How to distinguish whether dogs are really pregnant or false?Why is there a situation of fake pregnancy?

Many owners do not know that dogs will have false pregnancy. Only when the dog behavior is abnormal, they know that there is such a condition when they are brought to the hospital for diagnosis.Pseudo -pregnancy is actually a saying compared to real pregnancy. It refers to various performances of dogs without pregnancy.So why do pseudo -pregnancy?How should the owner tell the dog’s fake pregnancy or really pregnant?

First judge whether the dog is pregnant, the owner depends on whether he can help the dog sterilize, and when it is in estrus, it is mating with other male dogs.If the sterilization is, the dog’s pregnancy is very small.Some owners have found that dogs have no sterilization, but they have never matched with other male dogs alone, but they also have symptoms of pregnancy, so dogs are likely to be fake pregnancy.

After the dog is mating, the sperm will last for 5-7 days in the bitch’s uterus, and then the female eggs can be performed.The dog’s complete pregnancy period is 63 days, and humans are 10 months, which means that if the dog is pregnant, corresponding symptoms will occur in a short period of time.Symptoms during pregnancy include:

1. Increased appetite (or weakening) is the same as that in the early stage of pregnancy, dogs will also have changes in appetite in the early days, which can obviously feel the owner.

2. Character and emotional changes.Dogs often feel tired, become unwilling to move, frequent urination, and they will also become very drowing.Dogs will become very sensitive and resist the touch of others, even the close owner will be guarded.Its emotions are very unstable, and they often roar, and they become careful when walking.When you sleep, you do n’t choose to lie on your stomach. Generally, it will change to lying on the side or sleep on the back, and the dog will lick your mucus secretion.

3. The weight of the dog will increase, the abdomen becomes tight, and the fetal movement will appear in the late pregnancy. When the dog is lying there, it will obviously feel the changes in the abdomen

4. Nipple increases.After pregnancy, the dog’s nipples will become swollen, and they will become red. Dogs will feel itching. This is a normal development phenomenon.

Fake pregnancy is the most common among female dogs 6 to 8 weeks after estrus, usually because of this symptoms due to hormones in the body.In the early stage of fake pregnancy, the dog’s personality will not change particularly, but in the later stages, it will become very anxious.At first, dogs will change appetite and may vomit or diarrhea.In the middle period, the dog’s breasts will become swollen, the stomach will begin to grow, the weight will increase, it will become lethargic, and there may be attacking.When the delivery period is near, the dogs will have a lot of changes in emotions, they will become anxious, and frequent walking, there may be attack behavior.It also loves the plush toys at home, often holding toys to a certain place, and prepare to make a nest for the cubs.At this time, the dog’s maternal consciousness is very conscious and has a strong desire to protect, so it is best not to compete with the dog for toys.

Dog fake pregnancy will be affected by various factors:

1. Endocrine effect

This is one of the most common reasons for dog fake pregnancy.Fake pregnancy usually occurs after the bitch’s estrus. After the estrus, the hormone in the dog will change, and these hormones can make it prepare for the fetus.If the dog is successful, the hormone will continue to secrete. If the mating is not performed, the hormonal level will return to normal.Fake pregnancy is caused by hormone levels that are not restored.

2. Impact of reproductive diseases

When the luteal lesions in the dog’s body are lesion, fake pregnancy will be caused. If the dog has endometritis, uterine effusion, uterine pus and other diseases, it may also be fake pregnancy.

3. Food impact

Some dogs have false pregnancy because they eat foods or growth agents containing a large amount of estrogen, causing hormone unbalanced hormones in the body.

In the early stages of pregnancy, through ultrasonic examination, the fetus can be obtained. Doctors usually perform blood tests on the dog to check the hormone level.Between the 28th and 35th days of the dog’s pregnancy, doctors can feel the presence of the fetus through a chestnut.From the 45th day, the owner will take the dog to the hospital for X -ray examination. The inspection has two purposes: the number of cubs in the number of puppets in the pose of the bitch is clear and checked their skeletal development.

In fact, whether the dog is pregnant, if the owner observes carefully, it must be able to feel it. The most direct way to distinguish between real pregnancy and fake pregnancy is to consider the problems such as sterilization and mating, and then see if the dog has toys as a nest.If the dog is a false pregnancy, the symptoms do not disappear after 2 to 4 weeks, the owner will take it to the hospital for treatment.

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