How to relieve nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, 70%to 85%of the pregnant mothers experienced nausea, and more than half of the pregnant mothers would vomit.In the second trimester, this phenomenon will gradually disappear, but about 13%of pregnant mothers still have symptoms of nausea and vomiting after the middle of pregnancy.This phenomenon is more common and more serious among pregnant mothers.

What causes large -scale nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, and there is no exact reason.There is a saying that the level of high HCG hormones in the blood during pregnancy causes the level of estrogen levels, reflux of gastric esophageal, relaxation of gastrointestinal muscles, and increased smell of pregnant women, which leads to nausea and vomiting.

No matter what causes, this kind of nausea and vomiting must be very painful.Although there is no way to solve the problem fundamentally except for the end of this period, some methods that can reduce pain can still be tried.

1. With the help of ginger

Ginger can help pregnant mothers who are sick.You can drink ginger tea, eat ginger slices, and make vegetables.Or you can try another kind of disgusting food: lemon.Many pregnant mothers find that the smell of lemon will also make them feel comfortable.For some women, sour candy, salt biscuits, nuts and other snacks are also a good choice.

2. Don’t smell the disgusting food

Given that women during pregnancy have a sensitive sense of smell, they often find that certain smells that they have felt that they suddenly become annoying, and the smell that I hate before may be completely unbearable now.Then, try to stay away from these odors.At the same time, please stay away from those foods that you are disgusting at a glance.

3. Add liquid

In the short term, it is more important to get enough liquid than getting enough food, especially when vomiting makes you lose a lot of water.When you feel uncomfortable, if you feel that liquid is easier to drink, you can supplement nutrition through them.You can supplement vitamins and minerals by fruit milkshake, soup, juice.You can also eat some foods with a lot of moisture, such as fresh vegetables, watermelon and citrus fruits.

4. Taking nutrition supplements during pregnancy

Taking vitamins once a day can reduce nausea, especially vitamin B6, which is rich in nausea, which can effectively alleviate the nausea of some pregnant mothers.But take the most difficult time for you, you can eat a little snacks.

If your symptoms are extremely serious, you can consult a doctor if you take more vitamin B6.

5. Make sure you have sufficient sleep

You should sleep and rest as much as possible.Both mental and physical fatigue will aggravate nausea.Sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day, and try to spend 30 to 60 minutes at noon to take a nap.

6. After getting up in the morning, act slowly

Strong activities will aggravate the feeling of nausea, which will cause "morning vomiting".You should lie on the bed for a few minutes, eat the snacks on the bedside table, get up slowly, and enjoy breakfast calmly.

7. Pay attention to oral hygiene

Each vomiting and meals should be brushed and rushing your mouth. This will not only help you keep your breath fresh and oral hygiene, but also reduce the symptoms of nausea.

8. Try to wear a wristband

The wristband can compress the area under the thumb under 2.5 cm in the inner side of the wrist bone. It is generally believed that the acupuncture joints of this area can alleviate the nausea after being stressed.

9. If you are a pregnancy drama (long duration, which makes the pregnant mother extremely weak), it may cause serious dehydration, malnutrition, and weight loss. This situation should be medical treatment in time.

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