How to distinguish between dog fake pregnancy or really pregnant?

Fake pregnancy, that is, fake pregnancy, refers to a series of unique changes in pregnancy without mating or mating after mating or mating.

So how to distinguish fake pregnancy and true pregnancy?

It is generally believed that it may be related to the extension of luteal activity.After the dog’s estrus ovulation is ovulation, whether or not it is pregnant or not, it will form luteum in the ovaries.The progesterone secreted by the luteal is a hormone that maintains pregnancy and causes pregnancy.If the luteal existence time is prolonged (sometimes 100 days long), the progesterone is the same as the pregnant dog, and some bitch will have symptoms similar to pregnancy.

Fake pregnancy occurs 2 to 3 months after estrus.The female dog’s abdomen increases, the palpation of the stabilizer can feel that the uterus is thickened, the breast development is swollen, and the lactation can be bleed.The female dog is irritable, looking for dark nests, likes to drink water, appetite, and sometimes symptoms such as vomiting and urine.According to the history of breeding, abdominal strikes, X -ray photography and ultrasonic diagnosis can be determined by excluding real pregnancy.

In general, fake pregnancy does not require any treatment, and can be cured by itself.Generally, the clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy can subscribe by themselves at 2-3 weeks without treatment.

If the more severe clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy last more than 2-3 weeks, you should consider whether the dog has a thyroid skills.

However, before the treatment of fake pregnancy, it is necessary to fully diagnose the possibility of pregnancy, because any fake pregnancy treatment is not good for pregnancy.

In addition, if you want to treat dogs fake pregnancy and reduce the pain of dogs, you can also use the [Gong Pusqing] for beasts for treatment.

Laboratory inspection:

Generally, image studies are used to clarify whether it is really pregnant or uterine pus.

It is not difficult to diagnose according to the history and clinical symptoms.

X -ray is one of the commonly used identification methods.It is mainly based on the outline (bones) of the fetus in the expansion of the uterus.However, it is required to be formed in the fetal skeletal, that is, the estrus is about 40 days.

The B ultrasound is another fast, effective and slightly damaged diagnosis method.Its main basis is also whether there is a fetus in the uterus.Once the fetal sacral body can be observed by the B -ultrasound once it is formed, the B -ultrasound can be checked early to about 20 days after the breeding.In addition, B -ultrasound can also identify symptoms such as ascites and bladder urine, uterine pus.

1. Other causes of breast hyperplasia such as tumor or mastitis need to be distinguished.

2. The cause of abdominal dilatation may also be ascites or organ hypertrophy.

3. The closed uterus will also have abdominal swelling, but clinical symptoms will experience other more severe symptoms such as drinking more, urine, vomiting, dehydration, etc.

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