How to improve hair loss during pregnancy during pregnancy during pregnancy to treat hair loss during pregnancy

Guide: Some expectant mothers have a large number of symptoms of hair loss during pregnancy, which may be the problem of hormonal imbalance, thyroid or anemia.Therefore, you should treat your hair more gentle, be careful when cleaning, dry your hair after washing, and keep your hair loose. Do not tie your hair too tightly.

1. Consult your doctor

The main reason for hair loss during pregnancy is caused by hormonal imbalance.Therefore, you should consult your doctor, check your hormonal level, and how to maintain hormonal balance.

2. Keep your hairstyle easily

You should treat your hair gently.Avoid tie your hair too tightly, or using rubber bands, metal hair accessories and other items, they may wrap your hair, causing you to accidentally pull your hair.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits

You should try to eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink an appropriate amount of green tea. These contain natural antioxidant flavonoids, which can protect hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.

4. Supplement more vitamins

Your diet should contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin B, E, C, and zinc. These can strengthen your hair and reduce hair loss.

5. Be careful when shampooing

If your hair is fragile, you should be careful when cleaning your hair.Excessive strength and pulling can cause you to lose more hair.Therefore, be careful and gently clean your hair.

6. Be sure to blow dry hair

Wet hair is more fragile.So when you clean your hair, you should dry your hair as soon as possible to prevent your hair from falling off and a cold.Try to avoid using electric rods or curly to prevent damage to hair.

7. Mild shampoo

You should use warm water and mild soap or shampoo to clean your hair, so as to prevent bacteria from raising and avoid harming hair follicles.In addition, you should use a comb to comb your hair every day to promote your hair health.

1. Change of hormones

In the first three months of pregnancy, your hormonal level will be greatly improved, which will promote your positive hair loss.Fortunately, when your hormone restores balance, hair loss stops.

2. Symptoms of anemia occur

Your blood flow during pregnancy will increase greatly, which will cause you to need a lot of iron.If there is no supplement, it is easy to be anemia, and the symptoms of anemia occur, such as hair loss and dizziness.

3. Due to thyroid abnormalities

If your thyroid declines during pregnancy, it may cause your hair to fall.The thyroid gland is related to your digestive system, hair, nails, and basic metabolic rates.

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