How to relieve back pain in the middle and late pregnancy?These 4 wonderful tricks are very practical. Mom must keep in mind

After pregnancy, the mother’s body will have a variety of discomfort, of which back pain is the most common.There are also more causes of back pain. For example, the continuous increase in fetal fetuses during pregnancy will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, and it will naturally cause back pain in the back of the lumbar spine.In addition, changes in hormones in the body of pregnant mothers can also lead to relaxation of the bone and vertical, which can also cause back pain.Back pain during pregnancy is not a trivial matter, how can we effectively improve it?You deserve these 4 methods!


As mentioned above, as the fetus continues to increase, it will cause a lot of pressure on the mother’s lumbar spine, which will cause back pain.In response to this situation, it is better to wear underwear with abdominal function, so that you can decompress the abdomen to a certain extent and relieve back pain.This type of underwear is designed according to the physiological characteristics of mothers during pregnancy. No matter how the waist and abdomen changes, it can play a good role in support.Moreover, the fabric is good, breathable, soft and skin -friendly, and the mother is comfortable and not tight, more comfortable.

Keep a good sleeping position

It is very important to maintain the correct sleeping position during pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, the mother can use a flat sleeping position, and then put a soft cushion on the back of the waist, which will relax the waist.By the time of mid -pregnancy, the stomach has become very large. It is best to use the sleeping position on the left side to help fix the sleeping position with the help of pregnant women’s pillows, which can slow down the waist pressure.Of course, if you want to sleep more comfortably during pregnancy, your mother must prepare a comfortable pajamas for herself. The fabrics of the pajamas must be soft, skin -friendly, and sweat.

Avoid sitting for a long time

In the middle and late pregnancy, the pressure of the fetus to the mother’s lumbar spine is already very great, so at this stage, the mother must avoid sitting for a long time, which will increase back pain.If the mother is tired or tired, change the posture in time to relax her muscles.When walking, the mother should straighten her back, raise her head to close her hips, step on her footsteps, and keep her body balance.

Pay attention to controlling weight

After pregnancy, many mothers eat and drink with a mentality of eating two people, which leads to the rise in weight all the way.However, the weight growth is too fast, which will not only increase the burden on the waist, cause back pain, but also cause excess nutrition, which is not good for mother and child health.Therefore, mothers must adjust their diet reasonably during pregnancy and control their weight.

In response to back pain during pregnancy, mothers may wish to try the above 4 methods. I believe that this phenomenon can be relieved to a certain extent, allowing you to easily spend the entire pregnancy.

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