How to eat pregnancy?

There are a lot of preparation before pregnancy. Do you know how to get pregnant?To increase the pregnancy rate and create a good "living environment" for the baby. Unbalanced mothers must have more kung fu than the unborn father. Not only should we maintain a healthy body, but also to add proper nutrition.Let’s introduce how women eat during pregnancy!

To ensure the supply of high -quality protein such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, etc., "within 8 weeks, the development of the fetus is basically formed. During this period, there are many nutrients that develop to 200 million cells, especially protein."

Eat 3-4 walnuts or other nuts (do not eat apricot and almonds) every day. 10-18 weeks of pregnancy is the first period for children to replenish the brain. You can eat more fish and nuts.

Fish and shrimp are good foods and can be eaten frequently.

Lettuce contains folic acid, which helps the fetal spinal cord formation.Oral folic acid tablets do not need to exceed 3 months of pregnancy, and there will be other reaction effects. It seems that it is easy to affect the absorption of iron. Please listen to the doctor’s advice.

Sesame is also a good thing. You can supplement iron supplement, provide lecithin, protein, etc. You can buy sesame powder processed on -site. You can eat sesame seeds every day to improve the physique of pregnant women, prevent colds, and eat sesame sauce.What about trace elements.

Sweets and fruits should be appropriate to avoid diabetes and huge fetuses.I used to eat 1/serving of fruits each afternoon and evening, but now I added one to eat when I was hungry in the morning.But after watching the boutique said that eating one every day is enough, I didn’t dare to eat more.

, Ham, spicy duck neck, fritter, barbecue, plum, cans, instant noodles, pickles, fried foods, etc. are processed, hygienic hazards, and nutritious foods should also be included in the fasting range.

Can’t eat a lot: long -sized potatoes, containing alkaloids, which can be residial for 2 months in the mother’s body, hurting the fetus; spinach, more iron, but too strong oxalic acid, which will affect the absorption of calcium and zinc;Fasting is easy to cause constipation; in addition, kelp is also cold, not consumed in large quantities, and it is best to wash it before eating and soak for 24 hours and change the water to eliminate the arsenic poisoning caused by seawater pollution; as well as purslane, excite the uterus; cricket;Rice sliding tires; black fungus promoted blood, a large amount of food and miscarriage; hawthorn and its products will excite the uterus, and a large amount of consumption will shrink the uterus and cause miscarriage; almonds, apricot, hot tire.Pork liver cannot be eaten more. It is easy to diminish A over and 50g every week. You can use other foods to replace iron tonic.There seems to be so many, I pay close attention to this.

Don’t let yourself be hungry, prepare some suitable snacks, Taiping comb the biscuits, happy fruit, fruit, yogurt, are all good choices.

Diet should be light to avoid being too irritating or greasy for boiling fish.

You can use the mouth to contain ginger slices to prevent pregnancy and vomiting, and drinking sugarcane juice can also soothe.In addition, I know that pregnant vomiting has no appetite and eat more, even if I can only eat a little bit, maintain some nutritional supply.I have a bad appetite since the 6th week, and I am not fragrant, but I am very satisfied. Compared to pregnancy, this is nothing.What "sour and spicy girls" and the reaction of pregnancy is not completely accurate, and there is no need to have ideas.

Eat some rough food often.Corn is good. I can eat one fresh corn stick at home a few days ago. I can also eat buckwheat from time to time.I also mixed with flour, boiled cakes or evaporate cakes for the remaining soymilk’s soymilk (I used red beans, black beans, and soybeans.Xiaomi is also a good thing. I also buy something next time and drink porridge.

Don’t picky eaters.What you want to eat, as long as it is good for health.On some day, I thought of the quail eggs better than that of chicken eggs. I didn’t like eggs, so I bought some quail eggs, and it was braised and pretty fragrant.It is said that pregnant women will appetite and particularly nagging at a certain stage. Hey, so unique and uncomfortable, I look forward to coming early at that stage.

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