How to distinguish whether you are psychological bad breath?

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Seeing this problem, I believe the vast majority of patients will feel that you are stupid?Don’t you know if you don’t smell it?Do you still need to distinguish this?Some patients will feel that others do not know if they are psychological, but one percent percent is not psychological bad breath!But the problem is that all patients with mental bad breath are like you. They firmly believe that they are not psychological, and even when others mention the words "psychological", they will be furious and fire.In fact, at least half of the patients I have seen offline have no bad breath at all, that is, at least half of the people are pure psychological!This ratio is very large, so when you plan to take medicine or even surgery, you must distinguish whether you are pure psychological, otherwise you will spend a lot of money.Isn’t it ridiculous?

From the perspective of so many patients I have contacted, patients with bad breath can probably be divided into two categories. One is completely unreasonable. He has a light or heavy bad breath, and the people around him have told him, but he himself, he himself, he himselfIt was not very important. If he was said, he might go to brush his teeth and rinse a mouthful. He didn’t think it was a disease. It would not matter if he should be like someone else.The other category is the person who cares about it. When others say bad or do a nose, they will immediately be scared to death, and they will feel that their own odor will affect others.I used to have a long period of time and belong to this type of person. Of course, I belong to the psychological problem.

Among this group of people who specially care about, they can be divided into two types. One is indeed bad breath and psychological problems at the same time; the other is pure psychological bad breath. Even if he has no odor in your nose, he has no odor.EssenceAccording to the experience of contacting dozens of patients offline, people with pure mental bad breath can account for about 50%, that is, half of the people, he is particularly painful and troublesome. He always feels that his bad breath is very serious, but in fact they areNo.The other part is physiological, but at the same time, there are serious psychological problems.Stomato, but without psychological problems, only the first person just said just now doesn’t care about it.

When talking about psychological problems, the patients always felt that I had cured the physiological bad breath, and my psychological problems did not exist!In fact, this idea is wrong. To treat bad breath, we must attach great importance to the interference of psychological factors. The reason why we are so painful and so sad is because we cannot determine when we are stinky, when it is not smelly, it is not clear, it is not clearWhat kind of treatment is effective for yourself and what kind of method is invalid.Only by excluding psychological interference can we truly cure our physiological bad breath.

I have encountered several students. They were tortured by bad breath and died. The personality of the whole person has changed.Psychological problems caused by bad breath like this may change their lives!But I found that most of these students are actually pure psychological.Sometimes I am thinking that even if only the 50%of the psychological people help them out of the psychological shadow, it is also a very good thing.But the problem is that people in the shadow of psychological obstacles will firmly believe that they are real physiological bad breath.This leads to everyone’s treatment. It looks strange and very chaotic. After a while, go to take this medicine and go to surgery for a while. It has caused great harm to your body for no reason.I know a few group owners of bad breath. Two of them have already had liver failure because they have taken medicine. Later, they retired and did not know if they were cured.In fact, before you are preparing to take medicine, you should judge whether you are psychological bad breath.According to my experience, even if you are a patient with a real physiological bad breath, as long as you realize that you have psychological problems, then the treatment of bad breath will be very helpful, and it will be closer to the pit.In short, if you want to treat bad breath, you should first face psychological problems. Whether you are physiological bad breath or pure psychological, you should attach great importance to psychological problems.

People with mental bad breath have the following characteristics: First, because of bad breath, the relationship with the family is relatively stiff.For example, you pay attention to this bad breath all year round, and then the family always advises you not to care too much; or you let your family take you to see a doctor, the family will tell you, you have no bad breath at all, you don’t have to go to a doctorI don’t believe it, I feel that my family is lying to you, so I have a stiff relationship with my family.If this happens, you must be vigilant, you are likely to be pure psychological.If you can’t even believe it, who else is worthwhile in this world?This kind of psychological bad breath will explain themselves, saying that it is because the family does not pay attention to you, does not care about your feelings, and is unwilling to help you solve this problem.Some people think that this is the family who is embarrassed to say, and does not want to fight you.They will find a variety of excuses and reasons, from my explanation why the family does not pay attention, and even advise you not to care about this problem.In fact, what the most concerned and care about you in this world is your loved ones!If you really have serious bad breath, how could they not pay attention?Either the bad breath you think, even if there is a mild in their feelings, it is not enough to cause harm to you, but they see your mental state of being very wrong. They are afraid of causing further harm to you, soOnly then will you cover up something, such as discussing bad breath in front of you, or paying attention to not wanting you to misunderstand and be disliked.In fact, this kind of movement of family members is wrong, which will make you feel weird and abnormal, which will cause you to be more distrustful to your family.

Second, you may have been said to be badly stomed a long time ago, but no one has said it in the past six months, a year, or even years, but you can cover your nose, turn your head, vomit, and vomit in front of you through others’ reactions.Sutricus and cough, judge that you have bad breath.Other people are through their own subjective feelings, such as feeling that they are hot, sticky, and greasy in their mouths to judge that they have serious bad breath. In fact, these methods are inaccurate and wrong.If you have n’t said that you have bad breath in person for a long time, then you have to be vigilant and think about whether you are pure psychological bad breath?Because of the stomach of bad breath, you can’t hide it like pregnancy. If you really have a very serious bad breath, if this year, then you will always have some good friends. There are some colleagues who can talk about.There are some straightforward personality, friends and colleagues who like to go straight, and occasionally tell you, hey, you have bad breath, this is a reminder from good intentions.If you have not been reminded for many years, it is likely that your once bad breath is good.Third, if you have been prescribed by a doctor, you are 100 % psychological.For example, there is a patient who works in the pharmacy of a three hospitals. It is a pharmacist. It is natural to have a unique condition.He has found many large -level experts, the national level. These experts say that you do n’t have bad breath and make him do n’t need to take medicine, but he just does n’t believe it.Later, a expert was thought -provoked and opened a prescription for him. The buddy got a square and fried on the spot, because this was a mental medicine!This patient buried the expert afterwards, thinking that all the experts were not shit. In fact, he didn’t understand the truth. If one day you found that the world was wrong, then there was only one possibility.Own!

It is necessary to know that the requirements of the hospital for this kind of psychological drug are very strict. You need to use a special prescription. Only when the doctor believes that psychological problems have caused you to have mental or psychological obstacles, can you prescribe mental drugs carefully.This is why we must pay attention to psychological problems, because severe psychological bad breath is likely to cause mental illness, and some people have split schizophrenia because of this.In the various bad breath on the Internet, there are one or two people in almost every group. If you carefully observe their speech, you will find that they are already the category of mental patients.People with psychological problems have worsening, so when we are in contact with patients, we must analyze what he said. It does not meet logic and does not meet common sense.The common sense of fart, don’t listen, he will mislead you and bring you into a deeper psychological trap.

To sum up, there are 3 points above, first, because bad breath problems have a tense relationship with the family; second, the people around you have not said that you have bad breath; third, you have been prescribed by a doctor.In accordance with one of the above three, you must be highly alert to whether you are pure psychological bad breath.

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