How to judge that Niu is pregnant?How do you know if Niu is pregnant?These methods need to be collected

How to judge whether cows are pregnant?In fact, there are many aspects of skills. Today we will talk about the method of judging cow’s pregnancy. Friends who raise cattle must collect knowledge in this area.

The first point: no longer return after breeding.

The estrus cycle of cows is about 21 days. If the cow is breed and there is no estrus in about 21 days, then we can basically judge that cows are already pregnant and pregnant.At this time, the cows need to be tire to protect the fetus. We can use it: Mother An Tai Bao+Multi -Wei Pacific Bao, and the health effect of giving cows during pregnancy is very good.

Second point: increased feeding.

After the cows are successful, they will get better, and the amount of feeding will increase significantly.In addition, after the cows are pregnant, they will become relatively quieter and like to lie on the ground.The cow will become better, and the hair on the body looks smooth.The cows can be used: the stomach is too guaranteed, and the cows are giving the cows and the stomachs.

Third point: Look at the eyes of cattle.

After the cows are pregnant, there are three obvious purple -red blood vessels on their eyes.On the contrary, if the cow is not pregnant, the blood vessels of its eyes are relatively fine, and it is not obvious. This is also a way to judge that cow pregnancy.

Fourth point: Look at the cow’s tongue.

After the cow is pregnant, its tongue color will also become bright red.If the cow’s tongue is pink or red, it is not so bright, indicating that the cow is not worthy.This is not absolute, it can only be said that some cows will have such a performance.

Fifth point: look at the tail.

After the cow after pregnancy, its tail will be biased towards one side, especially after four or five months of pregnancy, this behavior will become obvious, and its tails will also bulge.The cow of the cow is pregnant, and its tail is covered with the water gate vertically.

Sixth point: Use the instrument.

We can use the B -ultrasound machine for the beast to check the cows during pregnancy, so whether the cow is pregnant at a glance.

The methods we provide above are all our long -term summary experiences that our friends who raise cattle. It can help us who raise cattle to be a cow to become a cow.Follow me, I share practical breeding techniques and experience every day.

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