How to choose the method of childbirth?What suits you is the best

In October, as the due date is approaching, the most considers of expectant mothers and families are the choice of childbirth.Which childbirth method is better for maternal and fetal?Will it be painful to give birth?I feel a little nervous …

These are the issues of tangled mothers in the third trimester. Next, Mr. Li Xiaofang from the Pregnant and Child Health Hospital of Guilin Maternal and Child Health Hospital will talk to you about these popular topics and approach delivery together ~

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Natural delivery

Natural childbirth, also known as smooth delivery and vaginal delivery, is a contraction force from the uterine formation to childbirth by childbirth by vaginal delivery.Natural childbirth needs to be based on a good state of contraction, birth canal and fetus.


1. The shrinkage of the uterus and the squeezing effect of the birth canal cause the amniotic fluid and mucus in the fetal breathing channel to squeeze out, and the incidence of neonatal suffocation and the incidence of neonatal pneumonia are greatly reduced.

2. The squeezing of the birth canal can promote the development of the brain and vestibular function, and improve the immune resistance of the newborn, which is good for future exercise and personality.

3. It is conducive to the discharge of postpartum lochia and the recovery of the uterus, and reduce the occurrence of postpartum hemorrhage and puerperium fever.

4. Pain is a maternal pituitary secretion to stimulate uterine contraction. This hormone not only promotes the progress of the production process, but also promotes the secretion of postpartum milk.

5. Naturally, the hospitalization time is short and the economy; after birth, you can move and eat. After the birth of the newborn, you can get breastfeeding. Natural delivery is more conducive to postpartum body recovery. Maternal can also take care of the baby.


The long spare pain tests the will of pregnant women.However, with Lamazawa’s breathing method, guidance, etc., it can help reduce pain.There is also painless childbirth technology that can effectively relieve pre -birth pain, and some people can even relieve the degree of painlessness.

Cesarean section

Clicporant, also known as a cesarean section, is a surgery. When natural delivery may cause damage to the health of the fetus or pregnant women, it is used to cut the fetus of the pregnant woman’s uterus to give birth to the fetus by surgery.Due to the anesthesia of cesarean section, the whole process has no pain, but the consciousness is clear. When the doctor opens the abdominal wall and uterus, the mother can still feel the sense of encouragement.Postoperative anesthesia gradually disappears, and uterine incisions and postpartum contractions may cause pain, and generally last for 2-4 days.


When the fetus has an emergency risk of hypoxia, a huge child or a pregnant woman’s body, the cesarean section can quickly end the output process and reduce the risk value.


The trauma is large, and the recovery of the uterus and the whole body after surgery is slower than the natural delivery; the chances of major bleeding and wound infection are greater than natural delivery; without the squeezing of the birth canal, the incidence of suffocation and inhalation of pneumonia in newborns; after cesarean section, after cesarean section surgery, Maternal needs to fast, milk secretion will be a little later, and newborns cannot get breast milk in time.Because of the pain of wounds, the breastfeeding posture will be limited.

Is it good for natural delivery or cesarean section?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Relatively speaking, natural delivery is the least damage to the mother and faster recovery. Is the most used childbirth method? There are physical or natural delivery.For some abnormal mothers, cesarean section may be an effective way to reduce the risk of maternal and infants.And which method of delivery is suitable for each pregnant woman, which requires obstetricians to evaluate professional evaluations. Generally, the following principles are mastered:

1. Doctors give suggestions through medical evaluation

Generally, about 37 weeks of pregnancy, the hospital will do detailed systemic examination and obstetric examination of the mother, check whether the fetal position is normal, estimate the size of the fetus during childbirth, evaluate the conditions of the birth canal, and whether there are obvious vaginal delivery taboos.If everything is normal, it is recommended that pregnant women prefer natural delivery during childbirth; if there are abnormal conditions (such as severe pregnancy complications, etc.), a cesarean section is recommended, and according to the specific situation of the weeks and pregnancy complicationsChoose the operation time (reminder: If the doctor does not actively recommend cesarean section with us, it means that our current situation is more suitable for natural delivery).

2. Choose a more user -friendly method of childbirth

At present, the trend of perinatal technology internationally internationally is the "humanized childbirth" that returns to nature.More smooth, the maternal is easier and the mother and baby are healthier.Maternal mothers who have natural delivery can also decide whether to choose painless delivery according to their needs.

3. Reduce intervention to return to nature

Obstetrics and gynecology experts have put forward suggestions on the increase in the rate of cesarean section in my country year by year: Clicter section surgery is a surgery, which is in danger of surgical complications and has a certain impact on newborns. Or require surgery for the selection.The slogan advocated by the World Health Organization is "reducing intervention and returning to nature."

Natural childbirth and cesarean section do not have absolute advantages and disadvantages. Please believe in the producer doctors and obey the professional advice of the doctor. Based on the situation of the pregnant woman and the baby, choose a suitable childbirth method, and the mother and baby will be safer.

How to eliminate childbirth anxiety

1. Regular delivery checks, obey the reasonable arrangement of the doctor;

2. Maintain regular life and rest, cultivate good hobbies, participate in outdoor activities, and chat with friends who often have positive energy can alleviate tension during pregnancy and maintain a positive and sunny mentality;

3. Enter the obstetrics school, and obtain more practical dry goods dry goods through various courses and activities. It is recommended to participate in prenatal training with family members.Natural childbirth can also allow family members to learn how to accompany the birth, which can be more concerned and considerate.The understanding and participation of family members will make pregnant women feel that pregnancy production is not fighting alone. The harmonious atmosphere of the family can make pregnant women more confident to welcome delivery;

4. If you are still anxious and nervous about the related issues of childbirth, you can also seek help at the psychological outpatient clinic of the obstetric clinic, and we have professional dysmenorrhea to provide you with psychological counseling services.

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