How to scientifically manage weight during pregnancy?Pregnant women do these 6 points of life, mother and child are healthier

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Today, a expectant mother said in the group: "It’s 6 months pregnant, and my weight has increased by 25 pounds. There are 4 months, what should I do?" Listening to her, some treasure mom reminded her:"You are now in the middle of pregnancy, not the fastest growth in weight growth. You must pay attention to controlling weight in the later period, otherwise there is no good for the fetus and yourself!"

The increase in weight is something that every expectant mother will experience in the process of breeding the baby.The health gain of expectant mothers during pregnancy is important for the baby’s health.So, how much should we gain weight during pregnancy?Which month is the fastest growth?How to control the weight growth too fast?Don’t worry, the mothers of the small book below will take you to understand.

The weight before pregnancy determines how much should pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy.Generally speaking, the use of weight index, that is, BMI to evaluate the nutritional status of pregnant mothers is more accurate, BMI values can also estimate the weight growth during pregnancy.Calculating formula: Weight index (BMI) = weight (kg) ÷ height square (meters 2).

Each expectant mother can calculate the goal of weight growth during pregnancy according to the BMI value before pregnancy, track their weight growth at any time, and strive to control the weight within the ideal range.Restoring and the growth of fetal baby are very beneficial.

How much should be increased during pregnancy? The expectant mothers can refer to the figure:

What is the law of weight -bearing weight growth?Which month is the fastest?According to the study, it is more scientific and reasonable to increase by 11-15 kg throughout pregnancy.The appropriate growth of each stage is as follows:

01. Early pregnancy: (0 ~ 15 weeks, the appropriate weight increases 1 ~ 1.5 kg)

From 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, the baby has not been completely formed, and the development of various organs has not yet matured.The shape of the expectant mother did not change much, but the chest would begin to swell.At this time, most expectant mothers have a slow weight growth, only about 1 ~ 1.5kg, and some expectant mothers do not increase and fall in weight due to pregnancy or other pregnancy reactions. These are normal.

02. In the middle of pregnancy: (16 ~ 23 weeks, suitable for an increase of about 0.5 kg per week)

Beginning in the second trimester, the baby’s baby has developed rapidly, and the stomach of the expectant mother has slightly raised, especially the thinner mothers, usually the abdomen suddenly raised at 5 months of pregnancy, showing the mother’s grace curve.The chest gradually increases, and the waist will gradually become thicker.At this time, the appetite of expectant mothers became better, and the weight growth should be 0.5 kilograms per week, which is a critical period for controlling weight.

Kind tips:

At this stage, expectant mothers must be balanced in diet, do not eat partial food, and exercise moderately at the same time. They can also prepare for childbirth while controlling weight.

03. Late pregnancy: (24-40 weeks, increased important control per week within 0.5 kg)

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s development is rapid. During this time, even if the mother -in -law does not eat anything, the weight will rise quickly. Most of the weight is growing in the third trimester.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not take it lightly at this time, and they cannot listen to it. It is best to control the weight of not more than 0.5 kg per week, and adjust the diet and exercise in time.

Kind tips:

Reasonable weight growth is particularly suitable for babies!Now more and more studies have shown that the overall health of the mother’s time in the palace has an impact on the baby’s life.The three -year -old we Chinese are talking about the old, including the baby’s conception in October in the uterus and the first two years after birth. This time is a critical period for the child’s body to lay a good foundation.

I often say that new mothers say that pregnancy weight increases by 20 or thirty pounds. Why is there only a few pounds of babies born?Many people think that the weight of growth during pregnancy is the weight of postpartum fetus, but this is not the case.In addition to the weight of the fetus, expectant mothers also have a lot of weight to grow. Let’s understand where these weights are growing together.The muscle layer of the uterus during pregnancy grows rapidly, which will increase expectant mothers about 1 kg; the body fluid weight in the expectant mother’s body will increase by about 2.7 kg;It will increase by about 0.4 kg during pregnancy; the fats that expectant mothers reserve for breastfeeding are about 2.6 kg; the expectant mother’s placenta is about 0.6 kg; coupled with the weight of the fetus, about 3.5kg; about 3.5kg;

Based on the above, throughout pregnancy, the average growth of expectant mothers weighs about 12kg.

Moms often said that during pregnancy, there was an excessive growth in weight, and in the middle of pregnancy, it has increased by 20 ~ 30 pounds.The weight gain is too fast to worry many expectant mothers, and it is also the situation that obstetrics and gynecologists are unwilling to see.

I gave birth to a child and a daughter. During the twice pregnancy, the weight control was ideal. After the baby was born, the body was very healthy.Let me share with you some of my little tricks in controlling weight in daily life during pregnancy for your reference.

①. Regularly weigh weight

You can better manage yourself.During my pregnancy, I will be called weight regularly. I usually go to bed after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night, and record the weight figures.At the same time, I will record the food and quantity I eat every day, so that I can constantly remind me that I should pay attention to the content of the diet to avoid eating too much food and make the weight rising straight.

②. Walk after meals for 1 hour

During pregnancy, appropriate exercise is necessary.My favorite method of pregnancy is walking. Walking is the most casual, the most effective way to consume calories and help digestion, especially the expectant mothers with a better appetite for dinner.After a busy day, I will take dinner and go out for a walk with my husband. This will not only relieve fatigue, but also enhance my relationship with my husband.

③. Learn to release stress

We will inevitably encounter unpleasant things in our lives. Expectant mothers must learn to relax ourselves, release unhappy emotions in time, and find emotional exit that suits them.When I am relatively stressful and unhappy, I will take a day or two leave for myself, find a quiet environment, get a favorite book, put light music, and listen to music while reading books.

④. Avoid going to bed late and late

Since I was pregnant, I changed my life habit of sleeping late and late.During pregnancy, regular life and rest are necessary. Even if you rest at home, you can’t sleep late at home. This can easily increase weight, and the expectant mothers’ schedule can easily affect the baby.


In the days of leisure at home, I combined my interest with prenatal education, reading, listening to music, making some handicrafts, etc., time spent in the happiness of my mother, so that I had no time to worry about the desire to eat.

⑥. Imagine the hard work of postpartum slimming

Many friends who have given birth to children tell me that it is too difficult to lose weight after giving birth. Be sure to control the weight reasonably during pregnancy, so as not to find troubles after giving birth.Therefore, since pregnancy, I have always been alert to myself, and try not to fall into the abyss of postpartum weight loss.

Xiaoshu’s mother’s warm reminder:

There are many benefits to grow reasonably in pregnancy.Moms are managed by weight management. The size of the baby is suitable, and it will be smoother and safe when producing. The overall health of the baby is also guaranteed.For the baby’s health and her health, the expectant mother must manage herself.

Xiaoshu’s mother, a second child, a second child, a senior childcare teacher, early education teacher, and the original high -quality author of the multi -platform.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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