How to eat during confinement?Obstetrician: These 3 kinds of food have a great role

The confinement has been not valued since ancient times.After the woman was born, not only did the blood and blood losses, but also psychologically changed.Maternal confinement is not only the recovery and adjustment of various organs of the body, but also to help the maternal pass through the critical period of life and psychology and role conversion in life.

1. Why do you have to confine?

In the pregnancy stage, as the fetus gradually grew up, a series of changes in various organs of pregnant women, and the hard work of the pregnant fetus in October was alleviated with the birth of the child.However, the mother will bleed due to childbirth due to childbirth, and sweating when nervous or exhaustion will consume a lot of physical strength of the mother.At this time, the maternal qi, blood, bones, and various organs of the body are in a relatively weak state, especially maternal mothers with caesarean section. In order to restore the uterus to the size of pre -pregnancy, it takes a period of conditioning and replenishment.

2. What should I eat when confinement?

1. Disposal: The maternal dew was discharged in time within the first week of the birth of the child. At this time, you should eat more food that promotes blood circulation and blood stasis, such as hawthorn, which not only plays a role in excretion of uterine congestion, but also enhances appetite.Lotus root is also more suitable for maternal foods that are eaten more during the discharge exposure.In addition, Motherwort can promote uterine contraction and speed up the discharge of lochia.

2. Milk tonic: If there is insufficient milk after gynecology, you can eat more peanuts, enoki mushrooms, chicken soup, and fish soup. In addition, some fruits also have the same milk effect, such as kiwi fruit, papaya, etc., you can eat more in moderation.

3, qi and blood: Giveting children is a process of qi and blood loss, so you need to nourish qi and blood.

3. What should I pay attention to when confinement?

1. Take more rest. Pay attention to bed in the past two weeks.

2. Appropriate exercise, under the premise of physical strength, appropriately getting off bed activities but not excessive.

3. Do not eat cold food.

4. Pay attention to the room environment and ventilate appropriately.

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

When confinement, the conditioning is good, and the uterus, qi and blood can recover quickly, but if the conditioning is not good, it will leave confinement disease.Therefore, during the confinement, maternal and family should pay attention to self -conditioning to ensure that the body can return to the ideal state.

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