How to reimburse the cost of inspection?These important information given by the people are critical!

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I am the one who admires one of them most, that is the person who will consider themselves under any circumstances. They can always make them the biggest profit, and they will not suffer.My cousin is a person like this. Not to mention other things, just take the matter with her to get the production inspection reimbursement.

Now that I find that a lot of mothers do n’t know that the checkup can even be reimbursed. Next, I will tell you the information and processes I learned from my cousin.

What conditions can you enjoy reimbursement?

Generally speaking, as long as the expectant mothers who are pregnant have to pay medical insurance for one year, after going to the relevant departments to apply for relevant registration next month, the future check -up can be reimbursed.

The following precautions are reminded first:

First of all, you must first know that medical insurance is divided into two categories: comprehensive medical insurance and hospitalization medical insurance.There are differences between these two medical insurances. For example, if you are insured, if you are comprehensive medical insurance, some of the cost of checking inspection do not need to pay. As long as you go to the hospital for examination, the hospital’s charging system will automatically remove this part automatically removed this part.cost.If you are insured in hospital medical insurance, you can only enjoy reimbursement when you go to the outpatient clinic when you go to outpatient clinics. These costs still have to be paid by yourself.

In addition to these two types, there is also a kind of maternity insurance. If there are insurance in this regard, mothers in this area can enjoy maternity insurance treatment whether they are inspecting or having babies.There are quite a lot of inspections covered by this insurance, so most of them can be reimbursed.

Let’s talk about the specific reimbursement projects in detail below, and give your mothers a small summary.

Because there are a lot of items contained in the inspection, although I will know what to report or not, there is a lot of confusion in my heart, okay, okay, step into the topic, where I need to follow here.What to check to list.

13 weeks ago, many mothers will do the first examination. This examination can be reimbursed in the urine HCG, blood, urine routine, ECG, gynecological examination and B -ultrasound;

During the second examination during the 16th to 18 weeks, blood type, blood, urine routine, renal function, liver function, hepatitis C virus antibody, hepatitis B and a half pair, blood sugar, syphilis serum antibodies, and obstetric examination can be reimbursed.of;

The third examination will usher in the 20-24 weeks. This time the urine routine, B-ultrasound and obstetrics can be reimbursed;

In the fourth inspection of the 24th-28, there are still urine routines and obstetrics; and the next fifth examination (28-30), seventh inspection (32-34), ninth inspection (No. 1 (No. 1)37 weeks) are these two items, so they can be reimbursed;

The blood routine, urine routine, obstetric inspection, and B-ultrasound are reimbursement during the 30-32 weeks;

The eighth inspection at the 34-36 week, the tenth inspection of the 38th week, and the fetal monitoring, obstetric examination and urine routine of the fetal during the twelfth examination of the 40th week of the 40th week;

The B -ultrasound, obstetric examination and urine routine in the eleventh inspection in the 39th week are reimbursement projects.

Prepare some reimbursement materials in advance when reimbursement:

The application form of maternity or hospitalization reimbursement reports, diagnostic certificates, birth certificates, photocopies of birth service certificates, special receipts for hospitalization charges, cost settlement lists, expenses details, "Full Cash Calculation Certificate" issued by the hospital.The application form for expense reimbursement must be stamped with the official seal, otherwise it is invalid.

However, these are the relevant processes of our local hospital. There may be different areas, but it should be different. Moms can learn from it.Look at it, I did n’t expect that such a checkup contains such a big knowledge, so it is recommended that mothers do some work in advance before fertility, and learn more about related matters, which can save a lot of money!Well, this is here today’s sharing, go and leave your eyes!

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