How to do an unwanted pregnancy?

This proposition is too large, and it is related to ethics and morality, so I do n’t talk too much suggestion, but let everyone know history, speculate in the future, and increase the business.

It also has to be reduced.Everyone knows that my audience is mainly based on people who are employed in big cities after graduating from university.So the news that you heard about you, such as a high school girl, gave birth to a child in the toilet, and continue to go back to class regardless of whether he cares about it. This is not within my scope of discussion.I am talking about adults who have worked after college.

In the past ten years, there are roughly 100 people who have been unmarried but asking the question of "accidental pregnancy". Don’t be surprised, there are men and women.The boy came, of course, his girlfriend suddenly became pregnant.

Unmarried but unexpected pregnancy, mainly when the two people had a relationship shortly or even when they just met, so the kind of discussion in this article is not in the scope of this article.

These 100 accidents are roughly distributed as follows.I follow the order in order, so that everyone can think deeply according to the plot, not sorted by the probability.

First, the girl handled it by itself

Unmarried pregnancy is always not very good. Even men and women who are not highly understand, especially girls with high education.Therefore, girls should be cleaned up, at least know how to cherish herself.In addition, don’t be by the boy Pua.

This has PUA?Yes, you can see the following screenshots. This is actually a common phenomenon. The proportion of boys who have said this sentence with girlfriends are not low.

The reason why her boyfriend said to girls is to be a good man who is responsible, sincere, and tight, and at the same time induces the girl to cherish him more, indulge himself, and sacrifice himself.In the picture above, the Qian Xia has been fooled. He regards the scumbag as a lover, and "adds a word, he looks handsome", and come to Versailles.

Really, mourning his misfortune and anger.

This situation is obvious. After you get pregnant, your boyfriend will immediately let you get a fetus.

Of course, there are also girls who are awakened, and they don’t even tell her boyfriend to go directly to the hospital for treatment.

I am embarrassed to tell everyone that in the five years of 2012-2016, I set up a employment assistance fund for group friends, that is, too much cash, especially unemployed.Waiting for bailout funds.Of course, it was lent to them, and finally returned to me.

I helped a total of 80 group friends, borrowed 1.3 million, and so far there are still 200,000 gold confiscated.A few who repaid the money gave me 5%-10%of the annualized interest. Most of them returned the principal after most of them, and the remaining 20 people did not pay a penny.There are also special cases. One has borrowed 50,000 years later.

This is called moving China. I personally do this for the employment of domestic university graduates. I know it so far.Everyone may not know that half of the 80 people left their ID cards.Because when I borrowed money, I did not have a limited return date and interest, thinking that they would return it to me after the difficulty was relieved after the difficulty of rectifying, and more.I know, it is not easy for good people to do.Therefore, in early 2017, I stopped the fund project.

What you can’t imagine is that most of these 80 people are still in my QQ group or WeChat group so far, including the 20 -bit without repayment of 2021.

There were 5 girls who found me borrowed money to borrow money. Four of them were in the 20th Lai Lai. You can’t imagine it. I borrowed money to give her a fetus. She did not pay back my money.Come to borrow money, saying that the previous one seemed back, she forgot.When I came to borrow money, I asked why the fetus was born, and the basic reply was "boyfriend running."

Everyone remembers this law. When unmarried, boyfriends are easy to run.In our life, there is another law. After marriage, his wife is easy to run.These two "run away", you can remember the law, I don’t analyze human nature.

After telling such a long story, it is to tell everyone, especially girls, especially when you are pregnant before you get pregnant, you should be pregnant.

In short, the girl’s own situation of handling the child accounts for about 20%. Regardless of whether her boyfriend is running, or whether the girl has told her boyfriend, it is roughly the probability.

Second, the woman’s parents put forward strong requirements

Girls are generally unprecedented during accidents, but girls’ parents are experienced adults, especially "mother -in -law".

In the future, the mother -in -law will propose two conditions. Obviously, let the boy buy a house and hold a wedding.

The wedding in these two is quite easy to handle, and the gift with the wedding can also be a little less. The key to buy a house is a big problem.

In fact, the house has not been cheap. You may see what I said during the 2002-2010 after I graduated, the house is cheaper.Not all right, you use the high salary I have continuously doubled jobs at the beginning to compare the house prices that had no high levels at the beginning.In fact, even at that time, the salary was not enough to buy a house.Besides, most of our friends graduated after 2011.

Therefore, in the past ten years, I have suddenly received a mobile phone phone call from a male group in the evening or working day, and the later WeChat phone call.Buy a house within 1 month, what should I do?! "

Life is so suddenly and difficult, at this moment you know the importance of money.

Of course, my brother asked him to guide the future mother -in -law’s thinking and convince my girlfriend. I can’t always give them a house.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of boys could not get wedding rooms in the short term, and most of the girls were forced to be born by their mother at this time.

Reality is so reality that it is so human, but only the bloody smell.

We said that a penny forced the hero Han, and today is indeed a unmarried father.

Of course, there are also women’s parents who ask for excessive strength because the girl’s family is very strong, that is, too unbalanced in the door -to -householder, and the woman’s family strength exceeds too many men.This will aggravate the woman’s strength, rather than rich and background people who are more "kind".

In the end, the two sides also compromised each other, but according to statistical laws, the following proportion is the highest: after the woman’s parents put forward strong demands such as quickly buying a house, a pair of lovers who have known each other will end with fetuses and breakups.The proportion of the total number reached 40%, which is the highest proportion.

Third, the man’s parents put forward strong requirements

Speaking of men’s parents.

In this article, don’t blame the "parents" heart, because most of the accidental pregnancy at this time is mostly a flash of love, that is, the two sides have not reached the step of "seeing parents".Noodles, similar to artillery friends or one -night stand. Afterwards, it is better to say that "we will be good to fall in love" … In this case, no matter which side of the parents have no feelings for the other party, there is no feelings, there is no no feelings, there is no no emotion, noBy the time.

Adults are also very realistic. Do you think the boy’s family is good at the moment?

Most boys’ parents will feel that the girls do not check at this moment. Even their son Pua has a family, they think that at least the girl is careless, which leads to the grandson of our family.Jane is simple, either do not handle, get a certificate early, and do n’t receive it. After the wedding room, let ’s talk about it after the two young you are young.

Do you see it? The parents of the above boys grabbed the girl ’s“ handle ”, so as to propose the strong requirements of not going to normal gifts, wedding banquets, weddings, and wedding rooms because they felt that“ some people in our family are in your belly ”, thisIt is a way to seduce the enemy in PUA, which is also called "deep tiger’s hole".

The girl’s parents are not stupid, so since all the conditions can’t be talked about at this time, then it is better to let the daughter sacrifice and bear the risk of abortion.The earlier the pregnancy, the more time to turn.But girls who are afraid of low education, do not know how to test, and have a big carelessness with reactions. This is bad. After a few months, they cannot abandon abortion.

The examples are the following short stories, "Mother -in -law who is leisurely and very confident".

Even though the stealth assistant finally escaped this robbery, he would not be small on his body, future, and physical and mental blow.

Of course, there are also men’s parents who ask for excessive strength because the boy’s family is very strong, that is, too unbalanced in the door -to -door, the boy’s family’s strength exceeds too many women.This will increase the strength of the man, rather than the rich and background people who are more "kind".But the girl was originally married, so the rich man of the rich man was strong at this moment, and was not as good as the parents of the ordinary family.

Don’t believe you, look at the following two examples.

Regardless of the poor families in small cities or family -produced families in large cities, once the two powerful "mother -in -law" knows that his son’s girlfriend is pregnant, he must eat this future daughter -in -law.There are no, and the girls and their parents have to be postponed. In the future, they will be similar to "child care", "little daughter -in -law", nanny, bears the burden of humiliation.Get out of your own.

In short, after the girl’s accidental pregnancy, because the man’s parents made a strong request, the woman disagreed or even did not agree with the girl herself, and finally killed the child, accounting for about 30%of the total.

Fourth, Fengzi married

The last, obviously the supplement of the above one, two, and three, that is, the two parties, including both parents, have compromised. For the happiness of the children and children, the two families finally combined, that is, a wedding rushing to hold a wedding.

Although it is also called Fengzi married, it is a bit different from what is usually said.Most of the real Fengzi married was that during the marriage or engagement, the female party found that she was pregnant, that is, the child came earlier than expected, but after all, she was expected.

Therefore, you have a sudden pregnancy that falls in love for 1 year or two years, and you are not called accidental pregnancy.We also have a husband and wife after marriage to ask questions, saying that she was pregnant unexpectedly.This is a far -fetched plan, and the intentional baby plan to tell me about them.

Therefore, soon after knowing, both parties have never seen their parents and parents who do not know the existence of the other party. Even you two are playing, one -night stand, and artillery friends. In this case, pregnancy is an accident.As a result, the girl was induced by the scum man, which was called accidental pregnancy.

In the end, the proportion of Fengzi was the lowest, only 10%of the probability, not the greatest possibility of traditional thinking.The current marriage is very realistic, so this ratio will further lower.

Even if this rush 10%eventually "came together" because of unborn children, according to statistics, half of them were divorced, and the probability was the first three years after marriage, not everyone’s so -called seven years.Itchy time.The reason is actually very simple. There is no love or adaptation time at all, so there is a rushing baby to get married directly. After that, at least 100 places need to be worn in.

Not only the traditional contradictions, such as the relationship between mother -in -law, settlement city, the pressure of wedding houses, the responsibility of bringing the baby, the cost of living, the customs and habits, etc., one will not be less, and it will continue to increase and increase more pre -marital baby unique to baby.Contradiction.

There are also many hasty "compromises" before marriage, which will become the fuse of quarrels after marriage, including all aspects of from the gift, wedding room to actual income and family conditions: for example, after marriage, he found that his big wife took the child to find the door;For example, after marriage, she found that she had a lot of ex -boyfriend, and even had ex -husbands and ex -sons. For example, after marriage, the woman thought that the man would marry the girl back without spending a "cost".At first, the woman used the "sense of responsibility" to flicker to become a de facto son -in -law; for example, one of them was surprisingly poor and beyond imagination;, Sitting in prison; for example, after marriage, I found that the other party is not only the only child, but even a lot of brothers and sisters, and they are still in school;

The rushing marriage after these compromises and even after inspection further increased the probability of divorce after the marriage of Fengzi.

Remind everyone that this proportion does not look high, but there are a lot of people, which means that about 5 of people who have children before marriage before marriage, and about 5 are already married.

In summary, if you encounter the "accidental pregnancy" when you have not seen parents before marriage, try to avoid it.This is a nonsense, but the prevention of treatment is better than treatment, otherwise you can see the results of the 5%probability of 5%.This high probability of 95%is extremely negative, and it can already be called a rollover in life. Don’t try it.

In the end, you asked, "What should I do if I get pregnant by accident?" What are your suggestions for you?

Answer, the suggestion is the following statistical law:

First, 20%of the girls handled it by themselves;

Second, 40%of the strong demands made by the woman’s parents, the fetus was born;

Third, 30%of the strong demands made by the man’s parents, the fetus was born;

Fourth, 10%of people were married for various reasons, but half of them were married soon.

Above, the phenomenon of "unexpected pregnancy" in the workplace in the workplace is currently in love with the work of the workplace. If the results of the results of the post -work, and the laws and suggestions, this article is the first part.Everyone is doing and cherish, especially girls do not make mistakes.

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