplementation is just a small paragraph of the Long March of the pregnant mothers. Many work during pregnancy is equally important. Don’t forget to do it.In addition, when the production is near production, while pregnant mothers do a good job of tire work during pregnancy, it is best to prepare for the production bag, and install some clean cotton, toothbrushes, waterproof pads and other items required for postpartum.Hands and feet, pregnant mothers should remember.

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