How to deal with your girlfriend’s pregnancy panic

You and your partner have been enjoying a carefree sex.Life has always been good.Then she looked at the calendar and began to make calculation numbers crazy, just like Russell Claus in "Beautiful Mind".

It hit her.Her menstruation is late, and the two of you may not be able to protect.Even if you are diligent in contraception, it is possible -although it is small, it is still possible -she is pregnant.

You start searching online."Some people need to worry about pregnancy?" "What is the accuracy of the OTC pregnancy test?" "Except for pregnancy, what is the reason for menstruation?" You are about to lose your damn reason.

The late day becomes late for two days, then five days late, and then a full week.All pregnancy tests have one line, not two.But if everything is good, she should have come to menstruation now, right?Is it right?This is a terrible cycle, and it is worse every day, because the pressure causes her menstruation to be delayed.

This is a terrible situation.But you can do some things.

Even if the four tests in the past show that she has no problem, do your girlfriend want to take pregnancy tests every day when her menstruation is delayed?Did she read Picnin Tea to help promote menstruation, so she started drinking five glasses of things like a lawn to report?Will she want to ask for a day off because she can’t concentrate?All this sounds crazy, right?Incorrect.Let her do these things, don’t judge.Let her buy a few packs of pregnancy test sticks and use each one.

You may think this will help her calm down.It does not.On the contrary, tell her -anyway -it will be good.Make sure you do n’t go anywhere -when it ’s not a ghost, whether it is physical or emotional -no matter what the result, you two will make it clear.If you just say "I’m sure you are not pregnant" over and over again, it will seem disdain and anger her.

Ideally, in the early days of your relationship, you will discuss what to do with unexpected pregnancy, so I hope this has been resolved.If you haven’t, wait for her to come to you instead of sharing your plan spontaneous.If you are in a relationship full of caring and love, she is likely to come to you -either asking your opinions or sharing what she wants to do to her body -but wait patiently until that time comes to the arrivalEssenceSharing your thoughts without being asked may be considered arrogant, pressure or manipulation, even if this is not your original intention.In addition, she is likely to come up with what she will do in this case a long time before you appear.Since her first sexual relationship, she knows what she wants to do for her body, and it is important to respect this.If she sought your opinions, please give your opinion -but only at that time.Without exception.

It’s easy to do it, right?She was frightened with her or an emotional outbreak would increase her panic, making her feel that she was responsible for her and you.Become her comfort and peace of mind.You can also feel it, but you need to rely on professionals to help you manage them instead of seeking the support of your friends and family.For privacy, she may not want to know her to know what happened.

Suppose this panic will eventually pass.You don’t want to fall into this situation anymore, right?The only way to achieve this is to re -use reliable contraception methods.

If she wants to track her menstrual cycle or take contraceptives or obtain an in -palace, it is her own decision.Don’t put pressure on her. Remember, not the serious side effects of synthetic hormones that everyone can withstand contraceptives.If she makes a choice, please ask if she wants you to seek spiritual support with her.

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