How to sleep at all stages during pregnancy?Pregnant mother, take a look, have you slept right?

After pregnancy, the sleeping position cannot be ignored for mothers. If the pregnant mother is in the wrong sleeping position for a long time, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also seriously cause the fetus.As we all know, the heart of a person grows on the left. Therefore, theoretically does not want to cause oppression to the heart, it is best to sleep on the right side, but for pregnant mothers, the sleeping position on the right side is not suitable. Relatively speaking, it is relatively speaking., Sleeping on the left side is more suitable for pregnant mothers.For the entire pregnancy, the sleeping position at each stage is very important. In order to avoid fetal malformations, pregnant mothers must know.

1. In the early pregnancy, lying on the side of the supine

In general, we call the first three months of pregnancy as early pregnancy. This period is an important period of placenta development. The fetus has not really formed.Obviously, in the early pregnancy, it is difficult for most people to see the fact that expectant mothers have become pregnant. The appearance of pregnant mothers is not much different from ordinary people. Therefore, pregnant mothers can also choose suitable sleeping positions according to their habits at night, because no matter what any of whichSleeping positions will not have much effect on the fetus, so during this time, pregnant mothers can be lying on their back or side.

2. In the second trimester, it is best to lie on the side

In the middle of pregnancy, from the sixteenth weeks of pregnancy, from this period, the stomach of the pregnant mother began to appear slowly, and the pregnant mother will obviously feel that their weight increases.Therefore, during this time, the pregnant mother cannot be too wayward, and the sleeping position should not be too casual. At this time, the key is to protect the children in the belly.Therefore, for the pregnant mother in the middle of pregnancy, choosing a sideways on the side is inevitable. This sleeping position can protect the fetus very well, and it will not make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in the second trimesterFor a month, pregnant mothers are best to take a side sleeping position.

3. In the third trimester, I recommend lying on the left side

Entering the third trimester, the stomach of the pregnant mother has reached the largest time, so you should choose the sleeping position more carefully. At this time, the pregnant mother needs to feel her fetal movement with heart. Once the fetal movement is abnormal, please consult the doctor in a timely manner to see if it is?There is a problem with the sleeping position, and it is corrected in time to avoid harm to the fetus.For the third trimester, the best sleeping position is the sleeping position on the left side, so that it can correctly correct the right rotation of the pregnant mother’s uterus and reduce the pressure of the uterus to the mothers.The side sleeping position will not only cause damage to the baby, but also promote the blood circulation of all parts of the pregnant mother’s body, which is also greatly beneficial to the pregnant mother.

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