How to relieve pregnancy and vomiting

Most pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting problems when they are pregnant. This situation will make pregnant women very uncomfortable. It will not only seriously affect the normal life of pregnant women, but also make pregnant women wonderful and psychological pressure.Pregnant nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are best to find a way to solve it as soon as possible.

"Pregnancy drama vomiting is a pathological state during early pregnancy, which refers to difficulty in eating due to severe nausea and vomiting, which will cause systemic failure or dehydration. Pregnancy drama vomiting will have a serious impact on the mother and fetus.To relieve

First, we must realize that pregnancy vomiting is not a disease, and it is impossible to intervene in forced intervention. In particular, you cannot believe in certain superstitions and remedies. Keep a good mentality. Psychological relaxation and stress will be more serious.Secondly, try to reduce the amount of each eating, eat less and eat more.Add more water to drink water again, eat foods rich in vitamins, and pay attention to prevent constipation. Constipation will increase the early pregnancy response.Finally, you can participate in some gentle activities, such as walking.If the vomiting is severe, and even the eclipse is spit, when the electrolyte disorders occur, infusion treatment is needed to supplement the sugar and salt, vitamins, and potassium chloride.

EssenceFirst, you can adjust it by diet. If the patient can eat a meal, it should be based on a small amount of light diet. Do not eat excessive spicy food.If the patient eats everything, you should ban the diet thoroughly and let the gastrointestinal rest rest.

Reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, eat less and eat more, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, light and digestible foods; you can eat some foods such as dried bread, dried buns, biscuits and other foods after the morning;Salt, prevent low sodium phenomenon; you can usually eat hawthorn, plum, citrus, bayberry, etc. to increase appetite.

In early pregnancy, pregnant women can eat more soda biscuits or bananas such as hydrophilic compounds.And like the original yogurt, watermelon, white rice, etc., can reduce pregnancy.Avoid eating heavy flavors, high -fat things.

Second, it should be appropriate to move and divert attention, because part of pregnancy drama spitting is caused by mental tension. Proper activity and metastasis attention can promote gastrointestinal motility and relieve tension at the same time.

In terms of life, ensure sufficient rest and avoid fatigue. Lying for about half an hour after meals, and then get up slowly to prevent vomiting.

Many pregnant women have obvious vomiting, have a very close relationship with poor emotions such as the pressure of ideology, and too nervous.Pregnancy, communicate with other pregnant women, and the pregnancy can improve after being mood.In terms of psychology, maintaining a happy mood, listening to cheerful and beautiful music, and chatting with family and friends.

Third, drug treatment should be performed. It can supplement energy by infusion of glucose, and at the same time give spit drugs. This can alleviate clinical symptoms, strive for patients to eat in the short term, and alleviate the physical condition."

Proper exercise during pregnancy is helpful for smooth delivery and promoting the development of the fetus, and it can also relieve pregnancy, especially pregnant women without appetite. After the appropriate exercise, the gastrointestinal motility can become faster, which can improve appetite, and also also increase appetite.Helps enhance physical fitness.

How to relieve pregnancy and vomiting

The relief method of pregnancy vomiting varies from person to person. Generally, you can eat some sweet and sour foods, and to ensure enough rest and psychological adjustment to alleviate, especially a small number of meals.

Pregnancy vomiting is also known as pregnancy vomiting in different degrees of vomiting after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Most of them are heavier in the early morning on an empty stomach, which is normal.The pregnancy reaction increased at about 8 weeks, and could not even eat it, which stopped within 12 weeks.

Most vomiting during pregnancy belongs to normal physiological phenomena. Do not need to be too nervous. It can be relieved by multiple ways.More targeted treatment should be performed according to physical conditions.

Special reminder: If the pregnancy reaction is severe or vomiting after 12 weeks, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

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