How to relieve the 7 common pain during pregnancy?Dry goods

During early pregnancy, expectant mothers often have a burning pain in the stomach of the early pregnancy reaction and tingling breast swelling. Back pain, pubic pain, and leg cramps in the middle and late pregnancy are also troubled by pregnant mothers.These pains are inevitable during pregnancy. Since it is inevitable, let’s find a way to relieve it.

1. Breast bloating and tingling

Generally speaking, after women’s pregnancy, under the common stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, from the 8th week, the breasts gradually grow up, the nipples and areolas are deepened, and there are dark brown nodules around the nipples.There will be a little water -like milk secretion.Therefore, the breasts will feel tingling, swelling, and itching. In addition, the nipples will also have pain.

way of improvement

Cleaning and care of breasts is a very important job. It can not only keep breasts, nipples, areola, etc., but also help prevent breast duct obstruction and reduce breast pain.Applying the breasts with hot towels can greatly prevent the breasts from lumps, make the breasts unobstructed, and easily secrete milk; gently massage the breast, which is also beneficial to relieve pain symptoms.

With the increase of the gestational week, the appropriate bra is selected to reduce this feeling.Do not buy a small, otherwise, it will limit the normal development of breast tissue and affect breastfeeding.

2. Burning pain in the stomach

After eating each meal, I always feel that the stomach is messy and burning. Sometimes the burning sensation gradually increases and becomes burning pain, especially at night, the stomach burns are uncomfortable and even affects sleep.This stomach burning usually appears in the late pregnancy and disappears after childbirth.This is because the uterus is gradually becoming larger, and the gastrointestinal stomach of the expectant mother has increased great pressure, and hormones make the isolation esophagus and gastric connection parts relaxing, which makes the gastric acid easily flow back to the esophagus, causing burning sensing of the chest.

In addition, the huge uterus and fetus during pregnancy have a greater pressure on the stomach, the stomach empty speed slows, the gastric juice has a long stay in the stomach, and it is also easy to return the gastric acid to the lower esophagus.

way of improvement

In order to alleviate stomach pain, it is recommended to eat and eat less daily, avoid overshide, eat less high -fat foods, etc. Do not eat heavy or fried foods, which will increase the burden on the stomach;Try to sit straight when eating, so that stomach acid will not go up).Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed in daily diet also has a good effect.If you often have stomach pain at night, you can take the anti -acid agent before going to bed.

3. Puffed finger, pain, numbness

The finger belongs to the end of the body. When the blood circulation is not good during the pregnancy, this part is more vulnerable to it. The edema will occur. In severe cases, it will further produce a feeling of sourness.This is because the blood circulation is not good and the water is exuded from the vascular wall tissue liquid. Therefore, the end of the limbs is prone to puffiness. Especially when I wake up every morning, after a fixed sleeping posture, the blood is flowing, and it is easy to feel that the fingers are emitted by severe edema.numb.

way of improvement

When you feel that your fingers are numb, you can usually return to normal as long as you do a little activity. You can make a fist and relax to promote blood circulation.In addition, the amount of ingestion of sodium is usually reduced, and the diet is mainly light to avoid edema that causes salty foods. You can also eat more foods that promote drainage, such as red bean soup, more foods containing vitamin B1, like it is like it is like a vitamin B1, like it is like it is like a vitamin B1, such as it is like a vitamin B1.Nuts, whole wheat grains and green vegetables.Increasing protein intake, hypotinopalmia during pregnancy will increase edema.If you feel serious discomfort, you can also apply the inside of the wrist to reduce discomfort.

4. leg cramps

In the late pregnancy, common pregnant women have calf cramps. The scientific name of cramps is "muscle spasm", which means that the muscles suddenly contracted strongly, which will cause muscle stiffness and pain. There are three main reasons: the first is the lack of calcium.Due to the increased demand for calcium in pregnant women, when calcium in the body is insufficient, many roads and standing for too long, it is easy to make the calf belly and leg muscles cramping.It makes the calf belly and foot muscles suffer from painful contraction and cause cramps. Finally, the enlarged uterus affects blood circulation can also cause calf cramps. Generally speaking, leg cramps are not just calcium deficiency, but the cause of lack of calcium is most common.Because the fetus needs to absorb a large amount of calcium during the growth process, if the mummy is insufficient in calcium, it will easily cause cramps.

way of improvement

When cramps, you should try to straighten the cramp’s legs as much as possible, and slowly stretch a few times to relax the leg muscles.In addition, avoid cold, massage and hot -apply cramp leg muscles, which can also reduce the pain of cramps.

5. Back soreness

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, because the uterus has increased significantly, the center of gravity moves forward, the body will pull back the center of gravity.The shape of the front and the shoulders is pulled backwards. Such a posture violates the normal curve of the lumbar spine, which will make the waist back to withstand more pressure, and it is easy to form back pain.

way of improvement

During pregnancy, we must maintain the correct posture as much as possible. Although the abdomen weight will lean the body’s center of gravity forward, try to straighten the body as much as possible, and do not lean the spine forward.You can also do some simple stretching exercises in the case of physical tolerance, such as the upward extension of the arms, or a pregnant mummy that usually has a swimming habit, can be relieved by swimming. The buoyancy in the water can reduce the burden on the body.Hot compresses and massage to soothe the tight muscles of the back.

If you feel severe discomfort, you can also use the belly to bring decentralized pressure, but because you may need to wear it all day, you must choose a breathable and comfortable material.

6. Leg puffy, varicose veins

In the later stages of pregnancy, the uterine increasing consequences oppressed the lower cavity veins, hindering the flow of blood flow, and causing sodium and water retention of the lower limbs.In the day, the edema in the afternoon will be the most obvious.If pregnant women have hypertension, proteinuria, malnutrition, etc., edema will increase.

way of improvement

As long as the edema during pregnancy is not combined with hypertension and proteinuria, there is generally no major.To reduce the symptoms of edema, you must reduce the compression of the uterine vein of the lower cavity. You can raise your feet when you rest. You can also rotate the ankle joint and your feet to promote blood circulation.Also effective.In addition, the left side of the left side can also alleviate the compression of the uterine vein.

If the protein is not enough during pregnancy, it can also cause edema. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more eggs, milk, fish and shrimp and other foods, and eat less salt.Doctors need to see a doctor if hypertension during pregnancy.

7, pubic pain

After pregnancy, the relaxation and lutein secreted by the body will relax the ligament, so that the pelvic telescopicity will become larger, which can give the fetus more room for growth and help delivery.The ligament between the pelvis is too relaxed, causing the unblocked separation of the pubic bone, causing pubic pain.

Generally speaking, the distance between the pregnancy process may increase the distance between the pubic bone is about 2 to 3 mm. Generally, it is a pregnant woman. The normal distance between the pubic bone is 4-5 mm.Pregnant moms usually do not have symptoms. Even if there are pain, they are still tolerated. Once more than 1 cm, it is an excessive separation of pubic bone combination, which will cause severe pain.

Generally speaking, the pain of pubic pain in the late pregnancy will be more obvious, but if the joint itself is a problem, or the previous pelvis has fractures, or the previous fetus is large, the pubic pain may occur in advance.

Most of the pain extends from the pubic bone to the hip, so that the hip joint cannot be received inside, and it is more likely to cause lower back pain. When the legs are separated or lifted, it will cause special pain.Getting up or turning on the bed will become quite difficult because of pain.

way of improvement

It is usually more painful when sitting and turning over, or when your legs are opened. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms avoid the movements of the legs. If it is very painful, it is recommended to rest in bed.

During pregnancy, you can also use the abdomen band to slow down the excessive separation, or try to use ice packs for local ice application to relieve pain.

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