How to deal with colds during pregnancy

Winter is the season of influenza.Many friends around them have recently experienced symptoms such as fever and cough. Because most people have no resistance to influenza viruses, they are susceptible.During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, pregnant mothers have weak immunity, so they are also particularly easy to be attached to the cold.

Ordinary colds are a self -limited disease. Pay attention to drinking more hot water, avoid dense public places in and out of the public, and avoid cold and overwork, and you can recover quickly.If you have the early symptoms of a cold, you can drink some hot soup with pepper and ginger, rest more, try not to go to work without illness to prevent cross -infection.

Pay attention to the following situations: 1. Heat, body temperature exceeds 38 ° C, and is accompanied by chills, loss of appetite or difficulty in breathing.2. Heat and suffer from lung disease, such as emphysema or asthma.Continuous cough for more than 10 days.3. Chest pain, difficulty breathing, or blood sputum when coughing.When pregnant mothers have the above symptoms, they are suspected of influenza.Be sure to see the doctor in time and take the initiative to inform the doctor that he is pregnant.Doctors will adopt a suitable drug treatment plan to avoid the fetus from being affected.

Because the medication during pregnancy is strictly standardized, especially the sensitive period of medication in the first 12 weeks, pregnant mothers should actively prevent colds.Preventing a cold should be achieved in the following points: drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables, and appropriately supplement vitamin C.Avoid excessive fatigue, ensure sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise.Keep indoor air circulation and try to avoid crowded and dirty public places.For pregnant mothers with weak immune function, pay special attention to increase or decrease clothes in time.Sometimes it is easy to sweat and get cold and cold.

If pregnant mothers need to go out during the prevalence of flu, pay attention to the following points: pay attention to diet and water hygiene.During a restaurant with a hygienic license, you do not eat corruption and deterioration and exceed foods and drinks that exceed the shelf life.When traveling, it is strictly forbidden to eat the unknown poultry and livestock in the wild.When the farmhouse played, he was far away from the slaughter and did not slaughter the livestock.Do not buy live poultry, especially without buying poultry of mobile vendors. If there are poultry with sickness or unknown causes in the family, they do not discard them at will.

Before traveling, you must particularly understand the current status of diseases and regions of destination countries and regions. According to different infectious diseases, you can make up for the prevention of prevention of infectious diseases in advance, and take corresponding protection measures.Pay attention to diet and water hygiene when you go out.Dine restaurants with a hygiene permit.Foods and drinks that do not eat corruption and exceed the shelf life.When the symptoms of discomfort occur within two weeks from the epidemic area, you should go to a regular hospital in time and take the initiative to inform the history of going out to assist in the diagnosis.

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