How to choose skin care products for pregnancy?Pregnant women’s skin care products global list top5!Big brand skin care products?

For pregnant mothers, the brand is not as safe and reliable as the ingredients, and the ingredients are not as suitable for it!

Now there are many skin care products for pregnant women on the market, but is it really reliable? Do you remember the cream of the pregnant woman in the past few years? Now I think about it.

Therefore, on the selection of skin care products during pregnancy, the first thing that needs to be noticed is safety. The 0 allergenic ingredients are the lowest safety. Secondly, the flavors of alcohol should also be avoided, let alone blindly believe in big names.

Next, according to the French Cross Newspaper, I will give you an inventory of TOP5 in the 2021 Global Five Global Global Maternity Care Listing List. Let’s take a look.

TOP5: Clarins

Clarine Clarins, French natural skin care brand, uses plant extraction essence, provides full facial care and body care, and provides non -added skin care products.

Clarins Clarins have developed a series of products with perfect effects and pleasant textures, mainly plants, which contain the perfect ingredients that have been specially selected and proved by practical results.The body care oil is a more representative, and almost any physical care needs can be met by Clarion.Gendon, who is from a medical profession, has a very rigorous exploration attitude, and insists on plant composition when developing products.

TOP4: Kangaroo Mom

The maternal skin care brand for pregnant women is the first to introduce Australian skin care technology. The wheat germ used by the wheat is all non -rigid organic raw materials from Australia, which grows in the natural environment.The indicator of safety skin care has become the sacred skin care product of pregnant women in the new era.

Its classic series is selected from the caviar made of pure deep -sea caviar. Deep sea caviar is one of the most distinguished raw materials in the current development of skin care products. Long -term use of caviar essence can accelerate metabolism.elasticity.

Gold caviar from the deep sea, with natural extraction technology, focuses on doing the real "" 0 "adding," 0 "anticorrosive" skin care products.

The use of a sealing vacuum bottle to prevent the return and air from pollution, effectively preserve the ingredients, and at the same time prevent the residue of the tube wall, improve the utilization rate, and give greater care for women and sensitive skin during pregnancy.

TOP3: pro -moisturizing

At the beginning of the 21st century, the pro -Run -cave had aware of the demand for the skin care market during the pregnancy, and took the lead in introducing Japanese soy milk technology. According to the skin characteristics of women’s pregnancy, it optimized the formula process, and made "bean milk" skin care products suitable for Oriental women’s pregnancy.

The pro -moisturizing soy milk is taken from nature ingredients. The nature is gentle. Its texture is smooth, absorbed during speed, and nouristed and moisturized. It effectively improves the skin during pregnancy. It is quickly favored by the majority of pregnant mothers., Abandon the harmful chemical adding ingredients, get rid of the deserved secret recipes, make the skin simple, relaxed, comfortable and comfortable to enjoy skin care, let the skin return to a healthy and full state of origin, pure, fulfilling, and natural.

TOP2: Belli

Belli is a brand from the American brand. Focusing on pregnant women’s safety skin care and make -up products. For 18 years, she has been committed to providing a complete set of professional facial and physical skin care solutions for preparation, mothers and infants and young children.It does not contain abandoned sources, and cares more about the health and safety of mothers and babies.

Belli skin care products avoid adding harmful ingredients such as irritating chemical ingredients, artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, synthetic spices, chemical sunscreen oils. The unique skin care problem of new mothers requires efficient solutions.

Based on the particularity of the mother and baby category itself, Belli Lili has been committed to providing a complete set of professional facial and physical skin care solutions for pregnancy, mothers and infants and young children.It contains abnormalities and cares about the health and safety of mothers and babies. Its classic body cream series can highly moisturize, soft and smooth, improve elasticity, repair healing, and promote skin cell growth.

TOP1: Dr. Koch

Dr. Koch, a pregnant and baby skin care brand, takes safety, professionalism, and effective as the core concept to allow each pregnant mother to care for skin care.

And advocate scientific breeding, serve the mother and infant people who have quality, standards, and safety in 48 countries around the world.Postpartum women provide high -quality products and services.

For fragile babies, pregnant women and new mothers, they need to be more cautious. For this reason, Dr. Koch has no pigment, no fragrance, alcohol, no preservatives, and effective raw materials for effective materials.To maximize sex, keep maternal and infant skin in the initial state, and provide more high -safety, high -standard skin care and make -up products for women during pregnancy.

The skin care concept with "folic acid" as the core, such as cleansing is mainly imported amino acid ingredients. The pH is neutral and skin -friendly, and it is completely fragrant on the face;Ichida and other issues.

As a professional pregnant women’s skin care brand, Dr. Koch not only guarantees the safety and mildness of the product, but also pursues higher efficacy and comfortable skin care experience.

The above is the top 2021 global five major pregnant women’s skin care products. The road to skin care is endless. Especially for the skin care during pregnancy, I hope that every pregnant mother can find skin care products that suits them.Intersection

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