How to do after the pregnancy test is successful?

In addition to being happy to celebrate the advent of Little Life after the successful pregnancy test, there are some things.

Although the entire IVF cycle is over after the pregnancy test is ended, the next time she is as peaceful as the prospective mother who is pregnant naturally, waiting for the baby to be born.

The first confirmation of pregnancy: Doctors always say that they should not test the pregnancy test stick, because the early pregnancy test stick is not accurate, which can easily affect the mood.The method of testing HCG is 35%higher than the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips, and the accuracy of blood HCG can determine the accuracy of pregnancy can reach more than 99%.Generally, after the embryo is transplanted, the blood test is tested for pregnancy. After the pregnancy test is successful, the medicine must be used to follow the doctor’s advice. Do not increase or decrease the dose without authorization.

Term test: fetal heart is the heartbeat of the fetus.The heart is the earliest organic development of fetal growth and development, so you can understand the condition of the fetus in the mother through the fetal heart.Generally, B -ultrasound can check the fetal heart in about 4 weeks after transplantation.But the specific time is related to the development of the embryo you transplanted.

The first birth: The first prenatal examination is generally 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.For the first time, he came to the hospital to establish a health care manual during pregnancy and evaluate high -risk factors during pregnancy.Physical examination: Including measurement of blood pressure, weight, fetal heart rate measurement.Generally, the entire pregnancy test is about 10 times throughout the pregnancy, once every 4 weeks before 28 weeks of pregnancy, 28–36 weeks of pregnancy every 2 weeks, and once a week after 36 weeks of pregnancy.In addition, doctors will also increase the number of birth checks according to the situation, such as pregnancy or gestational diabetes.

Pay attention to rest and healthy diet: After IVF is pregnant, the most common physical change in early pregnancy is also an early pregnancy reaction.Therefore, after pregnancy, you should rest properly, maintain adequate sleep, and deal with it with a positive attitude.In addition, you should also adhere to diverse diet, and at the same time pay attention to nutritional balance, you can supplement the appropriate amount of folic acid and vitamins according to the needs.

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